Knight Rider

Season 1 Episode 11

Day Turns Into Knight

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 2009 on NBC

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  • Mike has to stop the killer, save the ambassador, and drive over 100 mph in order to avoid the nuclear bomb in his trunk. We've seen it all before - and far better.

    Yet another sub standard episode of the revamp of Knight Rider, this one was marginally better than the previous ten, but it was still utterly contrived and rather painful to watch. The storyline limps weakly along, the characters are dreary, and even KITT (voiced by Val Kilmer) seems to have lost all interest in the show. The writers are to blame, for while the terrorist-of-the-week plotline that has plagued the show seems to have diminished, the show relies on such ridiculous contrivances to crawl through each 45 minutes. Clearly no one actually discussed the story and setting with anyone with a brain, so we have this half finished series that never feels either real or logical.

    In this episode a major character bows out in the weakest way imaginable - done so the series can move forward with its second full reboot. The show could have been so much more, yet instead we're reduced to mindless storylines and pointless posturing by villains no one cares about.

    Surely this lackluster attempt to rekindle the interest in the show will be sent to the scrap heap very soon.
  • 10 rating for power boost alone. Minus 4 for all the rest of the episode.

    This episode should have just been the 5 second clip of KITT's power boost. Watching KITT launch itself into the air over a construction vehicle, I sat mesmerized by the hilariously improbable action. It was by far the laughable highlight of an otherwise poorly executed car chase plot. At speeds of 130mph, I found it difficult to believe that KITT was so easily able to weave around that construction site. Workers jumping out the car's way would have been struck by a car actually travelling 130mph. Forget staying above 100mph, KITT didn't even look like he was going 60mph when surrounded by traffic. Also, why in the world was the HUD speedometer on the windshield so rapidly fluctuating speeds? Numbers were changing so rapidly on that thing, making it look more a stopwatch then a measure of speed. Charles Graiman's death scene was… well I can't comment because it didn't exist. What a cop out. Goodbye Knight Rider 2.0a. Welcome Knight Rider 2.0b; the bar is low.
  • Good sequel episode with a shocking end.

    It's nice to see some drama otherwise the series would just be destined for a 'wham, bam, thank you m'am' attitude. The acting is good in it, not great, just good. There is some human emotion in it which is nice to see. It looks like this is the start of the end of the season for Knight Rider. I don't know how others feel about this series but I sure hope they return for another season. It's not high flying stuff but very entertaining and I look forward to seeing every episode. The entertainment value is way up there and that's what I like!
  • Great episode!

    It was a very exciting show! With KITT not allowed to go below 100mph and bombs, it was an awesome episode. Plus, knowing someone was not going to be killed kept me on the edge of my seat, not knowing when the death was going to happen. A bomb being set off in a nuclear facility along with an ambassador being held hostage and wanting demands done by Knight Industries made for one of the best episodes that I have seen in the only season done so far. Seeing this episode made me regret forgeting and missing part 1 of the episode on the week before.