Knight Rider

Season 1 Episode 7

I Wanna Rock & Roll All Knight

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2008 on NBC

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  • I remember knight rider. yeah it was brilliant. this new show is not knight rider.

    I posted a good review to this on accident. The truth is it was not good, KITT is becoming background props with a bad GPS voice the more shows I watch. Im convinced the producers never paid any attention to the original Knight Rider. This KITT is NO HEROE, NO FRIEND, NO PAL he's just a car with some james bond features. The acting is beyond funny. Save Knight Rider, make professional quality scripts PLEASE. Why isn't KITT partnering micheal, showing off while someone is trying to rob him, why has he not got a personality. Whats going on guys?
  • Why do they even carry firearms?

    So Sarah has the drop on 2 suspects that were planning on bombing a factory. What does she do? She allows the female suspect to cock the shotgun, spin around 180 degrees, and point the weapon back at her. If Sarah was a real trained agent, she would have fired as soon as the suspect made a threatening move. She then allows her to shoot our fearless hero and never gets off a shot. I know she was informed that the girl was a congressman's daughter, but she could have shot at her legs, or at least shot in the air, something.

    Later, they once again have the drop on the two suspects, this time apparently unarmed. What do they do? Why nothing of course when the male pulls a knife and threatens the congressman's daughter. Why do they even send these guys to stop terrorists if they are too scared to do anything? And why do they keep bringing everyone back to their "secret" location? More people know about this warehouse than Area 51. It is crappy, unrealistic writing like this that makes this show hilarious to watch.
  • where to begin...

    So we see yet another disappointing episode of Knight Rider. This show (and everyone in it) is becoming more and more unrealistic as new episodes are released. First, we see another instalment of the unbelievable glove compartment of KITT. This thing can now transport physical objects from the SSC to the car. How? Wirelessly? I have no clue. Then, we see KITT taking a full explosion underbelly from a C-4, and instantaneously recovering. Isn’t this the same KITT that was severely injured from an underbelly mine explosion a couple of episodes back? Okay, next we see that Sarah is not only a brilliant scientist, but also a professional surgeon. Wait, what? That’s right, she completely healed Michael’s arm after he was shot. Then comes the all important car crash in which everyone is injured, except Nikki and did that work out so well? Finally, we are left with the idea that if someone is pointing a gun at you, it doesn’t mean they’re gonna shoot you. In fact, they’re not even trying to shoot you. They’re just holding it for the drama, as we see in 2 instances in this episode. So clearly, this episode was ridiculously and cleverly planned, minus the clever part.