Knight Rider

Season 1 Episode 19

White Bird

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 04, 1983 on NBC
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White Bird
Michael must prevent his former fiancée, framed by her employers, from being killed before she can turn the tables and expose their wrongdoing.

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  • Michael reunited with his girlfriend

    When Michael used to be Michael Long a cop, he was

    Engaged to a woman named Stevie and someone is framing

    Her for doing something wrong. But she didn't commit it

    And Michael knows that she is innocent as he tries to

    Clear her name as well as tries to in a way, rekindle their romance, but under the name Michael Knight!
  • Michael encounters the woman he was engaged to when he had a different life, a different face but she's now in trouble, in danger of being sent to prison on conspiracy charges. Someone's already fixed it so she has a criminal record for solicitation. Camoreless

    This epsisode has always been one of my personal favorites from this series. Ms. Hickland and David Hasselhoff clicked so well together in this that it really seemed they didn't have to act to get across their characters' feelings.

    Throughout the episode, Hickland's character Stephanie Mason, fiddles with a necklace that, she explains, was given to her by her fiance, a man she thinks died years ago: "His name was Michael, too," she says... "Michael Long."

    This, of course, is Michael's former identity, before he had to assume the identity of Michael Knight. She studies him, as if looking for some sort of reaction from him, but he has to play it casual, as if he's never heard the name before.

    As it turns out, she's being pressured by not only the Justice Department to testify against her boss, but also by people hired by the man her boss works for not to testify. She's stuck in the middle of a very dangerous situation.

    The situation turns deadly in the middle of a seemingly idyllic picnic on a mountain side when Stephanie is shot by the men hired by her boss' boss.

    At the end of the episode, Stephanie is about to enter the witness protection program. She and Michael are saying their goodbyes, and he notices her necklace is gone. When he asks if she lost it, she says she gave it back. This unexpected reply takes him slightly off-guard, but just like before, he recovers seemingly before she notices. Just before the credits, Michael is sitting in KITT, thinking. When KITT asks what it is that's on his mind, Michael says he's wondering if she knew who he was... and KITT tells him to look in the glove compartment. There he finds the necklace.

    The episode works wonderfully. Ms. Hickland especially seems completely natural, her smiles, her small laughs -- none of it seems forced or faked. The end bit with the necklace has never failed to get my eyes watering. And the song they use in this episode adds the perfect finishing touch, hauntingly beautiful with an underlying wistfulness about it that wonders what could have been. It would have made a beautiful series finale.moreless

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