Knight Rider

Season 1 Episode 15

Fly By Knight

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 11, 2009 on NBC

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  • Finally the show goes back to its roots and delivers. It's only a pity it's gonna be cancelled now...

    It might have taken some fifteen episodes and two reboots to get into its stride, but Knight Rider has finally found its niche. Continuing the theme of the last few weeks, this episode was the best yet; it was funny, clever and witty, with some exceptional lines between Mike and KITT.

    The show has reverted back to the one man and his car format of the original TV show and it's so much better for it. Gone are the terrorists of the week in place of simple people needing help.

    This week sees Mike trying to rescue a child prodigy from a Columbian drug dealer.

    A good episode with some geniuinely exciting and funny moments. If this show keeps going like this, its cancellation will be a travesty.
  • great program look forward to every week

    just finished watching this episode and had to review it thought this one was really great really enjoyed it and plot was great acting was really good and kitt and micheal relationship just made me laugh justin is a great actor and perfect for this part please nbc keep theses coming every week this is going to be such a great program for the last 3 weeks this has got better and better carry on writers doing great job a long with the knight rider team this going to be a long series along with original ots great to see this series really take off cant wait for series 2, 3 specialy love the ending kitt so funny
  • Fly By Knight: Review

    This was yet another outstanding episode. I believe it's safe to say that this show is getting better and better now. It's all about the missions. (I love it). I love the relationship Kitt and Mike have now. WOW…Kitt having a little personality of his own.. this is awesome. The humor that Kitt and Mike had in this episode was nice.. very personal.. very partner like. This was yet another outstanding episode. Keep up the wonderful job NBC. I hope and pray that we get an opportunity to have a 2nd Season of KR. Since I can remember I always enjoy this show as a child. I have been watching KR since I was 5-6 years old.
  • Outstanding episode! I don't know if it's save to say that this show keeps getting better and better, but it sure as hell keeps up to the standard which it has set with "Exit Light, Enter Knight".

    Outstanding episode! I don't know if it's save to say that this show keeps getting better and better, but it sure as hell keeps up to the standard which it has set with "Exit Light, Enter Knight".
    The teamwork and the relationship of Mike and KITT have been portraied really well again, especially KITTs sense of humor provides a lot of comic relief:

    Sarah: KITT wake you up again?
    Mike: Yeah, and while we're on the subject, I think we need to have a little chat about boundaries.
    KITT: We are approaching the latitude and longitude of the plane's last known GPS location.
    Mike: Don't try and change the subject.
    (KITT skids to a stop, Mike hits his head on the dashboard)
    Mike: Ah! Ow.
    KITT: That would be changing the subject, Michael.

    Awesome! ;-) But the best quote of this episode came from Billy:

    Billy: Mike, did I just hear KITT smacking your around?
    Michael: KITT and I are communicating. That's what partners do.
    Billy: No, it just sounded like KITT was making you his b**ch.

    Muahahahaha! :-D Again: With the first half of this season actually beeing mostly characterized by poor acting and ridiculous plots I had lost hope at some point. BUT the last three episodes not only saved the show from being a pubertal and mostly sexist embarassment, they really pointed out the writers success in making up for their previuos mistakes.

    This show has definitely become the Knight Rider Reboot I had actually never dared to hope for! Mike and KITT have become a great team, the all-over acting has improved noticeably and the plots have gotten WAY more believable and down-to-earth.

    PLEASE, NBC: Keep up the great work and give us a 2nd season of Knight Rider!!!
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