Knight Rider

Season 4 Episode 14

Out of the Woods

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 17, 1986 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When Michael arrives to talk to Eric, the string used to pull Michael's cowboy hat off his head is visible when Erik shoots at him.

    • In the scene where Michael is following the truck up the road, after the truck passes the camera, there is a noticeable edit point prior to him coming around the corner, as the branches swaying in the breeze jump suddenly.

    • After switching to Super Pursuit Mode, Michael and KITT are briefly seen on a 4-lane road on a flat landscape before the scenery once again reverts to roads in mountainous terrain. Also, after KITT converts to SPM, the overhead shot of KITT driving away reveals the camera rig reflected in the car's surface.

    • Even though Michael takes photographs of the illegal logging within seconds of each other, the amount of ambient light in each shot varies widely.

  • Quotes

    • Devon: You know, somebody once said, that although the Americans and the English are staunch allies, they're separated by a common language.
      Michael: Who said that?
      Devon: I haven't a clue, old boy.

    • KITT: You know, I have to admit, I hope it turns out Whitby is innocent. I owe him a favor.
      Michael: Alright... let me have it.
      KITT: He forced you to take off that hat!
      Michael: Funny, KITT, that's very funny.

    • Michael: Get me Devon. His accent I can handle.
      KITT: (talking with a Brooklyn accent) Hey, gimme a break, will ya? I don't like this any more than you do, Mickey. It's the pits.
      Devon: "Mickey?" "The pits?" Michael, it sounds as if you drove to logging country via the Brooklyn Bridge.
      Michael: I'm ready to jump off a bridge. He's driving me crazy.

    • Michael: If that tree wasn't from Castleberry Grove, where was it from? See what you can come up with, okay?
      KITT: (talking with a Brooklyn accent) Mickey, to you, the moon. You know that.
      Michael: (irritated) Give me the moon, give me the data, give me a pizza, but please stop talking like that! Just do it without talking, please!

    • KITT: We hit a rock. It must have bounced up and hit me in the—
      Michael: (confused) Now, what was that?
      KITT: (speaking with a Brooklyn accent) Like I was saying, Mickey, I just took a helluva shot right between the eyes.
      Michael: What's wrong with your voice, pal? You sound like a Bronx cabbie.
      KITT: "A Bronx cabbie?" Come on, stop putting me on, Mickey.

    • Michael: That was just a joke. I'm not getting a set of horns for a hood ornament.
      KITT: What about the palomino upholstery and the six-shooters for door handles?
      Michael: Now, that I think would be nice.
      Devon: A horseshoe hanging from a rear-view mirror might be a good touch.

    • Jonathan: Just whose side are you on, Devon?
      Devon: The side of truth.

    • Michael: New York City is incredible. Where else can you ride a subway one minute, and a brahma bull the next?

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