Knight Rider

Season 1 Episode 1

A Knight In Shining Armor

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2008 on NBC
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A woman from Mike's past—Kelli Haddigan, who he has no memory of—hijacks "The Package", a taut man whose DNA holds a valuable cipher.

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  • Cheesy, By-Play, Secret Rendezvous

    If you like cheesy shows, Knight Rider is a show for you. I love the campiness of it. In addition, I also enjoy the implausibility of some parts of the episodes. That said. A Knight In Shining Armor was a good one. I really enjoyed the additional background on Mike. It's going to be interesting to see him uncover the past that has so obviously been erased from his memory. Without question though, this episode was action packed, missiles and secret packages and the like. Also, I really love Mike and Sarah's sexual by-play. It really works for the show, and the actors seem to have a really terrific chemisty. Currently, this would be my guilty pleasure. Hee. Can't wait for next week!moreless
  • I loved the tv movie, but this episode totally suck. I was terrified to see kitt like this.

    I loved the tv movie, but this episode totally suck.

    I was terrified to see kitt like this. Kitt is NO MORE a car its a stupid robot. I hate to see Knight Rider get Tered apart like this. Thay shuld cancel the show right know before it do more damg, and stop trying to replace the old Knight Rider... This show look good but it totally suck, its a show loaded whit Computer graphics way over the normal limit wich make the show realy bad.

    For dose who havent seen the old knight rider, shuld realy take a look. Its just so mutch beter than this crap show.moreless
  • Decent, but annoying.

    I was awed by some of the technology in this show (the main reason why I want to watch it, aside from the Ford aspect), the morphing was cool, the computers and gadgetry were cool as well. But I was ircked by a few things:

    1) Morphing into an F-150, pretty cool, albeit unrealistic. Jumping into the back and have it morph them into the front seats and vice versa was a little much.

    2) The fact that the truck could go from probably 100 to 0 in .5 of a second, on a train track, with Mike standing in the back.... come on, honestly? That took it a little far.

    I hope the rest of the episodes are better.moreless
  • Doesn't anyone read the scripts for logic errors?

    So KITT apparently has the ability to apply some futuristic metal clamping device onto a severed finger, but lacks something as simple as an oxygen bottle with masks? And speaking of which, after the oxygen is evacuated from the tunnel to put out the fire, how does KITT's internal combustion engine keep running? And when KITT finally gets inside the laboratory, amazingly enough there is not a mark on it! Nice shiny paint, clear glass, etc. I wonder what kind of wax they use, I could use some.

    I always thought the first show was absurd, but this one takes the cake. NBC has me hooked, I can't wait to see what silliness they come up with next!moreless
  • The show has potential, but the realization is less than poor...

    I have to say, I watch a lot of shows and I'm open to a lot of new ideas, but this show just makes my dogs bark!

    At the beginning, you see KITT transform several times between 'normal' and 'attack mode' (?) and then he/it even converts into some kind of pick-up. It seems that KITT and his almighty nano-technology is able to transform in whatever it pleases. So why not take it to the limit and form a plane or a submarine? In the old KITT, you could at least see or guess where the spoilers in the 'super pursuit mode' were coming from. Now, all you have is a completely universal, everything is possible, nano-technology. KITT actually converts into a pick-up and drives into a metro station!

    Then - also at the beginning - you see KITT, alone by himself, displaying the words 'turbo boost' in the on-screen display like the car just won the jackpot at a one-armed bandit in Las Vegas. Who is he displaying that for? Nobody is sitting in it...

    Unfortunately, it seems, like the show is so much focused on effects and high-/nano-tech that the story and even the last bit of reality connection is lost. Quite disappointing. While in the old Knight Rider the character Michael Knight still had to do some work, KITT now is able to drive, steer, direct, make decisions, ... all by himself. It is not quite clear what the human inside him is actually needed for. Michael Knight is spending more time on moving call screens and information on his on-screen display than actually driving the car and pursuing the villain.

    So much for the car. The story isn't much better. There seem to be so many plot holes. Somehow, I have the feeling the goal of the show was to squeeze as many high-speed-car-chasing-transform-scene into one hour as possible.

    To come to a conclusion, I have to say that I am quite disappointed. The show did have some potential. But if they keep this level up, I will be switching to something more interesting – like the weather forecast.moreless
Mark Adair-Rios

Mark Adair-Rios

Jay Hunt

Guest Star

Marinda Kaha

Marinda Kaha

Smokin' Hot Beauty

Guest Star

Peter Weireter

Peter Weireter

Consulate Guard #1

Guest Star

Smith Cho

Smith Cho

Zoe Chae

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: After the Hunt gets his thumb amputated, there is no blood on his hand or in the container his thumb is in.

    • About three minutes into the episode, when KITT is identifying the weapons the guards are carrying, the text identifies the rifles as an "M16 MACHINE GUN" but the graphic is not of an M16, nor is it of any real rifle.

    • Nitpick: At the end of the tunnel, after KITT exits with Mike, a portion of the green screen can be seen to the left.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Mike: The mission was compromised.
      Carrie: The mission was compromised because you hit on every woman in the consulate.
      Mike: I was undercover.
      Carrie: As what, a pimp?

    • Mike: Ixnay on the surveillance footage-ay.
      KITT: Michael, why are you speaking Pig Latin... incorrectly?

    • KITT: Billy, once I complete my system diagnostics, I will point out where you went wrong in your calculations.
      Billy: Thank-you, KITT.
      Zoe: (to Billy) Owned.

    • Billy: Listen... Zoe... I have advanced degrees in applied physics, quantum physics, electrical and mechanical engineering, chemistry, as well as discrete and applied mathematics.
      Zoe: And I speak nine languages. We should make a baby.
      Billy: (smiling) Really?
      Zoe: No.

    • Sarah: KITT, are you okay?
      KITT: I am fine Sarah. Are you okay? I was worried about you and Michael.
      Sarah: You were worried about us?
      KITT: Yes.
      Mike: You're a computer KITT, you can't worry.
      KITT: Artificial intelligence, Michael. There is a difference. I have run it through my database several times and I believe worry is the appropriate word.

    • KITT: Michael, you have turned the wrong way. Right, not left.
      Mike: You said left.
      KITT: No Michael, I said left. Left, right, left, right, left.
      Mike: Dude, you're confusing me!

    • Mike: I am moving as fast as I can!
      KITT: Probably you may be able to move faster if you ate a healthy diet, decreased your alcohol intake and reduced the extracurricular activities with your lady friends.
      Mike: I might as well be dead.
      KITT: Your death will not help Sarah in her current situation.

    • Mike: Keep your eyes peeled, KITT.
      KITT: Michael, I do not have any eyes.
      Mike: It's a figure of speech!

    • Mike: KITT?
      KITT: Yes, Michael?
      Mike: Sarah's not responding.
      KITT: My sensors have picked up Sarah. She is in the Vault Room. You are not in the Vault Room with her.
      Mike: Yeah, I got hung up.

  • NOTES (4)