Knight Rider

Season 1 Episode 10

Don't Stop the Knight

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 07, 2009 on NBC

Episode Recap

Mike is assigned to rescue a foreign Ambassador, who has been kidnapped. The kidnappers put them though several steps to secure the ambassador's release. Dr. Graiman and Sarah have their hands full caring for a sick robot.

Mike is ordered to handle the money drop when a West African Ambassador, Olara Kumali is been kidnapped. KITT wants to know what the plan is if Olara is not at the drop. Mike states him that's why you have plan B. KITT asks about plan B and Mike tells him that they need to come up with one. Best idea to hope plan A works.

When Mike gets to the location he is a rusty, abandoned pick-up truck. Mike walks around to take and close look and then looks under the truck. He finds a phone taped under the truck and the it is ringing. Mike grabs at the phone and a drone flies in and takes off with the briefcase. Mike and KITT follow the drone and they discuss using missiles and lasers. KITT points out that this will probably incinerate the money and the drone. Realizing that they would not be able to use it to lead them back to the kidnappers KITT suggests they go back to the meeting point and try the phone.

Once they get back, the phone is ringing and mike answers it and proves that he has Olara buy uploading a video. The kidnapper wants Mike to complete a task for him or else he will kill Olara. He wants Mike to drive to Madras Prison and explains that he has one hour to make it there. Mike and KITT take off, calling Torres about the situation. As they get closer to the prison the phone rings and Mike is told that he needs to Gunnar Haas. The voice demands wants to see Haas sitting in the car.

Torres finds Sarah and Charles working with Hank, a robot that it acting 'sick"(Not following commands or directions as he used to). Sarah tells her father that she believes Hank is malfunctioning on purpose before leaving to help Mike. As Charles turns around, Hank throws a ball hitting Charles. Charles knows there's more to the problem than meets the eye.

All efforts to get Haas released failed and Torres, through Billy, tells Mike to get creative and don't get caught. Mike turbo boosts over the wall, calls Haas over, who climbs in and they turbo boost back over the wall. Mike asks Haas if knows what is going on and when he has no answer, Mike has KITT spray a sleeping spray, Haas is out. The phone rings and Mike has KITT upload the image of Haas. When Mike where they are doing the swap, the kidnapper states "Your day is just starting". He wants Mike to get a research-quality micro APS X-ray machine and gives him 40 minutes. The SSC has tapped into the phone call and Sarah locates one of these machines. The machine is in use by the State University's research lab, only there is not enough time to get the machine through official channels.

Dr. Graiman begins a diagnostic on Hank and as he turns to leave, Hank hurls the computer at him. Mike enters the research lab, pretending to be a repairman for the x-ray machine. With a little help from Sarah, he convinces the lab assistants to allow him to take it. As he is walk out through the hallway, he passes the real repairman and runs out of the building. Mike makes it just to KITT's door when one of the security guards zaps him in the butt with a taser. Mike and the X-ray fall into KITT and drive away.

Mike receives a call from the kidnapper, who instructs him to follow a nearby Navigator. Mike follows and ends up at an abandoned amusement park. He is told that he will be exchanging Haas for a small box. Billy informs Mike that Ivana Alexandrov is the owner of the Navigator. He tells Mike that she is a member of SVR, the Russian Secret Service.

Hank begins destroying the office which forces Charles to shut him down. Once Hank is deactivated, Charles sees an article that Hank was holding. An article from years ago reporting about Charles' new creation, Hank, the hottest artificial Intelligent of the show.

Ivana and her two female assistants exit their car, with the box and guns. Mike and Haas exit KITT, as soon as Haas recognizes Ivana he run for it. Ivana orders Mike to chase after Haas and Mike easily catches him. Mike has KITT shoot all four people with non-lethal darts and calls Torres arranging for them to be picked up. Mike takes the box and puts it in KITT's truck. KITT informs Mike that the box is radioactive and takes precautions before allowing Mike back into the car.

Billy identifies the kidnapper as Christopher Stevens and explains that he used to work for the Pentagon as a weapons designer. He was working on a self-targeting low orbit laser only he was fired for selling secrets to the Russians. He was never prosecuted as the three instrumental witnesses in the case disappeared. Stevens fell off the grid at the same time.

KITT analyzes the box and reports that it contains hafnium. He explains that once hit with an X-ray it acts like a bomb. The phone rings and Mike tells Stevens that he knows that he is having him build a bomb. Stevens corrects him, telling Mike he is only gathering the pieces. Stevens orders Mike to the Hesperia Sugar Mill and states he expects him there in 20 minutes. He tells Mike that he has Olara trapped in a room and her Oxygen will run out in about 20 minutes.

Back at the SSC, Dr. Graiman talks with Hank about the lack of attention and asks Hank if he would like a new job, working with KITT. Hank is pleased. He then leaves to inform the team that this is the final stop, explaining that the mill is surrounded by an electromagnetic shield. He tells Mike that they will lose contact once he enters the field. Carrie takes a team to meet up with Mike at the mill.

Mike comes up with a plan and orders KITT to destroy the drone with his laser. Once this is completed, Mike jumps out of KITT. KITT approaches the mill and Stevens walks out. He tries to get Mike out of the car, but KITT using Mike's voice refuses and Stevens orders him to drive into the mill. Stevens talks to Mike (KITT) ordering him out of the car and begins to suspect something is wrong. Mike has snuck in and is trying to find Olara. He encounters two armed men and renders them unconscious. He finds that Olara is locked underneath a trap door. As Mike opens the trap door, Stevens rushes in and captures both Mike and Olara. Stevens wants his stuff and tells Mike he will kill Olara. Mike orders KITT to pop the trunk and allows Stevens access. Stevens has the bomb assembled and then places it in KITT's trunk. He orders Mike into the car and informs him that he will drive straight north on this road. He also states that he needs to keep his speed over 100 mph or the bomb will explode. He tells Mike that he is tracking the bomb and will know if they veer from their course and he will detonate the bomb. Mike gets in KITT and takes off. Once outside of the field, Mike contacts the SSC regain explains about the bomb. Carrie and her arrive at the mill and begin looking around. Carrie sees a wire attached to a door on of her men is beginning to open. She yells at him to stop, but it is too late. Mike sees the mill explode in his rearview mirror and To Be Continued flashes on the screen.