Knight Rider

Season 1 Episode 20

Knight Moves

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 11, 1983 on NBC
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Knight Moves
Michael tries to protect independent trucking shipments from being hijacked by pirates in the service of a trucking conglomerate who would like to see the competition disappear.

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    • TRIVIA (5)

      • When Michael told KITT to open the sunroof to save a passed out Terri from the runaway semi, he opened the right one, but Michael climbed out of the left.

      • When KITT backs up by itself while Michael is talking to the fellows who were beating on KITT with baseball bats, you can clearly see that there is a person inside the car, ducking below the dash and trying not to be seen.

      • KITT alerts Michael that Sam's car will explode in ten seconds, but barely two seconds elapse before the vehicle goes up in flames.

      • Thinking of having him pose as a businessman, Michael asks Devon if he'd like to visit New Mexico, but wasn't Devon already in New Mexico with the FLAG semi and Bonnie when she installed KITT's new tracking scope?

      • When KITT is shot across the hood by the hijackers, you can see the tiny fx explosive charges prior to their detonation.

    • QUOTES (9)

      • Devon: Michael, please be careful—this semi is worth a king's ransom.
        Michael: Or a Knight's yearly salary.
        Devon: At the very least.

      • Sheriff: When the fire department completes its investigation, I want you to stick around.
        Michael: One minute you tell me to leave town, the next minute you tell me to stick around. Fella could get real dizzy listenin' to you, Sheriff.

      • Sheriff: Hey, Knight. Funny thing about you.
        Michael: What's that, Sheriff?
        Sheriff: Wherever there's trouble, I look around and there you are.

      • Michael: Pop the sunroof!
        KITT: Michael, you're not going to do what I think you're going to do.
        Michael: Take over.
        KITT: You are going to do what I thought you were going to do.

      • (two thugs are beating on KITT with clubs outside Michael's motel room)
        Michael: Little early for my wake-up call, guys.
        Thug: Tryin' to make a fool out of us?
        Michael: Looks like you did that for yourselves.

      • Michael: Well, if I can't talk ya into dancin', how 'bout a ride home?
        Terri: Already talked me into that.

      • Michael: That's CB—Citizens' Band, KITT. Truckers' lingo.
        KITT: In other words, slang.
        Michael: I still remember a lot of it from my police days. Want me to teach it to you, KITT?
        KITT: I'd rather you didn't.

      • Sheriff: You see, I ran a make on you, and I can't find a trace of you anywhere.
        Michael: Is that against the law?
        Sheriff: I'll let you know.

      • Falker: Like it or not, I make my money legally.
        Michael: You make your money off people's misery and desperation.

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