Knight Rider

Season 4 Episode 12

The Scent of Roses

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 03, 1986 on NBC

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  • An emotional reunion for Michael and Stevie that was a great story and would have made for a good ending for the series.

    Michael is shot and almost killed and decides to give up his job and leave KITT behind. When Michael tells KITT goodbye you almost feel the sadness in KITT. Michael rekindles his love for an old flame and plans to marry. When
    Michael's attempted killer crashes the wedding and fatally ends it for Michael's fiancee, you see Michael's will to fight injustice reborn and stronger than ever. Michael catches the murderer and you think he may actually kill him,and who would blame him but he brings him to justice.
    Michael remembers his love for Stevie with tears in his eyes. KITT and Michael have reunited and when KITT asks Michael where they are going as they leave the beach Michael
    says, "We are going home KITT. Going to the Foundation" and
    drives off.

    Perfect ending to the series if it would have been used that way. Ties up eveything.
  • After getting shot, Michael decides that he's become emotionally tired of his life and he quits FLAG. After finally accepting that decision, Devon hooks him up with his old flame Stevie again. But the bad guys don't care for Michael's retirement...

    This episode has to be one of the best of the whole series. When Michael lies in that hospital bed after almost getting killed, telling KITT that he isn't sure what life, if any, he wants to resume, it all seems kinda farfetched and weird at first. After all, he had gotten shot at and wounded severely many times before and that had never stopped him from jumping right back into action. But then come all those sweet emotional scenes that make you just wanna say "awwwww" all the time and make this episode so great, and you forget about the seemingly small incident causing Michael's hard decision.
    The scenes between Michael and KITT in this episode are some of the best of the show. Michael trying to say goodbye to his pal made me wanna cry and KITT, who even after Michael's goodbye just doesn't leave his partner's side shows his most human side ever. The scenes of Stevie and Michael enjoying themselves on the beach, and the marriage might be considered to be a bit cheesy (poor KITT! They attached tin-cans to his backside!), but at least they go perfectly with David Hasselhoff's acting, and at least provide some funny moments to this otherwise more sad story.
    And those who think this isn't really a true Knight Rider story up to this point, for Michael is only a shadow of his former self, get their money's worth during the last few minutes when Michael beats the living soul out of the bad guy.
    The episode ends with Michael at the beach, allowing himself to dwell in the thought of his love Stevie one more time, with KITT staying close by as always. He then runs to KITT, after whose hopefull question of where they'd be going now, he tells him they're going home again, to family, to the the Foundation.
    This could have been the perfect ending for the series. Why they chose to show it in the middle of the season is totally beyond me. It closed up the Michael/Stevie arc beautifully.