Knight Rider

Season 3 Episode 3

The Ice Bandits

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 07, 1984 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • After KITT turbo boosts onto the car carrier, chains can be seen under KITT's bumper nose, securing it to the carrier.

    • When Michael follows up with Jody about the robbery later in the day and Charley shows up, Jody answers the phone when it didn't ring.

    • Debut of the real season 3 credits showing all of KITT's upgrades.

    • When Michael chases Charlie and his accomplice on the bikes after assaulting Devon, the entire scene, up to turbo boosting over the flatbed truck and cars stalled in traffic, is a rearranged chase scene from season 2's "Diamonds Aren't a Girls Best Friend."

    • In "Knight of the Drones", KITT explains about a few new pieces of equipment that have been installed in him. One is a device that can reconstruct a person's original face "if he was wearing a disguise" or had been altered in some way, but KITT explains it all over again in this episode.

    • The graphic KITT uses to show Michael the pipe network the robbers escaped through is the same as used in the previous episode to show the old Chinese tunnels.

    • During the stunt where Michael turbo boosts KITT onto a car carrier, the center road lines switch several times between bright, solid double yellow and weathered down, dashed single white.

    • After his plastic surgery, Charlie has no bandages on his face and barely evident bruising, though facial reconstructive surgery leaves massive initial brusing and others in the monastery who've apparently had surgery prior to his still have on their bandages.

    • When Michael and KITT arrive in Napa, Michael asks KITT for an update on Charlie Waters instead of Charlie Winters.

    • When Michael and KITT were chasing Charlie in vineyard, KITT was dirty. As soon as they got to the bridge, KITT was all shiny and clean again.

    • When KITT's function labels are being examined by Brother Francis, they light individually, though they should only light up when their corresponding activation button is pushed.

  • Quotes

    • Michael: (to Bonnie) Have I told you lately it's good to have you back?

    • Brother Juliano: Bless you, my son. And nail that sucker!
      Michael: Amen!

    • KITT: Is there any other way to get into Dr. Fellows' office?
      Brother Francis: Only if you like going through solid brick walls.
      KITT: It's not my favorite pasttime, but it sure beats socializing with a donkey.

    • Jody: You're fantastic!
      Michael: I have my good days.

    • KITT: It's a longer jump than you think, Michael.
      Michael: You had to tell me that, huh?!

    • Brother Francis: And that's Kit! (motions behind Micheal)
      Michael: (stunned) How'd you know that?
      Brother Francis: But I named him, since he was a little ass.
      KITT: I beg your pardon!
      Michael: Your donkey's name is Kit?
      Brother Francis: Yes.
      KITT: Well, you won't see any flies on me!
      (Brother Francis looks stunned)
      Michael: Yeah, it's the car.
      Brother Francis: Dear Lord, a talking car! Will miricles never cease?

    • Michael: He hit Devon, buddy. They had what they wanted, but he didn't have to hit him!

  • Notes

    • The auction house is a redress of the set used for Devon Miles' office.

    • The German episode title is "Das zweite Gesicht", meaning "Second Face". The French episode title is "Les Voleurs de diamants", meaning "Diamond Thieves". The Czech episode title is "Ledoví zloději", meaning "Ice Thieves".

    • The driving music is "The Politics of Dancing" by Re-flex.

    • syndication cuts: also the scene's with "Arnold"(a bodybuilder that messes with KITT) are cut out as well

    • SCI-FI syndication cuts: a)The teaser b) some conversation between, Jody and Charlie after Michael leaves Jodi's place c) a long musical driving scene when KITT and Michael head out for Nappa

  • Allusions

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