Knight Rider

Season 1 Episode 16

Knight and the City

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 18, 2009 on NBC

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  • Mike helps out an old friend with trouble at her bar. This episode kinda reminded me of something down the line of "Road House" Lite.

    I thought this episode was definitely heading in the right direction of "One Man can make a difference". The plot got a bit more interesting near the end, especially with the discovery of why it seemed that there was something fishy going on with all the troubles the bar was having.

    I for one was a true fan of the original show...I was a 6th Grader when the Hoff made his mark in the original series....and I never missed one episode. I noticed early on that there were way too many characters early on. A little side-note here...I remember for the first episode when the character of Carrie Rivai is going to work in the morning, saying goodbye to her lesbian one-night stand...please, somebody, tell me how that was pertinent to any part of the plot line. Did I have to know that she was a lesbian? I am not being a bigot, but please, to the writers: What the hell did Poitier's character being gay have anything to do with this show??? That right there told me that this series was going to struggle a bit if there was a need to reveal that some secondary character is gay That point had NOTHING to do with the show's premise. Some of the writers ought to buy the DVDs of the original series, and try to learn something of writing a story that has a point, that flows well, and that resolves itself in a credible manner. Unfortunately, in the era of techno-whiz-bang special effects, and a generation of viewers who are used to movies like Transformers, it's the special effects guys that seem to be taking on the burden of making this show succeed. Don't get me wrong, I like Turbo-Boost as much as the next fan....but the Turbo-Boost stunts of the original series actually seemed a lot more realistic and exciting than the interesting, albeit unrealistic sideways turbo-flip.

    I wonder if this show will succeed, but because the focus has not been on writing a good show until later in the season, the demise of this new Knight Rider might go along the lines of "A day late, and a dollar short". If NBC is gracious enough to grant this one a renewal, then maybe it can succeed in a second season and beyond.
  • Knight Rider slowly develops its sense of direction and stride. From a show that was just plain cheesy, the original idea of "one man can make a difference" is slowly, but maturely coming to bear.

    I have been following the new series of Knight Rider for some time now. From an interesting pilot, that had a number of weaknesses but also all the right nods to the original series, to the weak - a struggle to watch first season half. After the demise of most of the useless characters, Knight Rider is now concentrating on a cast, that is both managable and certainly in terms of character traits expandable. No longer is the "hero with a missing past" an issue in the series, which I have always felt was not necessary. This episode in particular was great to watch. A small bar is in need of help. A nice plot, that does not turn to be obvious or too complicated, just plain easy to watch, exciting to follow and a wonderful ending that actually made sense. Of the plot points mentioned, I like the idea that there was evidence there to suggest one thing but ultimately discounted because of a natrual phenomenon. This episode, like the previous ones, seems to concentrate on the characters and on the notion of the original show, that, as stated before is a man and his car that can make a difference. No longer are we looking at governments with sub-plots, or evil people that want to rule the world. It has been done too many times, and there are certainly too many shows that just concentrate on that notion. The normal person in need, that is what made the original show great, and it is fantastic to see that this new show is following that trait. Although there are still aspects in the episode that I feel still need to be changed, namely some of the cheesyness of dialog, that feels very "we still have a few minutes to fill in the episode" or "filler text" which could be removed in terms of making the plots a little thicker, Knight Rider is finally heading towards its own direction. After watching this episode, it is suffice to say that there is a way to go to make it really great, but I am, for the time being, happy with the show heading towards great. I hope that, it gets the opportunity for a second season, the explore the characters, and build up a seasonal arc plot, that can be finished at the end of the season, that is something that is really missing in the show. Cudos to the writers, and certainly their sense of humour, even though the effect was a little over the top, Kitt, you do really scream like a girl ;)
  • And here comes another great episode of my new favorite weekly show! Unlike current Heroes or Prison Break this show keeps me wanting more and more.

    And here comes another great episode of my new favorite weekly show! Unlike current Heroes or Prison Break this show keeps me wanting more and more.
    In this episode Mike and KITT have to find out who killed and old friend of Mike and who wants to get his daughter Julie out of her father's bar. Again we can witness the writers' great work in creating the good ol' Knight Rider atmosphere: One man and his car fight against injustice in order to help ordinary people. And like the Hoff our new Michael gets the girl - really glad that they ended this forth-and-back-game with Sarah Greyman.
    FAVOURITE SCENE: The traversed Turbo Boost! Woohooo! AWESOME!

    Really - ask yourself: I still watch Heroes, but it's Knight Rider which has become the weekly show which anticipate mostly.

    PLEASE, PLEASE: Renew this show for a 2nd Season!!!!!!!!
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