Knight Rider

Season 1 Episode 11

Day Turns Into Knight

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 2009 on NBC

Episode Recap

KITT and Mike must drive faster than 100 miles per hour to keep the bomb in the trunk from exploding. They are told to get on the interstate and drive north. Mike sees that the warehouse exploded behind him and calls the SSC. They lost all communication with Carrie and her team and Torres sends Zoe to find out what happened to Carrie. He tells Sarah and Dr. Graiman to figure out a way to diffuse this bomb.

KITT is scanning the road ahead and finds that there are areas of concern and offers to drive. Mike states that he will keep the wheel, knowing that KITT's safety protocols could force KITT to slow down. Mike tells KITT to change into Attack Mode and inquires if he can mimic a police car. KITT does by morphing red/blue light bubbles on the top of his car. Only this does not work as well when they pass a motorcycle cop, who begins chasing them. To make matters worse, they have entered a construction zone, which forces Mike to turbo boosts over some broken road and construction equipment. The motorcycle is unable to follow, but Mike is relieved that the officer is unharmed.

Stevens calls to check in on Mike's progress and the SSC listens in. Stevens is angry and demands one billion dollars. He gives them two hours and states that Olara will be killed if they fail. The SSC is unable to locate Stevens.

On the cargo plane, Sarah and her father are brainstorming to come up with a solution to save KITT. Torres reports that they need a plan because in 45 minutes a squadron of F-15 will eliminate KITT. Billy suggests that they look into Stevens' past. They also begin formulating a possible list of targets.

Carrie is taken to the hospital with Zoe by her side. Carrie has some internal injuries, a collapsed lung and a few broken ribs.

They figure out their destination is a nuclear waste disposal facility and they will be there in about 56 minutes. Mike sees the F-15s arrive and then he spots the SSC cargo plane. Sarah and Dr. Graiman tell Mike that he needs to drive onto the plane. They explain that this way he can maintain his course and speed. Mike complies and KITT is successfully aboard. Only problem is an overpass ahead and it is unlikely that they can pull the plane up in time. KITT tells Mike and Sarah to buckle in as he has calculated their odds and states it is 100% probable that the plane will hit the overpass. The plane hit and the landing gear is lost and other than some minor damage, the plane is fine.

Stevens calls Mike to determine why they went off course and Mike tells KITT to allow audio only. Mike explains that he needed to a make a short detour, but they are back on course. Stevens in not pleased, but seems more concerned about his money. He brings Olara up and tells them that they have only a half an hour left. Sarah and her father look at different possible scenarios. What is they jettison KITT, but Charles states that even KITT could not withstand this blast. They then decide to remove the bomb from KITT and throw it from the plane. KITT figures that they would need to detonate the bomb 51,255 feet to make it ineffective. The co-pilot, Josh, states that the plane's ceiling is about 32,000 feet and since they have some damages from the collision he believes that the fuselage cannot withstand that altitude. The pilot, Gus, knows that they have to try and he begins the climb, slowly. Billy has discovered that Stevens takes frequent trips to the Phoenix area, but no one knows if this is a clue.

Zoe waits at the hospital, while Carrie is in surgery. It seems that one of the broken ribs pierced her pulmonary artery. While waiting an older black man approaches and introduces himself as Lawrence Rivai, Carrie's father. Zoe questions how he knew Carrie was he and tells her that he is a member of the CIA.

Hank is on board and he is tasked with picking up the bomb from KITT. Dr. Graiman uses plastic foam to encase the bomb to prevent it from blowing up as it being thrown out. Hank is strapped to KITT and prior to opening the back, Mike, Sarah and Dr. Graiman must be in KITT.

Torres answers when Stevens calls and states that the money has been transferred to his account. Stevens notes that he is looking at the account and there is no transfer. Torres tells him it should be there any minute. The plane has reached 51,255 and Dr. Graiman orders Hank to throw the bomb. Stevens realizing that Torres is stalling detonates the bomb within seconds of it being thrown from the plane. The plane was too close to the explosion and it loses power, plunging into rapid descent. KITT is able to reboot the auxiliary power and Gus and Josh are able to regain control. Based on the explosion, KITT calculates that Stevens only used about a quarter of the stolen hafnium. Everyone realizes that this was not his real target; Mike was just a diversion.

Back at the hospital, Zoe and Lawrence discuss Carrie as they wait for word. Zoe states that he must be proud of his daughter for the job she does. He explains that he wanted her to follow her mother's path and go to law school. He tells Zoe that Carrie was accepted to Columbia Law School and chose to go to Quantico instead. .

Dr. Graiman and Gus know that they can't land this plane without the landing gear. They plan that everyone will bail out over the Pacific. Sarah and Mike will drop with KITT and Sarah insists that her father go with them. He agrees.

Carrie is finally back from surgery, things went well, but she is still critical. The tear in the pulmonary artery was repaired, but do that this they can not use a respirator as the force could rip the stitches.

Stevens calls gloating at first and then realizes that the nuclear waste facility is unharmed. He figures out that even through the bomb is showing that it hit the target, he realized that his screen never showed altitude. Torres asks what he wants now and Stevens states nothing telling them his next bomb will unleash unimaginable horror. Billy thinks he is a "fanatic", resumes his search to figuring out what is motivating him.

Carrie wakes up and tries to talk. The doctor and her father tell her no, so she motions for a pen. She writes down the word, "Valdor", and losses consciousness again. Billy researches the Valdor and finds out that it is a chemical company. He reports that this company synthe compounds that are used in chemical weapons. Dr. Graiman states that chemical weapons plants are not suppose to be on American soil. KITT checks the information and reports that Billy is correct. Billy reports that in his research on Stevens, one of the ideas he proposed to the government was a defense system against chemical warfare. They realize that Stevens picked this target with the hopes of causing destruction on a massive scale. He wants to embarrass the Pentagon and show them that they should have backed his preventative weapon. KITT finds out that there is a branch of Valdor in Phoenix and this confirms that it is the intended target. KITT hacks the plant's security cameras and they watch as Stevens unload another bomb. They also see that he has Olara with him. Torres tells Mike that he will contact the local police, but Mike tells him that if Stevens even gets a hint of the police, he will detonate the bomb.

The plane flies over the plant and Mike and Sarah prepare to bail out. Charles tells his daughter that he needs to stay and help Gus land the plane. He orders KITT to lock the doors, keeping Mike and Sarah in and then leaves the cargo area. Charles opens the cargo door and out goes KITT. KITT pops his parachutes and they land safely on the ground. Onboard the plane, Gus is confident that he can land the plane, but Josh is not and he chooses to jump. Billy informs Mike that if the bomb explodes, the minimum number of deaths will be hundreds of thousands.

At the hospital, one of the machines begins beeping and the nurse rushes in, Carrie is no longer breathing. Zoe and Carrie's father watch as the doctors work on her, as they are escorted from her room. Back on board Gus looks over a Charles and tells him that he is sorry as alarms begin to ring out.

Back at the plant, Stevens streams a live message through the internet by a video feed stating that the Pentagon thought his weapon was unnecessary. He states that if they had it now, they could prevent his actions. Mike orders KITT to interfere with the communications at the plant and then has him cut the power. Mike drives through the security gate and easily takes out Stevens' men. KITT guides Mike through the plant to Stevens, who has his finger on the trigger and a gun to Olara's head. Mike sees Sarah approaching Steven's from behind and he raises his gun and shoots Stevens, as Sarah grabs the trigger. Mike takes Olara to safety while leaving Sarah still holding on to the trigger.

Sarah hands over the trigger to a local bomb squad member and catches up with Mike, she is not happy with him for leaving her. Mike looks at Sarah and explains that the plane exploded. She asks about her father and Mike tells her he did not get out. Mike hugs Sarah, as she cries on his shoulder and KITT states, "Sarah, our father is dead".