Knight Rider

Season 1 Episode 14

Fight Knight

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 04, 2009 on NBC

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  • Illegal fighting organizers get what coming to them.

    Michael Knight's Drill Sergeant, Jack Burber is killed and a drug overdose is blamed, but Mike knows better. Mike and KITT travel to the town where the death occurred to meet up with Annie, another one of SGT Burber's recruits. Mike and KITT soon find evidence that Burber was killed. They follow the evidence to a local bar and KITT uses his technology to determine that there is something major going on in the basement. Mike uses his charm and Army Ranger training to gain access to the basement, where he finds out that illegal no holds barred fighting is taking place. After working his way into the basement, Mike gets the tape that corresponds to the time that Burber died. He gets caught in the back room where it was at an immediately gets thrown into the ring with Monster Molina and a woman with Annie as his partner. While checking the records of the fight organizer, Sarah, Zoe and Billy find that he is funneling money to the Sheriff. Annie gets hurt by Monster and Mike ends the fight. After carrying her to KITT, it is determined that she has a collapsed lung and as he is getting ready to take her to the hospital, the fight organizers show up and they have the tape. Mike tells KITT to take Annie to the hospital. Mike gets away but looses his ear mic and cannot communicate with KITT and spends the night running. He gets a cell phone after sneaking up on two of the bad guys and takes them out, also finding the tape. He finally finds service for the cell phone and contacts KITT. They decide to meet at a white cottage that Mike can see. The sheriff shows up before KITT and Mike learns of the Sheriff's involvement. KITT finally arrives and Mike gets away with his help. Mike goes back to the bar with tape and takes out the whole team of fight organizers. He shows the main organizer from the tape that he had killed Burber. In the end the FBI is arresting them all.
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