Knight Rider

Season 1 Episode 1

A Knight In Shining Armor

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2008 on NBC

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  • Cheesy, By-Play, Secret Rendezvous

    If you like cheesy shows, Knight Rider is a show for you. I love the campiness of it. In addition, I also enjoy the implausibility of some parts of the episodes. That said. A Knight In Shining Armor was a good one. I really enjoyed the additional background on Mike. It's going to be interesting to see him uncover the past that has so obviously been erased from his memory. Without question though, this episode was action packed, missiles and secret packages and the like. Also, I really love Mike and Sarah's sexual by-play. It really works for the show, and the actors seem to have a really terrific chemisty. Currently, this would be my guilty pleasure. Hee. Can't wait for next week!
  • I loved the tv movie, but this episode totally suck. I was terrified to see kitt like this.

    I loved the tv movie, but this episode totally suck.
    I was terrified to see kitt like this. Kitt is NO MORE a car its a stupid robot. I hate to see Knight Rider get Tered apart like this. Thay shuld cancel the show right know before it do more damg, and stop trying to replace the old Knight Rider... This show look good but it totally suck, its a show loaded whit Computer graphics way over the normal limit wich make the show realy bad.

    For dose who havent seen the old knight rider, shuld realy take a look. Its just so mutch beter than this crap show.
  • Decent, but annoying.

    I was awed by some of the technology in this show (the main reason why I want to watch it, aside from the Ford aspect), the morphing was cool, the computers and gadgetry were cool as well. But I was ircked by a few things:

    1) Morphing into an F-150, pretty cool, albeit unrealistic. Jumping into the back and have it morph them into the front seats and vice versa was a little much.

    2) The fact that the truck could go from probably 100 to 0 in .5 of a second, on a train track, with Mike standing in the back.... come on, honestly? That took it a little far.

    I hope the rest of the episodes are better.
  • Doesn't anyone read the scripts for logic errors?

    So KITT apparently has the ability to apply some futuristic metal clamping device onto a severed finger, but lacks something as simple as an oxygen bottle with masks? And speaking of which, after the oxygen is evacuated from the tunnel to put out the fire, how does KITT's internal combustion engine keep running? And when KITT finally gets inside the laboratory, amazingly enough there is not a mark on it! Nice shiny paint, clear glass, etc. I wonder what kind of wax they use, I could use some.

    I always thought the first show was absurd, but this one takes the cake. NBC has me hooked, I can't wait to see what silliness they come up with next!
  • The show has potential, but the realization is less than poor...

    I have to say, I watch a lot of shows and I'm open to a lot of new ideas, but this show just makes my dogs bark!

    At the beginning, you see KITT transform several times between 'normal' and 'attack mode' (?) and then he/it even converts into some kind of pick-up. It seems that KITT and his almighty nano-technology is able to transform in whatever it pleases. So why not take it to the limit and form a plane or a submarine? In the old KITT, you could at least see or guess where the spoilers in the 'super pursuit mode' were coming from. Now, all you have is a completely universal, everything is possible, nano-technology. KITT actually converts into a pick-up and drives into a metro station!
    Then - also at the beginning - you see KITT, alone by himself, displaying the words 'turbo boost' in the on-screen display like the car just won the jackpot at a one-armed bandit in Las Vegas. Who is he displaying that for? Nobody is sitting in it...
    Unfortunately, it seems, like the show is so much focused on effects and high-/nano-tech that the story and even the last bit of reality connection is lost. Quite disappointing. While in the old Knight Rider the character Michael Knight still had to do some work, KITT now is able to drive, steer, direct, make decisions, ... all by himself. It is not quite clear what the human inside him is actually needed for. Michael Knight is spending more time on moving call screens and information on his on-screen display than actually driving the car and pursuing the villain.
    So much for the car. The story isn't much better. There seem to be so many plot holes. Somehow, I have the feeling the goal of the show was to squeeze as many high-speed-car-chasing-transform-scene into one hour as possible.
    To come to a conclusion, I have to say that I am quite disappointed. The show did have some potential. But if they keep this level up, I will be switching to something more interesting – like the weather forecast.
  • The TV movie last year was a nice tribute to the good old Knight Rider. The new TV Series surely doesnt match the pilot movie not to mention the original series.

    OK, the sorry started a long time ago when i watched the pilot TV movie of Knight Rider and followed the speculation that it really precedes new TV series featuring the intelligent car and handsome hero. I liked the pilot movie a lot. It was modern, it was smart, and it was sexy. It really was and I watched it several times and waited for the TV series to return. Now it did and I am pretty disappointed. It is bad boring and stupid. Nice legs of our heroine (shown in pretty detail) cannot save the show.

    To be honest, I didn't even finish watching this episode, I couldn't take it anymore. The acting is subpar, the plot was the dumbest i saw in years and KITT talk was just plain embarrassing.
  • Better then I thought, first show and it blew away my expectations so for that I have to give it a 10.

    The new Knight Rider contained everything the old Knight Rider had and that is drama, action and a great cast of actors. For the first show it started slow but you can see that it is just the beginning and soon more action and more Drama will unfold. I like the little story they are running with about Michael and his memory lost because I do want to know what happened and it does make me want to tune in and see what will happen to the characters next.So they are keeping the show simple and they are mixing the new with the old which I really appreciate being that I watch the old show. So a slow start but the show has potential and I will watch more.
  • KITT and Mike are back for an action packed season opener. Pity about the plot.

    Well Knight Rider is back, and this time with even more gadgetry than before. At least that is what this episode seems to be about. We see more of KITTs amazing morphing ability, armoury, speed control and heat resistance. Thing is you can't help feel that that is all this episode is there for.
    The plot is basic, some man creates a cypher based on his DNA and so not one scrap of it can get into enemy hands (no idea who this enemy is).
    There are allusions to future plot devices, Mikes gaps in his memory and a possible mole in Knight Enterprises (is it still called that, the dialogue is so lacking I just assume it is). But these are still not quite enough to make this episode anything other than average, a poor start.
  • Ok...

    Ok...Let's see...I read some unfair (in my opinion) reviews for the episode, so I decided to post my side of the story. First of all the plot: I was initially surprised and to tell you the truth annoyed by the minimal explanation for the initial mission.Then I realized that this episode is not about the "package" and his DNA.Nobody really cares about that.The plot is MICHAEL.His past, his secrets, the mystery around him.We are introduced to the central storyline and the pivotal characters related to it.It's better if you consider it the second part of the pilot. Let's go now to the car.I don't really understand the complaints about the morphing...It looks cool, the CGI team has done it well, as almost every other part of CGI in the episode.I have news for the romantic,we are not in the 80s, the year is 2008, technology and imagination are going forward. The car is looking very impressive and intimidating and its characteristics are well pictured.And finally, last but not least...Deanna Russo!What a babe...I will give the show a chance because honestly, it's not the worst thing out there.If you want a brainer watch LOST.This one is action and fun for an hour.
  • Was the movie more than enough?

    What happened between the movie and this first episode? I watched it through Comcast ON Demand so I had to suffer all by myself on this one. After the movie I figured we would ease into the Knight Rider transition with the new cast but it felt more like they tried to jump well into things and not catch us up. The only good I could really take from this was the secondary story surrounding Mikes past and what it has to do with some of the current happenings.

    Also, what was up with the new KITT designs? Looked like something out of some cheesy low budget show from the 70s. Val Kilmer is not my idea of the perfect KITT but I think he'll work into it least I hope so.

    I'll tune in next week and hope for the best otherwise this show won't make it past the initially round of episodes :-(
  • First pilot since the movie.

    OK it has been since the first tv movie of February. As the show picks up where it leaves off. The new Kitt voice by Val Kilmer, has the humor of the original one. That was voiced by William Daniels. Really a great show. And that I am looking forward to some more. Hoping that it will only get even better. The characters have promise and they have chemistry. Hoping that it will come into a great show. And will stay on longer. Because it has the wit and charm of the original show. Lots of promise but still needs work!
  • 90% made on the computer... too much, but also, great technology.

    This is too much. I mean...90% made on the computer. Why it has to be like this (car turning into a van --- too much)? I enjoy the topic, but it's far from the pilot. Things are running too fast... it should have been a two-hour start... There are too many changes. Why? They should have continued the principal ideea. I hoped this will continue the original series, but this didn't happen. Anyway I like the movie as it is, even I expected something else. Also, nice technology back there, it makes you belive you're in the future. I hope it will continue many years from now.
  • I almost don't know what to say!

    Honestly, I really enjoyed the 2hr Pilot movie and I really, really wanted to like the New Knight Rider but WOW is all I can say. Kitt talks like a complete moron - he would have never talked to bland and boring in the original Knight Rider. The acting is beyond terrible. There is way too much use of CGI as well, I really hope this was just a bad episode all around and it gets better. I will give it one or possibly two more weeks but unless it gets better I will leave it and watch the CBS comedy block instead.
  • Cg Terrible, Acting cheesing, episode not worthy enough.

    This was just not what i hoped for. They start off slow with K.I.T.T and Micheal, for me it was painful to watch.
    The cg was like watch cardboard, acting was just down right cheesing. I guess the good thing we can say there is nice cars and hot women. But when i say nice cars i do not mean K.I.T.T. That car is painful to look at. They try to be witty and funny with K.I.T.T. and Micheal but it does not feel right, some what forced on them. The original is better, and will always with stand to be that. I would have liked if they took some ideals from the original and not give us something that is down right painful to watch. I will not in the future spend 60 minutes watching another episode of Knight rider, unless they can improve on things like bad cg horrible acting, and stop changing K.I.T.T. into a truck or something on that line. And they really have to get rid of the voice of K.I.T.T. it was putting me to sleep.
  • A fine silly start to what looks to be great escapism!

    Given the source material, this was never going to be fine art, but I have to say I found this to be much better than I expected. Sure, the plot was a wafer thin way to show off KITT, and at one point to get the two main stars in their underwear, but it was honest. There was no pretensions of heavy politicing or cod psychology other remakes try to have, such as the recent Bionic Woman reboot. I thought the CGI was fair enough on a TV budget,especially compared with shots like Smallvilles Daily Planet building (!!) but overall I thought it was interesting enough, and a good test of escapism I didn't notice the 40 odd minutes passing, and came away with a smile on my face. You couldn't expect anything more with Knight Rider, besides, I'm just glad to avoid the permed mullet of the Hoff!

    Looking forward to the next campy episode!!
  • What can I say very Exciting!

    Well I am a fan of the old Knight Rider show and now I am a big fan of the new Knight Rider show, they really updated the show and the technology,and the special effects,bringing in really cool gadgets to a really cool car that can do alot of stuff even morphing into a truck etc. I thought the characters were all fantastic. I loved the movie but I honestly got to say the show is way better. It has everything that a true fan of this show could want it has romance, drama, action, comedy,and mystery. I can't wait to find out more about Mike and his mysterious past that the stuff he can't remember and the people that keep showing up that he doesn't remember from his past. What I also thought was interesting is that during the conversation between Sarah's father and Alex Torres, Kitt was listening in on their conversation and scanning Mike's files. Another thing that was interesting in the conversation that took place between Sarah's father and Alex was when Sarah's father told Alex that if Mike gets his memory back and starts to remember everything about his past and finds out stuff, that Mike will be coming after Alex. That tells me that this Alex character had something to do with the reason why Mike can't remember stuff from his past or the people. So in that alone I can't wait to see what is going to happen.
  • Really bad - the pilot was on the better way. All the cgi is crappy and looks cheap. And the stupid transforming is way too much. A truck - WTF? Half a season, then KITT can work at a Ford car dealer: "Hey talking car, show the customer the

    Really bad - the pilot was on the better way. All the cgi is crappy and looks cheap. And the stupid transforming is way too much. A truck - WTF?

    Half a season, then KITT can work at a Ford car dealer: "Hey talking car, show the customer the new F-160!"

    The production design is terrible, sorry. The product placement is more important than a straight story. "Hey, we have a plot hole, let us show one of the cars again." "Put in this fancy animation of the car dropping out of the plane" - again without any reason. That is not good story telling.

    The actors are fine, this Sarah is hot (maybe a little cheap on kissing and getting her clothes off ;) and Mike is a charming guy.
  • Bionic Woman '08 aka NBC's high-budget failure of the year.

    Yeah...the crappy movie at the beginning of the year was enough of this crappy remake for me. Pretty much the whole episode was a bunch of flashy effects with no substance. First off, the main character was an Abercrombie model, hence he can't act if his life depended on it. "The Package" makes no sense really, and the whole storyline is so boring I don't even care. And when Mike and Sarah were almost dying in KITT, everyone's reactions were wayyy off and really stupid. The whole situation was just a bunch of stupid. Then there's the whole Mike forgot his past, he was gonna marry Sarah, and now they're starting their relationship again. The lost memory is maybe a bit interesting (only because that mysterious boob-tatoo girl is hot), but the Sarah/Mike relationship is just lame. Seriously, half the time I laughed because the show was so bad. Like, is it just one big joke? The show is so bad! I must say though, the asian girl was SO funny! She was ridiculously random, and can't really act I think, but yeah, definitely very amusing.

    So yeah, this garbage will open huge like Bionic Woman did last year, since it's a remake, but with no depth, no drama, no acting skills, this will fail just like Bionic Woman did. Great job not learning from your mistakes NBC!
  • The show needs to learn a bit about time management.

    I watched the movie and enjoyed it, so I figured I'd tune in to see the first episode.

    Was it the worst thing I'd ever seen on television? Hardly. It was far from the best though.

    Right now the show's biggest flaw is probably the inability to manage time properly. This episode felt like watching a movie, but only being allowed to watch the middle. When it started, I was thinking, "Okay, where are we, what's going on, and how did we get to this point?" When it was over, I was like, "Why does it feel like something else should happen right now?" The main part of the episode should've been Mike's chase to get the package back, but they spent way too much time on what was going on before and after. The "flaming KITT" scene especially seemed to just draaaaaaaaaaaaaaag on forever.

    The only other thing that bothered me was the F150 program. In the movie, when KITT was able to change color or occasionally add/subtract accessories, I didn't all seemed within the realm of possibility because in the end, he still looked like a Mustang. But now they've introduced the ability to...transform into a pickup truck. Not only does it force me to stretch the limits of believeability, it also reeks of product placement.

    Hopefully the show will improve as I keep watching.
  • A 'package' collection at an Embassy goes wrong when Mike and Sarah are interrupted by another group of well organized people who are after....Mike. Mike retrieves the package and is also killed off in the process.

    Cant see why the other two reviewers were not impressed. If you compare it to the original series, this would be about 5 times better. If you compare it to the movie pilot it was 10 times better only because I feel the pilot movie dragged on for an extra 20 minutes. That said, i am a fan of this show and found the episode to be well written, acted with had some old references thrown in. A new mystery was introduced (Mike's past as a War Vet which he does not remember at all) which should serve as a link between individual adventure episodes through this season. We were introduced to KITT's 'garage' which serves as a home base / command center for this new program being officiated by FBI and Military. During his mission, Mike meets people from his past whom he has no recollection of. upon investigation, we find that his memory gaps are also reflected in his classified military files where he has disappeared for weeks and at times months. Mike finds out from Sarah that they were engaged at some point in his 'forgotten' past however, since he fell off the contact grid Sarah thought he was dead. By the time Mike retrieves that package which turned out to be a scientist, he is killed off by Carrie (FBI Agent) in public and declared dead to the world. As Carrie puts it, if Mike Tracer is dead then people will not come looking for him and compromise future missions while he is free to find out details from his past. Mike introduces himself as Michael Knight to Sarah in the hope of starting over.
  • Don't even waste your time.

    Where do I begin? The writing is horrible, the acting is horrible, the whole premise is horrible! Knight Rider was a cool show when it was on in the 80's but not now! I will say the car was wicked and props to Val Kilmer for lending his voice (he was smart enought to stay OFF screen) and some of the special effects were really sweet, but when it comes down to it, this pilot episode for Knight Rider was abysmal! I definitely wish I could get those 42 minutes back that I wasted while watching this monstrosity online. Bottom line...Knight Rider is this season's Bionic Woman.
  • Somewhat cool car, a few cool gimmicks, crappy writing. *** Possible minor spoilers ahead. ***

    Being a fan of the first Knight Rider I had looked forward to the TV movie leading into this series only to feel a bit let down, and then to the series, only feeling more put down. First the car, the star of the show. While I'm sure there are auto enthusiasts out there who love Kitt's new attack mode, I'm neither a auto enthusiast or found of the new attack mode. Seems to me a futuristic car like Kitt should look futuristic and streamlined, not a tricked out hot rod put together in someone's garage. But I understand the attempt to pull in the auto enthusiast demographic. Second, Kitt's special abilities. While I'm sure the turbo boost is a major draw for many who go nuts over jumping cars, I again am not one of them. Not that I don't mind a cool looking jump integrated into a good storyline, and the Turbo Boost did look cool up until it was actually executed. Maybe it's just me but the whole thing, including directing his exhaust ports to the ground just looked cartoony. I preferred the "mouth" display from the TV movie compared to the eye in the premiere though it might grow on me. And the transformations were just stupid. The idea that Kitt can transform into a truck, two people can jump into the back, and then they pop up in their seats once he transforms back was just to much, especially with the new effects. Why they didn't stick with the nanotech melt transformation from the TV movie, I have no idea. The flip transform method they used has been done to death, and is just to much when used to the degree they used it. As for the rest, the AI has promise, and the windows like heads up displays looked cool.

    Last and most important for me is the story which is were it failed the most with plot holes surrounded by thin writing supported on cheap gimmicks. *** Biggest spoilers ahead ***
    1. What exactly was with the mission at the beginning with the data recovered and the "package" that was lost? 2. How was the rocket tracking Mike? I assumed he had some kind of tracking implant but either he didn't or they just forgot about it. 3. The car fire was cool but how did the bad guys come up with such a well tuned attack against Kitt. Is there a mole in the team, a plot point that was mentioned and then forgotten. 4. Why the heck was it so important to transmit the data and risk their lives, when Kitt was going to arrive pretty soon with it anyway? 5. Mike and his girlfriend stripping down was an obvious gimmick along with the geek who was passing out when he wasn't throwing up or being led on. 6. When Mike had the package why did he just stand around as someone arrived, and couldn't Kitt have prevented the theft of the package. You would think he would have some kind of stunner ability at the vary least. Didn't the original Kitt have the ability to jam guns? 7. How did the bad gal get so far head of Kitt and Mike? 8. And then there was the lame attempt to make Mike a man without a pass and give him his father's name. I mean, what is the bad gal who they let go instead of capturing for interrogation going to tell her employers? Mike Tracer is dead at the hands of his own support personnel to rescue her him him. And if there is a mole in the team, what good is killing him going to do? And there's the little matter of looking exactly the same. Someone is going to notice that Mike Tracer and Micheal Knight kind of look the same.

    Overall, not a good start to the series for me.