Knight Rider

Season 1 Episode 2

Journey to the End of the Knight

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2008 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Mike infiltrates a drag racing gang in order to stop a smuggling ring. He finds a former Army buddy to help him navigate the racing world.

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  • And i am terrified

    Episdoe 1 was bad but episode 2 is even whurs, The scrips totally suck and the actor isent doing so well.

    And i am terrified to see kitt like this. Kitt is NO MORE a car its a stupid robot. I hate to see Knight Rider get Tered apart like this. Thay shuld cancel the show right know before it do more damg, and stop trying to replace the old Knight Rider... This show look good but it totally suck, its a show loaded whit Computer graphics way over the normal limit wich make the show realy bad.

    I am not going to watch the future episodes because i dont wanne lose all the good memories from the old kitt, If its possible:P.

    and for dose who havent seen the old knight rider, shuld realy take a look. Its just so mutch beter than this crap show.moreless
  • Personally, as a fan of the original series, i am still watching Original series as i upload it to my NANO 8GB MP4 Player, i have many episodes in it, I feel this new series is not as good as the Original.moreless

    Personally, as a fan of the original series, i am still watching Original series as i upload it to my NANO 8GB MP4 Player, i have many episodes in it, I feel this new series is not as good as the Original.

    Episdoe 1 was not impressive, not even the 2nd, Writing is awful and the acting is pretty wooden, expression less. But role like Mike Knight, Sarah Graiman, Charles Graiman, Carrie Rivai(Fbi girl isn't bad in my personal liking.

    I wanna mention 1 thing here! New K.i.t.t transformational abilities and regenerative technologies 80% made with computer, looks like funny, how can you accept a car can change its colour or whole structure in flash, its not realistic,completely ruining the image of the Real KnightRider. This episode is just Fast and the Furious & Transformers rehashed; no originality at all. Characters are difficult to relate to one another, the original series had the car, Michael and 3-4 support staff, this series has the car, the driver, and 6-7 support staff. Too many characters to develop in the time they've had so far. Another problem comes from having the entire team monitoring everything that goes on in the car while they're on a mission, something that was never done in the original series.. this also make the audience more confusing. Kitt act like a ROBOT" and it has a Terrible Voice.

    Mike don't have any futuristic watch to talk to K.i.t.t, but only have bluetooth device not cover enough distance, thats hillarious, isn't it. Home of this new k.i.t.t is small cargo plane or something but not Semi, Anyone should go to the new team and ask " how could you enter a city or town with that plane to help Mike or Sara or k.i.t.t, :-D If the New KR don't wanna change their silly mistakes then they should cancel the show right now It's really easy to tell the audience they are targeting, with the women in bikinis all over the place. They should realize that this show not only watching young but it has a huge little audience, they should concentrate on dialogues, quality script, fine story line, not on adult scenes.. In spite of these all facts, I am still interested in watching the future episodes because this reminds me all the good & cool memories from the Real kitt, Real series..moreless
  • Why didn't the villain at least try to save himself?

    After the pilot movie and pilot episode, one would hope the second episode of "Knight Rider" would really ramp up interest in the show. This just didn't do it for me though. The lasting image I will always remember from this "Knight Rider" series is this episode's villain happily driving over a cliff to his death. No panic, no braking. Just the hint of a smile.

    I'd hoped to see a more independent Michael in this second episode, capable of acting on his own, deciphering criminal plots and using KITT to enforce his will. However, we still see that the team at home base serve as Michael's puppet master.moreless
  • its a good show man what do you want me to say i like it ok

    if you gotta come all the way up in here just to trash my show then you have no life man k?? i like it its fun. leave me alone.. and stop all your hating and stuff really just be nice or go cause kitt is my friend you got that ya silly dont be talking trash, just leave me and my pals alone i like this show but i will say this i wish that some one would bring david hasselhoff and the old kitt back on and have these two team up and then make a show about their ongoing relationship. man this show is good . i gotta go and take my medicine.moreless
  • From worse than bad to complete tripe.

    Well no different from the first episode. Eye Candy, we get to see KITT's "Attack Mode" (Which is basically Pursuit Mode with a pointless "Transform" sequence that serves NO purpose, other than show off that the car can transform), Eye Candy & a chase sequence (which has graphics that were outdated in the 60's) & has the race ending with KITT blowing a tyre!!! Blowing a TIRE!!!! & this is all before the credits, things don't get any better from there.

    This show has so far shown NO reason why the writers got there better deal.

    If you liked the original:DO NOT WATCH THIS!moreless
Johnny Messner

Johnny Messner

Sean Owens

Guest Star

Sung Kang

Sung Kang

Ian Chang

Guest Star

Karl Yune

Karl Yune

Johnny Chang

Guest Star

Smith Cho

Smith Cho

Zoe Chae

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: The first time that Mike is in the bar and speaks to Ian Chang's girlfriend Celine Lea. When Ian enters he tightly grabs Celine by her right arm. The second time Mike is in the bar Celine shows her bruise mark to Mike. However it is on her left arm instead of her right.

    • When KITT is running a background check on Celine Lea, the display has the word "HEIGHT" misspelled as "HIEGHT."

    • Nitpick: Sarah throws the key that KITT duplicated to one of the Chang brothers. However, a jingling sound can be heard, though KITT only made a single key.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Mike: When will KITT be ready to roll?
      Sarah: Couple hours. I'll take him out personally. I want to keep an eye on him.
      Billy: Sure it's not Mike you want to keep an eye on?
      Sarah: Mike is expendable. The car isn't.

    • Sarah: KITT is never supposed to transform midair. Were you asleep during the training sessions or are you just a moron?
      Mike: I thought never meant not very often.
      Sarah: So, you are a moron.

    • Mike: (Referring to KITT) What do you want him to do go to a meditation class and get in touch with his inner Prius?

    • (talking about western-movies)
      Mike: Every cowboy needs a sidekick.
      KITT: I would not sell yourself short, Michael. You are much more than a horse.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Sarah Graiman refers to a "Bucket list" of things to do before she dies. This is an Allusion to the Morgan Freeman/Jack Nicholson movie The Bucket List where the two actors are dying and make a list of things to do.