Knight Rider

Season 1 Episode 1

Knight of the Phoenix (1)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 26, 1982 on NBC

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  • dumith susantha and sunil

  • When plastic surgery goes incredibly well!

    Detective Michael Long gets shot in the face, has plastic surgery, and in one of those amazing rare moments becomes a very attractive man afterwards! If plastic surgery was this successful we wouldn't have all those tragic mistakes roaming around and the world would be full of beautiful people. What a superficial world that would be. Later, Michael meets a man by the name of Knight and another English dude by the name of Devon who live in a castle somewhere. He also finds out these guys have majorly souped up his car to the point of insanity especially for the 1980s. Now it's practically indestructible and talks to boot. Old dude Knight kicks the bucket but not before asking Michael to get his revenge on the people that shot Michael. Seem old dude has a grudge with them too. Basically, man and car get to know each other and Devon (who's basically that sea captain ghost on a certain show come back to life) complains about how common Michael is who is not Michael Long but Michael Knight. Got to have a whole new identity to that pretty boy face of his. Well, of course he gets his revenge but not before meeting a pretty woman and her son (that boy who played Bastion from Neverending Story) and getting shot again but not so serious this time of course. The beginning of a successful tv series is a go.
  • Long Live Michael

    The Title is a pun to the main characters original was born Michael grew up to be a Police is in the middle of a case where his partner is shot is gunned down when he thought he caught up to the shooter,but instead is shot,and left for is saved by a mysterious billionaire benefactor,and fighter for Doctors work to not only save him,but to also give him a new face,a new identity,and above all,a new weapon on the war on latter will also become his best long Police Officer Michael Michael Knight,Crusader for Justice.
  • Police officer Michael Long is gunned down in the desert and left for dead by industrial saboteurs. He is saved from death by Wilton Knight, who gives him a new face, a new identity, and a new supercar, to fight crime. A great Pilot to the series...

    Ahh... 'Knight Rider', another solid favourite of mine growing up. Amazingly, I wasn't there from the Pilot with this one, I came in a couple of episodes later, when a school friend told me how good it was and that I should watch it.

    I've not taken to any of the several unsuccessful revivals - 'Knight Rider 2000' was horrible; it's debatable if 'Knight Rider 2010' is even part of the series (though ironically is better than '2000' IMO); I wanted to like 'Team Knight Rider' but it was badly miscast and mishandled; and the less said about the disastrous 2008 series the better!

    But back in the day, 'Knight Rider' was one of my top three favourite TV shows, alongside 'The A-Team' (which I run a detailed fan site about, see my profile page), and 'The Dukes of Hazzard'. Ironically again, when 'Knight Rider' began, they tried to drum up some rivalry with 'Dukes' over the cars used, but – even though 'Dukes' was undoubtedly spoilt by slapstick later on, I think it's fair to say that nowadays, both shows can be enjoyed on their own merits.

    So anyway, this Pilot... it's a great introduction to the series. Sometimes a Pilot can struggle to find it's footing, but 'Knight of the Phoenix' (to use the two-part version title) gets things off to a terrific start.

    Most of this first part deals with Michael Long being left for dead, and being given a new identity as Michael Knight.

    The startlingly young-looking David Hasselhoff is perfect as Michael Knight. Although "The Hoff" has sadly become a bit of a joke in more recent years (something which, in complete fairness, he generally takes on board and plays along with), it's hard not to cheer him on as Michael.

    I like in this Pilot that Knight Industries seems to be larger, and more mysterious; in the series itself, things were usually limited to Devon and Bonnie, and the occasional 'one off' Knight worker guest star if the story called for it.

    And while the light-hearted tongue-in-cheek element is definitely something that makes 'Knight Rider' so special, I also like that this Pilot also plays things slightly more seriously for the most part, and not going all-out for laughs (usually at the expense of K.I.T.T.) as they sometimes did later on.

    Bearing in mind I was only about 5 or so when I got into 'Knight Rider', I didn't really have the resources to record many episodes (and the ones I did grab soon got taped over by my Dad!); as a result, the only episodes I had on video for a few years was the half hour edit of the classic 'Trust Doesn't Rust' (first and second season episodes were horribly butchered into half-hour formats for syndication and overseas sales), and the excellent second season episode 'Soul Survivor'... and, a little while later, this Pilot. In fact, numerous recordings of the Pilot! So many recordings that I know just about every word of it!

    In the mid-1990s here in the U.K., most ITV regions began re-running 'Knight Rider' again on Saturday afternoons. Frustratingly, I fell under London Weekend Television, who were only interested in constantly repeating 'Murder, She Wrote' and the same few dusty old films, but I was able to pick up adjoining region Meridian, who carried it on Saturdays at 3:45pm. So every Saturday afternoon, I would set up my portable TV aerial and signal amplifier, hook it up to the video recorder, and just hope that my neighbours didn't have their lawnmowers going or there weren't too many planes going over to upset the signal! Meridian showed the first three seasons; a few years later, Channel 5 also ran the first three seasons. No idea why they didn't include season four; but with the whole series now on DVD and as I intend to review the whole run, I'm looking forward to re-viewing some of those late episodes that I haven't seen in well over 20 years!

    For the first half of a great Pilot, I give this one 9.5 out of 10. Review continued in Part 2...
  • Great way to begin!

    This is a great way to begin a great show
    As Michael Long is killed and that he does survive
    But is given a new face and identity Michael Knight but
    Also a trusty car and a straight man partner in Devon
    Miles! The dying billionaire selected him and now he works for the Foundation of Law & Government!