Knight Rider

Season 1 Episode 9

Trust Doesn't Rust

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 19, 1982 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Trust Doesn't Rust
Michael and KITT have to stop the newly reactivated KARR (Knight Automated Roving Robot), which is programmed not to protect human life, but for self-preservation.

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • During the montage sequence of KARR's various crimes, much of sequences are made up from stock footage of KITT. These include KITT smashing his way out of the lab in the Pilot, and a shot of him smashing through a door from "Slamming Sammy's Stunt Show Spectacular". This second instance is noticeable where KITT has silver stars decals stuck on him from that story. Other shots, of police cars, are from stock footage pre-dating the series.

    • KITT makes reference to Zeno's Paradox, describing it as "What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object?" This is actually known as the "irresistible force paradox" and is wrongly attributed to Zeno of Elea.

    • KARR and Devon both confirm that KARR was built six months before they completed KITT, who was completed by putting his processors in Michael Long's car, a Pontiac Trans-Am. But how would they have known to put KARR in a Pontiac Trans-Am? He was shut down and in disuse long before Michael came on the scene.

    • When KARR takes his liberators to the Three Rings drive-thru, close-up shots of the ringmaster show a wood background, but long shots show it simply sitting next to the brick/stone wall of the restaurant.

    • During the small scene which details the criminal spree which Tony and the Rev go on in KARR, two small scenes appear from another popular Universal Production; the scene where the police car turns around in a car park and crashes though a gate comes from The Rockford FIles episode "Profit and Loss Part 2", while a quick picture of the American Coin building is taken from The Rockford Files episode "The Fourth Man".

    • When KARR and KITT are at the manison speeding away, Michael is in KITT, but the camera shows a scene with KARR with Michael's legs dangling in the rear window.

    • "The Car" is also the source for the sound effects used for KARR's "roaring" engine.

    • Near the end of the episode, when Michael's going to ram KARR and KARR turns away, it can clearly be seen that the car going over the cliff is not a black Trans Am, but rather a black car. More specifically, a modified 1971 Lincoln built by Barris Customs for the 1977 movie The Car. The footage used in this episode was actual footage from The Car. This footage was used again in the series, this time for KITT, in "Forget Me Not" a few episodes later.

    • In the first scene with Michael driving KITT, Michael has a red long-sleeve shirt on under his jacket(obviously stock footage). When the scene switches to a face-shot, it's a blue shirt.

    • When KARR is telling Tony and the Rev that he requires service from a technician, on the exterior shots of KARR, it is evident that just a regular model of KITT was used with no alteration - the reflection of KITT's red blinking voice modulator can be seen on the seats.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • KITT: Michael, I have a strange feeling about this.
      Michael: What are you talking about? You don't have feelings!
      KITT: I know. That's what's strange about it.

    • Devon: KARR is like a loaded gun in the hands of a child; it's only a matter of time until there's a real explosion.

    • Michael: What's wrong with a little companionship? You can understand that.
      KITT: No, I cannot. When you're one-of-a-kind, companionship does not compute.

    • KARR: You waste your time, my twin. You cannot triumph over a prototype. Desist your pursuit. You will be damaged.
      KITT: KARR, I didn't know you cared. KARR, perhaps you should be a little more careful and a lot less belligerent.

    • KARR: That harmonic disturbance? What does it mean?
      Rev: It means the cops are comin'!
      KARR: Is that a problem?
      Tony: Are you kiddin'? If the cops catch us, they'll throw us in the slammer!
      KARR: What is the slammer?
      Rev: You remember that room you were in?
      KARR: I will never forget it.
      Rev: Well, the slammer's just like that.
      KARR: I do not wish to go back to the slammer. How may I avoid it?
      Tony: You may get us out of here as fast as you can, you stupid hunk of tin!

    • Michael: KITT, we gotta get this guy to a hospital, buddy.
      KITT: Michael, that car. It could've been my twin. It was exactly like me.
      Michael: Not exactly, buddy. It almost killed me.

    • Rev: (to K.A.R.R.) How about a couple eggs, sunny-side up?
      K.A.R.R.: I have no eggs. Perhaps you can direct me to a chicken.

  • NOTES (3)

    • The German episode title is "Der Doppelgänger". The French episode title is "Le Prototype".

    • Peter Cullen also did the voice of Optimus Prime on the Transformer Series and Transformers: The Movie. KARR's voice resembles Optimus Prime.
      When K.A.R.R. returned in the third season episode 'K.I.T.T. Vs K.A.R.R.', K.A.R.R.'s voice was actually done by another artist, uncredited, but many sources mistakenly presume that Peter Cullen provided the voice on that occasion as well.

    • K.A.R.R.'s voice modulator resembles that of K.I.T.T.'s more recognised one, introduced later in the season in 'Hearts Of Stone'. The producers, looking for a more appealing look for the modulator instead of the original 'blinking red square', apparently adapted the design of K.A.R.R.'s after viewers responded well to the look of it.