Knight Rider

Season 1 Episode 5

Knight of the Hunter

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2008 on NBC

Episode Recap

Mike is watching football on KITT's windshield as they are heading to their next assignment. KITT wants Mike to review the cover ID and Mike is irritated that KITT does not believe him when he says that he knows it. Mike tells KITT that they don't have to do everything that they're told. Sarah calls and needs to install a new program into KITT, Mike inquires about her plans for her birthday. When she tells Mike that it is no big deal, he promises to take her out for a drink.

When Billy shows up at work, it is obvious that he has been in a fight. Zoe asks him what happened and he tells her that it was an accident that happened while he was playing basketball. She doesn't believe him and he finally admits that he got into a fight. He tells her that it was with another gamer over a game of "Warcraft". Zoe offers to give Billy lessons after work, because he needs to know how to defend himself.

Mike's mission is to infiltrate right winged militia group, run by Walt Cooperton. His cover as Jack Miller, a Special Forces operative, who has been AWOL for the past several months. Torres explains that about six months ago, the Department of Defense terminated the contract they had with this group and the DOD refuses to give the reason why. Then two weeks ago, Cooperton bought a triggering device for a missile that can carry a major payload. Mike is informed that he needs to make contact with this group and he cannot use his earpiece, as the groups surveillance could pick up their signal. KITT takes on his F-150 transformation and they go to a general store in their area of the compound. KITT scans the customers in the store and identifies, Lieutenant Oren Moss as a possible member of the compound. Moss has several men with him and they are all armed. Mike grabs Moss' bag of chips and they begin arguing. He makes his intentions known and is blown off by Moss. Moss and his men climb into their Hummer and Mike gets into KITT stating, "Well, KITT let's go get us some hummer." Mike chases the hummer through the back roads and fins himself trapped between the hummer and 2 off road vehicles. Mike tells KITT to shut down all communications and get out of the car.

Mike wakes up to find himself tied to a chair in a tent. He is being asked questions by an unknown female operative. She is being assisted by two thugs and tighter they are beating Michael for answers. When this tactic doesn't work, they bring in a waterpower hose and shoot him in the face. Mike keeps resisting their questions and Cooperton himself enters the tent.

Cooperton takes Mike to his own tent and states that his organization is dedicated to taking down the government. Mike pretends that he feels the same way and is only looking to join the movement. Cooperton pulls up Jack's (Mike's alias) military records and seems pleased and invites him to stay.

Once Mike gets a moment by himself, while in the outhouse, he cuts an earwig out of a fake bump on his leg. He makes contact with KITT and the being to plan their next move. Cassandra is waiting for Mike and asks him, "Why are you talking to yourself? Mike attempts to distract her by joking that she is hearing those voices again. Cassandra begins a fight with Mike, but he proves to be much for her to handle. She watches as he walks away, convinced he is hiding something. Back at headquarters, Zoe teaches Billy how to defend himself.

Mike sneaks into Cooperton's office and uses a flash drive to download the files on Cooperton's laptop. As he is waiting, he notices that Cooperton has a luxurious watch, Armani suits and fine French wine. Mike is a little confused as this is not the stuff that a right-wing extremist usually has on hand. Mike orders KITT to do a deep background search on Cooperton and everyone in his organization.

KITT locates traces of explosives on one side of the compound. When Mike arrive he finds nothing and KITT notes that what ever was there, must have a huge payload to leave this kind of trail. Cassandra shows up and points her gun at Mike. Only he was ready for her and has his own gun pointed at her too. Cassandra tells Mike that she knows he is not who he is pretending to be and reveals that she's really British MI6 agent. She tells him that she has been undercover with this group for over a year. They talk about Mike's discovery and they realize that Cooperton must be planning to knock something down.

KITT alerts Mike that there are several armed men approaching and Mike taking Cassandra with him, meets up with KITT behind the tent. They are chased by the men onto a road that is litters with land mines. KITT informs Mike that he would have better maneuverability if he transformed. Mike told him to go ahead and as he begins the process, they hit a mine. KITT is thrown into the air and explains that he was damaged, as he is more vulnerable during transformations. KITT explains that he will do what he can to make repairs, but that Mike and Cassandra need to make a run for it. Mike does not want to leave KITT behind, but KITT convinces him to go.

Mike is running south, being helped by Sarah and KITT. They find themselves on the edge of a large cliff, with a river below. Sarah and KITT try to convince Mike that his only hope is to jump, but Mike is reluctant. Once the other men begin to catch up and fire at them, Mike decides he has no choice and they jump into the river. Cassandra hurts her ankle and Mike' damages his earwig. Cassandra tells Mike to leave her behind, but he refuses. They find shelter and then take off their clothes, as they are both at risk for hypothermia.

Sarah is in the control center of the headquarters and is concerned about Mike. She orders KITT to divert power from fixing himself to check on Mike. KITT pulls up a thermal image of Mike and Cassandra just as they begin to kiss. Sarah is upset and leaves the control center.

The next morning, KITT picks up Mike and Cassandra at the evacuation point and informs them that the camp is empty. Torres states that Cooperton and his men have taken the bomb and they have not figured out what his target is. Although KITT has fixed many of his systems, he is not completely okay and Mike decides to drive. KITT is works on the background searches on Cooperton and his men and discovers that Cooperton and Moss are European mercenaries. He finds that they have been implicated in a major bank robbery in Dubai and that is why their affiliation with the Department of Defense was ended.

As KITT is tracking the convoy, he reports that the truck containing the bomb has split off. Mike instructs KITT to follow the bomb as they pass a sign for the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial Dam. Mike realizes that this is the target and alerts Torres who calls the Phoenix police. KITT catches up to the truck and Mike climbs out the window onto to jump onto the truck. KITT tells Mike that no one is driving the truck. Mike contacts Billy and Sarah at Headquarters and asks which wire to cut, the blue, yellow or white. They decide on the white wire, which is right and stops the timer at 1 second. KITT stops the truck as the Police arrive.

Sarah discovers that a massive gold shipment totaling about 250 million is scheduled to arrive at the Federal Reserve in Phoenix. Everyone realizes that the bomb was a diversion so Cooperton and Moss could pull off the biggest gold heist in U.S. history. Mike and KITT race for the Federal Reserve as Cooperton and Moss finish cleaning out the gold.

They arrive at the Reserve building just as Cooperton is taking off with the gold. KITT blocks their way out and Cooperton tells them to stand down, using a show of force with his men and their weapons. Mike orders KITT to transform into Attack Mode. Cooperton is surprise and then Mike has KITT fire on one of their empty vehicles. The Hummer explodes and Cooperton and his men surrender. The police arrive and arrest Cooperton and his men.

Mike and Cassandra kiss goodbye, which is viewed by Sarah and the rest of the team via KITT. Back at headquarters, Billy has improved his fighting skills and Zoe asks him out, so he can buy her a drink. Then as she leaves she adds, someday.

Sarah in hanging out in her room, deciding to spend her birthday alone when KITT calls her. KITT tells her that there is something she needs to see and brings up video of Mike and Cassandra from their night. He pulls away and tells Cassandra that he can't go on because there is someone else. KITT wishes her a Happy Birthday and a few seconds later, Mike calls telling her he needs her in the operation room. Sarah hurries out of her room, only to find Mike dressed in a tuxedo, with a bottle of French wine. He asks her to go for a ride with him and Sarah notes that KITT is not for personal use. KITT responds with, "Sarah, we don't always have to everything we are told." Mike and Sarah leave in KITT for a romantic evening.