Knight Rider

Season 1 Episode 13

Exit Light, Enter Knight

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 28, 2009 on NBC

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  • Outstanding episode.

    This was a great episode and the first show Michael, Sarah, Billy, and Zoe have been on their own. The way the storyline was put together was great. First, the bad guys robbing the bank to coincide with the wife of the guy who could shut down the power grid. Second, the phony hostage (the girlfriend of the leader of the bad guys).

    It was really cool to see the little girl saved by Michael and KITT, but then again that's what they do.

    The opening scene with Zoe and Billy with Billy and Zoe sleeping together on the couch was classic, considering their relationship.
  • Favorite so far

    I liked this episode. Fast paced action and the opening sequence was enough to set the tone for what was going to come.

    Like sherlock said in his review, I think the episode could've spammed a "to be continued" right when Michael went back to the bank and it exploded.

    So the second part would be around Michael going after the bank robbers in the tunnels. Maybe a little longer chase scene with the bikes and a bit more hard time knocking out the rest of the gang before finding the couple..

    But overall, one of the best episodes, after the 2 part ones where the Dr. died. Cheers..
  • It is really important to start out a series with a strong pilot episode. It should detail everything you should expect from this show and leave you wanting more. In this regard, we have finally reached the pilot episode of Knight Rider.

    I felt that a lot of the problems with the series before was a general sense of immaturity. It felt like Michael and company were role playing. Everyone was making lewd comments and spying on intimate moments thinking it was funny.

    That changed heavily in the last episode, with everyone taking a seriousness to the proceedings. but it still kept a lot of the baggage from earlier episodes.

    This episode really changed everything around. Instead of several dozen miscelleneous office workers, authority figures and field agents, you got three people working information gathering and Michael was caught up helping people caught in the crossfire of a bank robbery. Guess who got a rifle butt in the face for it?

    What made this episode work was that these characters seem to have grown up. There was still some juvenile humor between Zoe and Billy, but it was a much more tolerable level. The fact that everyone was exhausted from their previous mission and sleeping in the middle of the day indicates that they are not goofing around like they did before.

    But what was really surprising was that they were still the same characters as before, just more enjoyable. Zoe still had the obnoxious flirtation but it felt offhand instead of thrown in your face. Billy's brief conversation with 8 year old Maddie was cute: Maddie- "My mom is in the middle of a bank robbery, I'm sitting next to an injured cop and riding in a talking car. How do you think I'm doing?"
    Billy- "A little too precocious for me."

    I also enjoyed the teamwork played between Michael and KITT. It was very well presented in the opening sequence, almost movie like. Overhead shots of the area and KITT moving to provide cover made things clear what exactly was going on. These robbers were clearly not playing around. They were willing to kill and that made things more intense. You weren't sure who was going to survive.

    But what really helped this episode come together was the tight pacing, not everything was as it seemed and there are just enough questions asked/ answers given to keep things moving. Mission control with Sarah, Billy and Zoe was putting together the pieces of the puzzle alongside Michael learning what those pieces mean.

    It is still not perfect, Mission Control was still just a bunch of people sitting at computers and the cop was a little too trusting of Mike to hand him a rifle for support, even if he claimed to be DEA. And the hostages switched as robbers is obviously taken from The Dark Knight. But these are problems just about any series will have. If anything I am grateful for this exchange when the robber finds out about the text message.
    Robber- "Who is Sarah."
    Mike- "Sarah is my girlfriend. I just wanted to let her know I was okay."
    Robber- "You mentioned KITT. Who is KITT?"
    Mike- "You're going to hit me if I tell you...okay, KITT is my car." (SLAM, rifle butt in the stomach. Mike rolls to his side in pain) "Yeah, I called it."
  • Favourite so far. Action-packed, Humorous, Could have been 2 episodes.

    This is simply one of my favourite episodes so far if not my favourite. Action-packed and humorous and all. I however think it was too loaded for a single episode. A typical episode that glues you to your seat and you just do not want to see the time reading.

    The opening scene makes the episode a lot more interesting and sets the tone for a more simple episode. I believe the show is about an extra-ordinary car that should be to the benefit of the society in all aspects.

    Finally, I reiterate that this episode could have been span over two instead of rushing the ending.
  • Back to the basics & not any cheesy CGI! Love it!!

    Finally this show is turning into the show that I hoped it would. Saving large government corporations really doesn't interest me, I love this episode because it's a lot more like the classic Knight Rider that I remembered as a kid.

    Now they have finally gotten rid of the characters that were definitely holding the show part from being good. I know Justin Bruening's acting could be better, but was "The Hass" any better? It didn't stop the 80's Knight from being a great show. But by far my favorite duo is "Billy" & "Zoe", if they can get "Michael" & "Sarah" to have the same type of chemistry then this show would be an absolute hit!
  • The Best Episode Ever!

    This has got to have been the best Knight Rider episode so far, it had it all, I am praying that this show does not get cancelled, all the components for a great TV series are here, I though with the death of Dr Graiman would make this unwatchable but it goes from strength to strength, It is my favourite series ever and I look forward to each week.

    For those that are moaning its not like the original, im sure its not meant to be if you wanted the original go and watch that, Kitt is brilliant and heaps better than the original and the new actor playing Michael Knight is so much more current for 2009 and not as cheesy as David was. Very very enjoyable episode.
  • Keeps getting better!

    I loved that the little girl talks to Kitt--and we Kitt called Maddie--that was so funny. He was so polite!

    I loved that Mike didn't even bat an eye--the officer was shot he puts him in Kitt and sends him to the hospital. Even though they needed the help.

    Totally didn't see the twist coming--though I know I probably should have. Overall, the episode was excellent. I like that it's more about Mike and Kitt is his back up. The earlier episodes seemed more about Kitt and Mike was an after thought. I love the new direction! I hope they get renewed!
  • Is it just me or is Knight Rider actually getting better and better by episode. I have to admit that the first few episodes sucked. The writers to have learned from their mistakes. A rough start doesn't mean it deserves to be cancelled.

    Is it just me or is Knight Rider actually getting better and better by episode. I have to admit that the first few episodes sucked. The writers to have learned from their mistakes. I really hope they don't cancel it. A rough start doesn't mean it deserves to be cancelled. If they are going to cancel Knight Rider just because it had a rough start, I'm never going to watch NBC again. Because 24, Knight Rider, and Smallville are my only favourite shows right now. Moonlight was awesome on CBS, and I still don't understand why they cancelled that show.

    And for the people that said its not like the old one. Well duh, this is like how many years ahead from the old one? Its suppose to be different and more high tech. Also, I'd like to say that the new Intro is awesome.

    Bottom line, if Knight Rider continues to improve and get better and better, it might become one of the top shows.
  • hope more of this to come

    hoping after the last couple espodes this was going to be the new knight rider and its as good if not better than was hoping this it is hope lot more like this keeps coming great one and hope all like this cant wait for series 2 later this year the 4 and kitt are perfect and i think new micheal is perfet for part and realy good actor, i wait every week to see this and love it cant wait till next weeks eposide hope to see more in the line of this one thanks bout time this series got in to 21 century
  • That is what Knight Rider should be about! There was an excellent story line and helping "little people" was part of the success of the first Knight Rider and should be a bigger part in the new one too.

    That is what Knight Rider should be about! If they keep doing shows like the show will get a big success. There was an excellent story line and helping "little people" was part of the success of the first Knight Rider and should be a bigger part in the new one too. The show was disappointing till they started getting back to the roots. I think there is potential for much more and I was glad to read that they get a second series. I think that parts off the SSC look hideous. I just have to say once that I very much dislike the Mustang in attack mode.In that mode it is simply too much.
  • It is Finally the knight rider I always hoped for. The producers have stepped up their game. The show must go on in the same adventurous light. I love it... Finally the acting was of a high standard. I would give 3 thumbs up for this show if I had

    It is Finally the knight rider I always hoped for. K.I.T.T was actually funny and involved like a friend, the show was action packed, totally exciting. The producers really have stepped up their game. The show now must go on in the same adventurous light. Completely 10 out of 10 for making Kitt seriously look brilliant. Notice im all about the car, I love it... The accompanying music was flawless too, seeing that music also has a big influence on the production.
    Finally the acting was of a high standard. What a brilliant script. I would give 3 thumbs up for this show if I had it!!!