Knight Rider

Season 1 Episode 14

Fight Knight

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 04, 2009 on NBC

Episode Recap

Mike is heading to meet Annie Ortiz as she called him in regards to the death of their drill sergeant Jack Burber. Once Mike arrives in Grand Gulch, Annie fills him in, including the fact that the Sheriff reported that Burber died of a drug overdose. She confesses to Mike that she was loaning Burber cash and last week he called stating he found out something. Then two days later, he is dead. She states that since she is not a blood relative nobody will let her into see the body.

Mike and KITT head to the morgue, which is located in the basement of the local hospital. KITT scans the records and has Mike pose as the son of a deceased man. With his fake ID, Mike gets access the hospital morgue. Once there he finds Burber's body and with KITT's help performs an impromptu autopsy. KITT is able to determine that the cause of death was not a drug overdose as reported, but in reality, Burber was strangled to death. Mike finds sawdust on Burber's chest. Mike leaves the morgue with Burber's personal effects.

Once back in KITT, Mike informs Sarah about the evidence he collected. She is furious that Mike tampered with Burber's corpse and stole the bag of personal effects. Mike is pulled over by the Sheriff and as he exits KITT, the Sheriff throws him onto the hood. He dumps the bag on KITT's hood, as the Sheriff questions him about his visit to the morgue. Mike explains that he is concerned about his sergeant's death and was looking for answers. Suddenly, a voice issues a notice over the police radio that there is a bank robbery in progress. The Sheriff lets Mike go, taking the personal effects with him. Mike tells KITT that the Sheriff is going to be mad, as Mike knows that KITT faked the call. KITT states that he sent the Sheriff to the other end of the county, which gives them time. Mike asks KITT what he found in the bag of personal effects. KITT pulls up a picture of the effects and they find a matchbook for the Newcomb Ranch bar.

Mike and KITT head out to the bar, which is about thirty minutes outside of town. KITT scans the bar and discovers that there is a lot of electricity in this basement. Mike asks KITT to get an image on the basement, but KITT states that it will take him some time. Mike heads in side and begins flirting with Constance, the bartender and new owner. Constance leads Mike towards the basement, but first he must get pass a bouncer. Mike easily takes down the bouncer and Constance tells him that he passed the test. They head downstairs and Mike sees a large cage with two men fighting inside. She introduces Mike to her partner Ty McKelver. While they are talking, Mike notices sawdust on the floor and concludes this was where Burber was killed. Mike also notices that Ty films the fights and wonders if there is a record of Burber's death.

Mike and Annie are being updated by Billy about Ty and the website, which airs the fight videos. Billy explains that it is one of the fastest growing sites, airing three fights per night with no rules and no refs. Most of the fighters are Veterans and Monster Molina is the reigning champion. Mike asks if they can find any footage of Burber's last fight and Billy states that the fights are uploaded as read-only streams and that they are online only during the fights. Annie suggests go to the authorities, but Mike wants to get the tape from the night of Burber's death first. Mike states that he needs to go back and fight, in hopes of finding the tape. Annie wants to go with him and states that Burber saved her life and that she owes him. Mike tells her that she is not going and has KITT lock Annie out. As they drive off, the Sheriff has been watching this exchange.

KITT has scanned the basement, telling Mike that he believes that videos will be stored in the room alongside of the fight cage and shows him the location on the screen. Mike shows up at the bar stating he wants to fight. Ty promises to give Mike a shot that night, but first Ty hands him a broom and has him clean the place up. Ty brags that this operation is all about the money and states that the Veterans like the money and fighting. Mike asks about his old Army Sergeant Burber, stating he had heard his was here and Mike states he was very hard on him. Ty covers stating that Burber died from an overdose, referencing that there was a story about it in the newspaper.

Zoe runs a check on Ty and discovers he is an exploitation king. He has had more fight clubs in other cities and other cons to make money. Sarah questions why Ty has not been arrested and Zoe explains that he has expensive lawyers and stays on the move. Zoe also ran a search on Constance and reports that she was arrested for exploiting homeless workers in Denver. Billy decides to search the Internet in the hopes that a fan may have kept archives of the fights.

Mike under the cover of sweeping the floor, finds the video control room and with KITT's help, the hidden tapes. Mike finds the tape from the night of Burber murder and runs into Constance on his way out. It is time for his fight. Mike tries to get out of it and Constance states that would leave his partner alone. Mike looks into the ring and sees Annie ready to fight. Ty introduces the next fight as "Beauties and the Beasts", Mike and Annie are to fight Monster and a female fighter.

Billy finds video on the Internet that a fan archived showing the fight between Burber and Monster, only the tape ends as Monster is about to strangle Burber. Sarah connects with Mike through his earwig and informs him that Monster may be the killer. KITT taps into the video feed and gives Mike a heads up by anticipating Monster's next move. Monster throws Annie to the floor and Mike taps out of the match. He picks up Annie and runs out of hte bar. Once he gets to KITT, he scans Annie and reports that she has a collapsed lung. Mike turns around and runs into Ty and the bouncer, Monster and the female opponent from the fight. They have the tape and pull a gun on Mike. Mike tells KITT that he needs to get Annie to the hospital. As KITT drives off, Mike begins fighting with Ty and is able to get the tape away. He runs off into the woods, only to find that he lost his earwig during the fight. Ty sends his men into the woods after Mike.

KITT arrives at the local hospital and taps into the system to get help for Annie. As KITT pulls away, the Sheriff was watching from across the street and heads over to Annie.

Mike with no way to contact KITT or the SSC has been avoiding Ty's men all night. At dawn, Mike has set traps for his pursers and has put two of them out of commission. He has taken their guns and cell phone, only to find that he does not have a signal. KITT has determined that Mike would have escaped into the woods and transforms into his 4X4 mode in search of him. Mike has found higher ground and a signal, so he calls SSC. Zoe answers and forwards the call to KITT. Mike tells KITT to find a white cabin and they arrange to meet. Sarah has been looking into Ty's bank records and found a pattern, Ty's bank account increases after each one of the Monster's wins. She determines that he is fixing the fights. Sarah also discovers that Ty' is paying the Sheriff.

At the cabin, Mike hears a car and runs into the Sheriff, who has his gun drawn. Mike tells the Sheriff that Burber was murdered and the Sheriff inquires if Mike has any proof, like a video tape. Mike realizes that the Sheriff is in on it. The Sheriff states that they took Annie from the hospital and they will return her for the tape. At that moment, KITT drives up and captures the Sheriff between himself and his own police cruiser. Mike punches the Sheriff, knocking him out and handcuffs him to the bumper.

Mike has KITT call Ty and arranges a meeting at the bar. Sarah tells Mike that she has notified the state police and FBI and they will be there in about 20 minutes out. Mike gets the bar and runs downstairs, Annie, in her hospital gown is locked in the cage. Ty demands his tape, only Mike has KITT play it on the monitors. As they watch it, once Monster was losing to Burber, Ty reached through the cage and strangled Burber. From the other side, Monster and the woman enter and Mike knocks them out. Ty runs out and is greeted by KITT, who replaying footage of drill sergeant Burber. KITT keeps Ty blocked until the FBI shows up. They arrest the Sheriff, Ty, Constance and the fighters. Later, Annie thanks Mike for helping and bringing peace to their drill sergeant.