Knight Rider

Season 4 Episode 9

Knight Racer

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 29, 1985 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When the bad guys try to kill Michael the first time, when he jumps onto the hood of the red car with Elena, you can see Michael's legs slide off on the driver's side. However, when the camera angle changes, Michael's legs are fully on the car.

    • Assuming Bonnie actually could retrace exactly where the bullet that caused the first accident was fired from, it doesn't explain why there would be video footage of that hillside.

    • During the chase scene (the car with the cow catcher on the front) you clearly see KITT's right fender damaged. The very next scene he is in good repair.

  • Quotes

    • KITT: Very seaworthy.
      Michael: (looking at a girl in a bikini) Mmm, good on land, too.
      KITT: The boat, Michael.
      Michael: Oh, yeah.

    • Michael: Alright, tires are about room temperature, guess we're ready for a hot lap, huh?
      KITT: A hot lap? Michael, I can run a lap twice as fast as those cars, with one wheel tied behind my axle!

    • Elena: I don't believe this. A talking microscope on wheels?

    • Mechanic: This car of yours, did you ever hear it... talk?
      Michael: (mock surprised) My car, talk?
      Mechanic: Yeah.
      Michael: You know, as a matter of fact, sometimes driving on a long hot summer night, I swear I can hear it talk to me.
      Mechanic: Really? What do you do?
      Michael: Get the ball joints lubed, clears it right up. See you.

    • Mechanic (fumbling on KITT's hood) : Boy, I'd like to see the mill he's got under here.
      KITT: Stop that, right this minute!
      Mechanic: Huh? How do you open this here hood?
      KITT: You don't! It would be an invasion of my privacy. I'm sure you'd rather be examined by your own mechanic, or doctor, whichever best applies.

    • KITT: Michael, these videos are a complete waste of time.
      Michael: Ah, come on, KITT, they got everything. They got rhythm, drama, excitement, pretty girls. Remember, "music hath the charms to soothe the savage breast." Come on, pal, take a look!
      KITT: I'm not only looking, Michael, I'm showing it. Very soothing.
      Michael: Come on, loosen up! Get into it! Feel the beat! Yeah!
      KITT: If I keep feeling the beat, I won't just loosen up, I'll fall apart.
      Michael: No way! You're uni-welded.

  • Notes

    • Music: Kim Wilde's "The Second Time (Go For It)" (video)

    • The German episode title is "Der Tod fährt mit", meaning "Driving with Death". The French episode title is "Le Vainqueur", meaning "The Victor". The Czech episode title is "Nebezpečná jízda", meaning "Dangerous Ride".

    • Most of the character names (Girdler, etc.) were initially written as references to car magazine journalists of the early seventies (though several were changed in production).

    • Though married to Catherine Hickland at the time, David Hasselhoff would eventually marry guest star Pamela Bach in December of 1989, and file for divorce in January of 2006.

    • This is the second of Grainger Hines' two, unrelated appearances on Knight Rider. He can also be seen in season one's "No Big Thing."

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