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  • The best show I've ever watched!!

    I've watched so many good show along the years, but none like Knight Rider! The very idea of a talking super car was awesome form me as a child, too bad there's no catchy shows like that this days.
  • The adventures of Michael Knight and his incredible super-car K.I.T.T., Knight Industries 2000.

    I remember watching this show in syndication during my childhood. I remember running home each day for this show. It was very impressive for me as a kid.

    However, now days, I am sure that this show would not capture me in the same way as it did when I was a kid. For that reason, I do not watch the show any more. Rather, I want this to remain as one of those good childhood memories that I do not want to ruin by seeing again. It will sit in the back of my mind as a great moment in my youth which began to open me up to science fiction.
  • David Hasselhoff plays Michael Knight really well. I like the macho rugged character portrayed by "The Hoff".

    Knight Rider is one of the best TV shows of the 80's. I have only recently started watching the show and yet I have fallen in love with it and want to own all 4 seasons. I love the idea of an intelligent car with all the indestructible technology and fancy gadgets working hand in hand with a human to fight crime. It is just brilliant. A great idea. I can't bring myself to look away when the show is on. The Car K.I.T.T is also a really attractive car with the red lights on the front and a very appealing voice to viewers. I know I myself like the voice. David Hasselhoff plays Michael Knight really well. I like the macho rugged character portrayed by "The Hoff". He goes round fighting crime with his trusty partner and car K.I.T.T. Michael Knight does not take crap from anyone and he stands his ground in favour of the truth, justice and the American way of life. I give Knight Rider 10/10 and all 5 stars ★★★★★
  • knight rider a really cool si fi show

    knight rider is about a guy that owns a car that can talk to you and do all sorts of things and it is called kitt and he uses the car to stop all sorts of crimes in the city. and they go on all sorts of adventures and its david hasoloff who is the main charater the guy from the hit show baywatch. i enjoyed this show becasue of the car it was cool when he need it it would come right away and be waiting for him and they would have all sorts of conversations while fight crime . i enjoyed the show and that is why i gave it a 8
  • Nothing beats a classic. I'm not knocking down the New Knight rider show. But I hope that and others will put on Full Episodes of Seasons One and two of Knight Rider (1982). Too Me it's still a great show. Even the new one.

    Knight Rider 1982 really didn't not get good till the second season. I won't put out any spoilers in case someone decides to put the Full Lenght Episodes on the website. When the New show came out it didn't have the thing were they were going after single cases. Like F.L.A.G. now that the SCIC is gone maybe it'll pick up with Flag. However, Nothing really beats a good classic. I I really hope that both Knight Rider Classic 1982 and the new Knight Rider that comes on now (hopefully gets renewed, keeping my fingers crossed). They are both a great show and should continue.
  • Micheal Knight, a lone crusader who fights crime with the help of KITT, his automated car.

    One of the best 1980's action series,a nd quite possibly one of the best of all time. David Hasselhoff and Edward Mulhare are both perfectly cast in their respective roles. The effects, although mostly umimpressive by today's standards, are still pretty good for the 80s. Great opening song that never leaves your head. KITT is a wonderful character in his own right, full of the wit and humor that the show requires. The first three seasons are pure genuis, full of original episodes and clever writing. The series was evidently slipping but he fourth season, as evident by the addition of RC3, who the show really didn't need at all. Still great, innocent fun.
  • In a short story this show is about one hell of a guy and one hell of car. Michael Long a ex police officer becomes Michael Knight after a crime gone wrong almost kills him. Michael works for Flag now. With an amazing car called Kitt. The car is sweet.

    I can admit I watched most of the episodes from this show. And of course I was a diehard fan. When it was on my parents used to let me stay up to watch this one at night. Growing up in the 80s was a good time for tv shows. I remember I came away learning some tough lessons about life early on. I know its not fair. When it comes time to step up for something and your right. You have to put your foot down. No matter how many idiots there are around you. It might be you against all them but use your head first. If that doesnt work you do whatever ya have to. To make sure you dont get hurt. Its common sense. And I believe deep down no matter how hard life can get you can make a difference for you or someone you care about.
  • Knight Rider is my favorite show ever -

    Yes... When I think about it... For me... The Knight Rider show wins #1 for being my all time favorite tv show. I watching that show and would sit and wait through ever commercial excited for the show to come on again. I wanted a car like the Knight Rider... hahahahah... I did end up buying a Pontiac Firebird S/E for my 1st car... and I still drive that car today! (It has 210,000 miles on it, bought it in 1988 and still drive it in 2008). My car reminds me of the show. They make some really nice replicas of the car these days... but having the car come to life has not happened yet. That's what I liked about the show most... the car being there to take care of any problems... Making me feel safe. -
  • The Best Of The 80's

    I have to say everyone get the dvd of the series you will not be disappointed. Now this show wasn't high tech or anything it was more like gorilla style. First season you will notice so many errors they did but thats just the lack of things they didn't have back then.

    Another thing to be aware of is that they use the story line for lasers and guns a little to often and it leaves you a little disappointed. After a few times with the story of a laser and laser gun you start to roll your eyes. But i guess they were trying to act different from all other t.v shows that was out.

    Now the plus on this is the acting is great you can put the acting the relationship into the most horrific episode and they'll make it great. You got to know Devon Bonnie April K.i.t.t Micheal Rc3 they didn't leave a piece out of them they developed them great in the show and so many t.v shows are lacking that.

    This show was possibly the funnest 50 minutes you can spend its simple you'll get mystery action sci fi and romance in this classic and the acting is not a thing you turn away from.

    Everyone needs to own the series its one of those gems that needs to be shown off.
  • i was great and futuristic for its era and my favorite show of all time

    i cought my first glimpse of Knight Rider in 1995 on USA network right before MacGyver in the afternoon. Knight Rider was an extraordinary series which i love to this day even though i was not around to see it Originally. Kitt was a awsome piece of work with super pursuit mode where he could go 600mph and Turbo Boost where he could leap 50 feet over any obstacles in his way and get 200mpg. If it was not for Knight Rider I would not be where i am today. A college graduate (Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology in the South End of Boston, Massachusetts). the series inspired me so much i also plan on building a Knight Rider KITT replica in the future in my future automotive career with somthing special under the hood. I also believe knight rider was cancled because NBC wanted David Hasselhoff to do Baywatch which i still hate to this day
  • A hot looking car that drives by itself among other things. A car at the time I think a lot of people would like to have had.

    David Hasselhoff is reborn as the Michael Knight character from murdered police officer Michael long (different actor).
    He works for a private organization that fights crime and drives a tricked out computerized car to assist him. His boss Devin Miles that gives him assignments is more like a father to him. Bonnie Barstow the car's (KITT) mechanic
    who can fix any damage to the car no matter how severe and even make major inprovements over the years had the chemistry of love with Michael Knight. The love seemed more
    brother/sister. Devon and Bonnie assisted Michael and Kitts fight against injustice to prove the show saying.

    "One man can make a difference"
  • Cheesy and stupid with some occasional funny spots

    I've actually upgraded my rating for this show since the last time I reviewed it. Although still bad, I began to show a little more appreciation for this show. This show is so campy sometimes that you watch it soley for that factor. I bought the DVD to season 1 to relive some of my childhood and at first was amazed at how ridiculous this show was. It's true that every episode is more or less the same. And each show has the same moronic ending. Nearly each episode features some pretty gal that needs rescuing from some evil villain and it's up to Knight and KITT to rescue them. Of course, almost nothing goes wrong during their missions. And if something goes wrong they're able to fix it. There is absolutely no suspense. You pretty much know what's going to happen ten minutes into the show. This show is so cheesy and immature in some places that it would fit right in with Saturday morning cartoons. However, every time you swear you wouldn't watch another episode, you pop that KR disc in and continue watching. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's childhood nostalgia of better times in my life. Or maybe the characters of Devon and Knight are actually likeable. I especially liked the introduction to KR. That cool background music and KITT traveling across the purple tinted desert was awesome.
  • The best old school driving-action-ever series in the world!

    This was my first series ever saw, and its my favourite. It has all the necesary for someone that likes cars and action like me. I think that the main protagonist is K.I.T.T. (Knight Industries Two Thousand), because all the univers is centred on him: the villans want him, Michael apreciate (and needs) him, Bonny fix him and kids love him. The series have a lots of action ,with hig speed pursuit and racing scenes. Unfortunately some of this scenes are replays of earlier episodes (even RC cars appeared in soe of them), but still great! May be for others its valoration maybe variate, but no for me: its my favourite.
  • Very well done!

    The basic premise of Knight Rider has already been covered here numerous times, so I'm not going to delve into that. Everyone knows that Knight Rider is about an ex-cop with a new identity, working for a private foundation that provides him with an indestructible super car. But if you read some of the reviews here, you might think that Knight Rider is the worst TV show that was ever made. Knight Rider could get corny at times but it was nowhere near as terrible as some people say it is. There's nothing at all wrong with a show being campy.

    Knight Rider wasn't "all about a cool car" either. If that was true then why didn't the two attempts to revive the show in the 90s work? Knight Rider 2000 in the early 90s and Team Knight Rider in the late 90s both failed to recapture the 80s glory of the original. Team Knight Rider even had 5 talking super vehicles. That proves that there was something to David Hasselhoff (Michael Knight), William Daniels (voice of KITT) and Edward Mulhare (Devon). They had a special chemistry that made the series work. David Hasselhoff for all his William Shatner overacting antics, made the show work too. Another man might have tried to play the material seriously, but the Hoff knew better. Knight Rider wasn't a show that was trying to change the world, it was merely a one hour action/adventure block of entertainment. The people slamming Knight Rider were probably too old to appreciate the show as children in the 80s, or they are too young to have been around in the 80s. I bet a lot of these mean spirited comments are from some dopey Generation Y kids born in 1989 or something like that. I think the shows success speaks for itself.

    Knight Rider has to be one of the worst television series ever. Everything about the show was bad. First there was the concept, come on a guy chase bad guys around in a talking car, and the guy is David Hasselhoff. I mean is this supposed to be a comedy, because when I watch this show I just laugh. Hasselhoff's acting is terrible, the story and basis of the show is absolutely terrible. Of course this was back in the early 80s where there was Air Wolf and the A Team, each of them using a helicopter and a van to fight crime. All of them were pretty bad but Knight Rider was the absolute worst.
  • It's Still Great Years Later!

    I Loved this show back when i was a kid watching it I always Dreamt of having a car like K.I.T.T. that would be so cool. *Sigh* If only that dream came true, oh well I can always watch KITT and michael catch the bad guys everyday on DVD. Everytime I watch it I feel Like I'm 2yrs old watching it on TV.
  • Another "Lone Ranger" treatment, this time with a sleek talking black Trans-Am filled with the latest technology to help this ernstwhile crime-fighter save the day.

    Another great show from NBC as Brandon Tartikoff continued to seek to bring the network out of the basement and straight to the top!

    This came out my senior year in college and I was instantly hooked. This was another Friday-slotted show that ended up not dying in that death slot. The premise - the typical wealthy benefactor cum crime-fighter and tall "dark knight" in shining armor - David Hasslehoff - as the show's protagonist, along with his foundation head providing the assignments and a little bit of curmudgeonly information and advise. Interestingly enough I soon discovered that some of the stories were taken right out of a childhood favorite cartoon from the '60s- "Speed Racer" (particularly the episode with the killer truck).

    Like other shows with loner crime-fighters, there is always the lady-in-waiting somewhere, although the character of Bonnie that Patricia McPherson played had the twist of being the mechanic that kept this famous car running smoothly. But she also filled in to play other roles as needed by the Michael Knight character.

    The real star of the show was the car itself which was called "K.I.T.T." (for "Knight Industries Two Thousand") and William Daniels' unmistakable voice for this talking car, made the show. The car's innocent and not-so-innocent quips and asides provided plentiful comic relief. If anything, the car itself became the break-out character. I even made an effort to see one of the vehicles used in the show on display at Universal Studios in California back in the late '80s and bought the toy model for the car to put together.

    All in all, a typical crime show and decent plots with the usual action and adventure.
  • I grew up watching this show along with Streethawk, Airwolf and Blue Thunder

    Under one of the most memorable and coolest TV music themes, the narration of the opening credits leads you to believe that it's some kind of James Bond type show, with David Hasselhoff as the main focus. The last season finally stopped that silly man from talking, since everyone knows that it is the still very cool K.I.T.T. (perfectly voiced by William Daniels of "Boy Meets World") who stole the show. K.I.T.T. (Knight Industries Two Thousand) is a sentient computer with a vast array of knowledge, integrated with an almost invulnerable car equipped with a variety of gadgets, as well as being able to reach high speeds. Ironically, despite all that, K.I.T.T. was more human than his driver. He frequently demonstrated a wide range of emotions, with an especially protective and caring nature toward Michael Knight. The stories were usually standard. If it weren't for the presence of the car, the show probably wouldn't have lasted four episodes, let alone four years. Hasselhoff, the world's worst actor, actually displayed his unusual friendship with his talking car well, without looking too odd or cheesy. One of the greatest stunts, whether it was the life sized car, or miniature, was the Turbo Boost. Michael Knight hit the button and the car jumped, almost flew, over anything in its way or just to get somewhere far away. The unique sound effect used during these stunts added to the excitement. A great show, maybe one of the best action/sci-fi series of the 80's. But when you watch it, you'll wonder why everyone, including KITT, was so polite as to not comment on Hasselhoff's afro.
  • A great show to watch.

    I just love this show. It fellows a young man maned Michael Knight. Michael's real name is Michael Long. After being shot in the face everybody believed he was dead. Wilton Knight found Michael, and saved his life. Knowing that Michael Long was dead he went with Michael Knight as his new name. Michael was given a car named K.I.T.T. that is a super-intelligent car.
    This is really a great show. It has a great story line, great charaters, and a lot of action. This would be a great show to watch if you like David Hasselhoff, or just like to watch a lot of car stunts.
  • Knight Rider, THE show of the 80's, about Michael Knight, an ex-cop, who's now working for the Foundation of Law and Government, and his talking car KITT.

    I used to watch the show back in the 80's when I was still a kid. I just now bought the DVD's and am very happy I did so because Knight Rider is still great intertainment, even though some of the technical datails that are supposed to look so new and high end, seem totally ridiculous compared to today's standards. (In one episode, KITT is bragging about his 1000MB memory!)
    What I like most about the show is the relationship between Michael and KITT. In the first episode, Michael can't stand having to talk to a computer, then they become partners and soon best friends. Their dialogs are some of the funniest in television history. Who wouldn't wanna spend a day on the passenger seat?!
  • Not a Bad show....

    well, this show is not bad even though it is very corny.i like the idea of a car being able to talk, be undestructable and do all sorts of things that cars don't normally do. i think that this was almost a classic series and David Hasselhoff did an awsome job of playing Michael Knight, whose name is actually Michael Long. i hope that the upcoming movie will be as good as the show except less corny of course.i wished it to have David Hasselhoff in it, but it does'nt look like that will happen.Knight Rider is a very desent show. later.
  • crap

    This is the worst serie ever made. I only watched it one time but that says enough. It is really fake and boring and all that kind of stuff. It was so bad that I had to watch the whole episode cause I hoped that maybe it gets better if you watch it for a while but belief me. It dousn\'t! But to give Knightrider a bit credit... it is really old and so. But if its so bad you shouldn\'t let it show on tv. Its a real humiliation for the serie cause it used to be good. At least thats what my mom said:P But you get the point by now. Don\'t watch!
  • This show rocks, the cheesiness is part of it

    Cheesy and David Hasselhoff, they obviously go together. The car was truly the best part of the show in my opinion, he has some sweet gadgets on him. My brother and I were watching one day when I was \"sleeping it off in his spare room\" and it was the episode with \"Kar\" Kit\'s evil twin, I never realized how cheesy the show was, but it wasn\'t really bad cheesy. The truck they parked in were they fixed kit up was cool too. I have heard they were going to make a newer version of Night Rider, and David Hasselhoff was going to be like the guy in charg in the truck. I think that might be a cool show if they ever make it.
  • Okay, So I'm I the only one who watched this?

    Its an action/adventure series about a former cop who, during a sting operation, was double-crossed and was left for dead. But luckily, was found by some people who rescued him and took him to The Foundation of Law and Government where doctors (through plastic surgery, since he was shot somewhere in the head) altered his looks and gave him a new identity as Michael Knight and now dedicates his life to fighting injustice togther with his sidekick, a car named K.I.T.T. (Knight Indrustries Two Thousand).
    K.I.T.T. is a black transam which can talk because of a sophistcated AI computer and is virtually indestructable and has a wide range of capabilites from auto-drive to turbo boost.
  • Micheal Knight a loner a champion of the innocent and operates above the law. He is parntered with a talking car; and together they battle the bad guys and save the innocents people. K.I.T.T.(Knight Industries two thousand) is my favorite car......

    I wish I had that car, it is tough and i think we all could use a car that can do what kitt could do. The show became my favorite show because of two things: the car and the pretty women that Michael Knight had to save. Ha HA actully it was most of the storylines about a man and his car.
  • King of unintentional comedy

    Who says '80s action-adventure shows don't stand the test of time? This show takes itself way too seriously, and as a result provides some of the most hilarious unintentional comedy that I can think of.

    I admit it, as a kid, I worshipped Michael Knight and wanted to be him, driving an awesome teched-up car like KITT. Watching episodes now, I'm embarrassed that I ever watched this drivel. But then Hasselhoff starts his Shatner-esque overacting, and I start laughing, and it just doesn't matter anymore. This is great escapist television at its best.

    What a great white-man 'fro he had!
  • Kit is a cool talking car.

    This is a classic show. This is an original. It's one of the coolest show of the 80s. There was a re incarnation of this show during the 1990s called Team Knight Rider, that show wasn't as good. Kit is the true Knight Rider. Michael Knight is one of the best TV icons of all time. Kit is perhaps one of the most original plot devices ever made, a talking car, a car that can operate autonomously. It's a simple but effective literary device. There's so much stories that could be told with the car, but Hasselhoff portrays Michael Knight really well. I give this show a two thumbs up.
  • I absolutely loved Knight Rider, had the biggest crush on him. I liked it when they brought RC on the show, they had him to help out Michael sometimes, and you wonder how did he ever survive the other episodes without him?

    Well I have to admit I had the biggest crush on David Hasselhoff. OK so he doens't look as good as he did back then, but he still has wonderful hair.

    Here is how much I liked him, I hated it when Catherine Hickland did her few shows, he was married to her at the time and I just could not stand the thought of her being with him and not me. Yes one of those stupid childhood crushes on an older man.

    I loved to see him in those jeans and that great black leather jacket. Every pic I saw of him I had to have and yes I even put them in my photo album......still have them today.

    What'd you know, I've grown up! No more crushes on David Hasselhoff!
  • Tatarara Tatarara Tatarara

    A very interesting plot revolving around a millionaire's high tech car, KITT, which other than having more gadgets than a standard James Bond vehicle, can also communicate with humans using voice command technology. The driver Michael and KITT together form a formidable due to fight evil and lawlessness. Every episode had an interesting plot and the driver car due were always able to bring the bads guys to justice. This was not only the series which made David Hasselhoff a household name but also was great promotion for General Motors who were the sponsors for this series. Also, the theme music Tatarara Tatarara Tatarara was very catchy and to this day remains one of the most popular TV theme songs.
  • The best kids show in the last 25 years and the best in the next 25 years kids of the modern era still watch the repeats and love the show

    The show was my favourite show as a child I always watched every episode whn I remember it used to be on Friday nights I think. It was clean wholesome viewing and had no malice or serious violence or bad language which you get with a lot of kids shows today. My favourite memory was of there being KITT and the evil KARR. KITT always won through on both the occasions the evil KARR surfaced it was every childs dream to have a car like KITT when he grew up and Iwas no different. I remember a series coming out on channel 5 in england a few years ago called Team Knight Rider which only lasted a few shows because it was poor quality.
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