Knight Rider

Season 3 Episode 4

Knights of the Fast Lane

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 1984 on NBC

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  • Michael gets a real run for his money against a murderous football team owner who races an exotic sports car that can nearly rival KITT.

    One of my favorite episodes of the series...! The exotic "Dagger DX" is clearly a modified Ferrari 308 GTS, but in this Knight Rider installment it is a 200mph+ screamer with the chops to make KITT's Super-Pursuit Mode almost seem sensible. Alan Feinstein is lovably despicable as the wealthy Mark Taylor, an arrogant playboy who will stop at nothing; including killing his own friends, to protect himself and his fortune. He is the perfect foil for Michael Knight as he has the car, the style and the money to rival Michael, KITT and the Foundation.
    Kudos to the writers on this one. I only wish they made the story more of a investigative procedural (often Knight Rider's weak point) and added even more intensity to the final car chase, but hell our favorite Trans Am clearly held his own against a Lotus Esprit and a Porsche 911 that was quite literally the bomb...!