Knight Rider

Season 1 Episode 13

Exit Light, Enter Knight

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 28, 2009 on NBC

Episode Recap

In early morning, KITT drives through town with Mike sleeping in the front seat. Once he gets up, he wants some coffee to wake up and spots a local coffee stand. As Mike is getting his coffee, he notices several men with body armor and assault weapons approach the bank across the street. He yells at the people around him to get down, just as the men begin firing. Mike runs towards the bank, as KITT calls 911 and the SSC, waking them up. KITT relays the events, including the fact that Mike does no have his earwig. Sarah wants satellite surveillance, but Billy reminds her that don't have access any longer. Zoe states that it is too risky to hack into the NSA or CIA feeds and they decide to rely on KITT's cameras. Sarah orders KITT to get to Mike and get him away from the scene. Mike sees a little girl, Maddie, who is sitting in her mother's SUV, right in the line of fire. Maddie's mom, Tina went to the outside ATM and is now trapped by the gunfire. Mike gets Maddie out of the vehicle and as KITT drives up, he puts her inside. KITT relays the order from Sarah and Mike runs away to continuing helping the local police. Mike states that he is an undercover DEA officer and the officers give him a gun. One of the officers near Mike is shot and Mike calls for KITT. He puts the injured officer in KITT and tells KITT to take them to the hospital. KITT tells Mike that the robbers are wearing bulletproof vest/armor.

Mike runs into the bank, as a robber grabs Tina and drags her inside. They order everyone onto the ground and Mike tackles one of the armed men. The leader of the crew puts his gun to Mike's head and offers to blow it off. Mike backs down and becomes one of the hostages. The robbers close the blinds and set up explosives as the quiet street outside is filled with police officers and news trucks. With KITT absence from the scene, the SSC is able to see inside the bank and keeps watch using the news coverage. Sarah calls KITT who reports that he's on his to the hospital and he introduces Maddie to the team. Sarah asks Maddie to keep KITT a secret as KITT drops her and the wounded police officer off at the hospital and heads back to the scene.

Mike is taking stock of his position and counts four robbers. One of the other hostages Lynn tells him that a fifth man went in the back room. Sarah suggests that they contact the police and inform them that Mike is in the bank. KITT and Zoe disagree pointing out that the robbers may be monitoring police frequencies. The robbers order everyone to toss out their cell phone and Mike grabs one of them, hiding it. KITT is back at the bank and uses his infrared scanners to see inside the bank. The leader approaches Tina, wanting her to call her husband, Frank. He takes the phone from Tina and instructs Frank to on the TV. He states he will call back with further instructions and warns him not to notify anyone or he'll kill Tina. The leader turns to the rest of the hostages and orders one of them to leave the bank. The hostage is excited to be allowed to leave and as he leaves the bank, he is shot in the back.

Mike uses the cell phone to send his text to Sarah, only she is preoccupied by the footage on the news and does not hear her phone. SWAT has arrived and attempts to establish communication with the bank. The leader orders the men to cut the majority of the lines, leaving one line, off the hook. KITT was able to pick up the out going call that was made from the bank, but is unable to track the recipient. He reports that they used a satellite phone with scrambler. Sarah has been watching the news footage and sees that the man, who was shot, is still alive. She orders KITT to create cover that will allow the police get to him. KITT pulls up between the injured man and the bank and he is fire upon from inside the bank. Mike is able to get to Tina and asks her why would they have called her husband. The leader knocks Mike out with a gun butt. He takes Mike, Lynn and another hostage into the vault, where he finds the cell phone on Mike. He reads the message Mike sent and wants to know who KITT is. Mike states that if he tells him, he is just going to hit him again. The leader demands an answer and Mike states that KITT is his car and as expected, he gets hit with the gun butt again.

KITT tells Sarah that he can no longer locate Mike in the bank and he must be in the vault, as his infrared can't penetrate it. The leader tells Mike that he'd better not try to be a hero. He then gives the three hostages the task of emptying the safety deposit boxes and put the valuables in a bag. KITT is monitoring SWAT, hears that they are positioning themselves for an assault on the bank, and informs Sarah. Sarah sees the text from Mike stating, "The bank is wired with explosives". Sarah tells KITT he needs to stop the SWAT strike, only they have started their count down. KITT uses his voice duplication, sounding like the SWAT leader he orders the team to stand down. Sarah tells KITT to text Mike. Billy is reviewing footage from this morning when the robbers were outside the bank. He finds it confusing that the bank robbers started firing before they had any resistance. He comments that robbers usually fight their way out of a bank, not into it. He also noticed that the robbers seem to target Tina.

Mike and Lynn are opening the safety deposit boxes and Mike finds a gun, which appears to be loaded. He puts the gun in his shirt and continues working on the rest of the boxes. The leader receives a text message on the phone he took off Mike and the message is from KITT. The leader responds by text, asking KITT where he is. KITT radios Sarah stating that the person texting him in not Mike and she wants to know if there is any other way out of the bank. KITT scans the area and states that there miles of tunnels that run underneath them, but nothing that directly connects to this area. The police are able to make contact with the bank and KITT patches in so the SSC can hear. The leader wants five identical vans, clear passage to the nearest airport and a jet cleared for immediate take-off. He states that they have one hour to meet these demands. He warns that if it is longer than an hour or the plane is not empty and ready, he will kill the hostages. KITT interjects that the SWAT protocol won't allow the hostages onto the plane. Zoe speculates that one of the hostages must be a pilot. Sarah decides to follow their only lead, Tina and her husband. KITT tracks down Maddie and calls her at the hospital, only to find out that neither of her parents are pilots. Sarah realizes that these type of sub-branches usually don't keep much money on hand and begins wondering if the real target are the safe deposit boxes.

Back in the bank, Mike seizes his opportunity and attacks the leader. As they are struggling for the gun, Lynn opens a safety deposit box, which has a gun and tells Mike to stop. She then tells the leader, Steve that they have the list of accounts.

Billy has been researching the bank and the owners of the boxes and finds that Joe Carter, a known mob lawyer, has access to the bank's offshore accounts. Back in the bank, Lynn pulls a hood off one of the robbers, only to find a man tied and gagged, it is Joe Carter. She wants him to write down the codes for all the offshore accounts. Billy and the team are watching as the vans arrive, Billy is convinced that they are not going out the front door, but they have another escape planned. Inside the vault, Steve has taken off his clothing and is dressing Mike in body armor. He tapes Mike's mouth and puts the hood on. Finally, he tapes the rifle into his hands. Upstairs he then tapes each hooded man to a group of hostages, which also have hoods. Steve calls Frank ordering him to shut down the city's power grid, now. Once the power goes down, KITT and the team realize the Tina's husband worked for the power company. Steve pushes Mike and his group of hostages out of the bank and KITT watches as the SWAT leader gives the order to fire. KITT notices the rifles are tapes and orders the snipers to stand down. He then shoots the gun in Mike's hand with his laser, which makes it fall to the ground. Mike frees himself and runs back into the bank.

As Steve is pushing the hostages out, Lynn locates a specific spot on the floor and using acid, which was stored in another box, she burns a hole in the floor. The hole leads into a tunnel and the robbers and Lynn start jumping in. Steve wants the bank blown as soon as the last man clears the first tunnel.

Mike dives into the hole in the floor and just clears the first tunnel as the bomb in the bank is detonated. KITT is tracking the cell phone that Steve took off Mike and he is currently carrying in his pocket. Mike catches up with the last guy and knocks him out. Steve and Lynn reach the location where they stashed motorcycles. As they take off, two of the other robbers stay behind and attack Mike. Mike easily subdues these two and takes the last motorcycle. He follows Steve and Lynn to a hatch. The hatch leads to a deserted parking lot where Steve and Lynn left a car. KITT comes crashing through the gate, cutting off the car and it crashes. Mike runs up to the care and knocks out Steve as Lynn takes off, running up a hill. Mike easily catches Lynn and in a last ditch, effort offers to share the money. When he says no, she punches at him, but as he moves out of the way, she falls and rolls down the hill.

Sarah, Mike, Billy, Zoe and KITT visit Maddie and her family at the hospital.
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