Knight Rider

Season 1 Episode 3

Knight of the Iguana

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 2008 on NBC

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  • Completely unrealistic episode

    This episode was just plain dumb. I found that the storyline can be barely considered a storyline. I don’t know what the writers are doing, but their perceptions need some tweaking about where this show is headed. Plus, it doesn’t help that the CGI is outdated, such as KITT’s turbo boost. I am finding this show to be more unrealistic every episode. Like this can a rocket take out a Chernobyl-sized power plant but not take out someone standing 10 feet from impact site? This would’ve been more realistic if the entire cast was bionic or something. I am definitely losing interest in this show quickly.
  • Personally, i am a big fan of the original series, i am still watching Original series as i upload it to my NANO 8GB MP4 Player, i have many episodes in it, I feel this new series is not as good as the Original.

    Personally, i am a big fan of the original series, i am still watching Original series as i upload it to my NANO 8GB MP4 Player, i have many episodes in it, I feel this new series is not as good as the Original.
    Episdoe 1 was not impressive, not even the 2nd, Writing is awful and the acting is pretty wooden, expression less. But role like Mike Knight, Sarah Graiman, Charles Graiman, Carrie Rivai(Fbi girl) isn't bad in my personal liking.

    I wanna mention 1 thing here! New K.i.t.t transformational abilities and regenerative technologies--> 80% made with computer, looks like funny, how can you accept a car can change its colour or whole structure in flash, its not realistic,completely ruining the image of the Real KnightRider. This episode is just Fast and the Furious & Transformers rehashed; no originality at all. Characters are difficult to relate to one another, the original series had the car, Michael and 3-4 support staff, this series has the car, the driver, and 6-7 support staff. Too many characters to develop in the time they've had so far. Another problem comes from having the entire team monitoring everything that goes on in the car while they're on a mission, something that was never done in the original series.. this also make the audience more confusing. Kitt act like a ROBOT" and it has a Terrible Voice. Now >Mike don't have any futuristic watch to talk to K.i.t.t, but only have bluetooth device not cover enough distance, thats hillarious, isn't it. Mobile home of this new k.i.t.t is the small cargo plane or something but not Semi, Anyone should go to the new team and ask " how could you enter a city or town with that plane to help Mike or Sara or k.i.t.t, :-D If the New KR don't wanna change their silly mistakes then they should cancel the show right now. It's really easy to tell the audience they are targeting, with the women in bikinis all over the place. They should realize that this show not only watching young but it has a huge teen audience too, they should concentrate on dialogues, quality script, fine story line, not on adult scenes..

    In spite of these all facts, I am still interested in watching the future episodes because this reminds me all the good & cool memories from the Real kitt, Micheal Knight.. The Real series.
  • Enough silliness to keep me watching.

    So Michael Knight and his merry band have discovered a terrorist plot to blow up a nuclear plant with missiles and kill potentially millions of people. Apparently all of the military special forces folks and CTU were busy, so they sent in an unarmed Michael Knight, a Mustang, and 2 hot chicks to overcome six terrorists with 4 missiles.

    Michael takes out the guys pretty easily, but the one lone chick terrorist has enough brains to pull a gun on our hero. But alas, he takes it away from her and *gasp*, punches her out (someone call NOW). Finally armed, Michael returns to his softer side when one of the terrorists is pointing a missile at the plant and he tries to talk him down, instead of just blowing his head off. But Michael fails to stop the missile launch, and apparently cannot even fatally wound a stationary target from about 25 feet.

    KITT manages to turn the missile around with an EMP pulse (I didn't think that was the way an EMP pulse was supposed to work, btw), and the missile heads back at the Winnebago. Does our hero run? Nooo, of course not, that would be cowardly. He tries to climb the Winnebago and save the terrorist (the one he just wounded), the same man who already tried to kill him once, and just tried to kill millions of people. At the last second, Michael runs away (run away!, run away!), and the missile impacts with all the force of a couple of cherry bombs.

    Wouldn't it have been easier to drive KITT in at about 100 MPH or more with all missiles and guns blazing and just kill everyone? I mean, the mission at that point was to save millions of lives, right?

    Stay tuned next week for more plot silliness.
  • That's it, I'm done giving this a chance

    So yet again we're "treated" to another episode of eye-candy. Now I realise there were a few "plot" points (Michael beiging recognised by the bad guy, finding out KITT's Rockets wouldn't reach the target in time), but I was so busy cringing that I only just noticed them. Let me point out a couple of reasons this makes me cringe:

    - The original Knight Foundation helped "everyday" people against "bad guys" who thought they were above the law, but surprise surprise, this is now a Milatary Operation for "World-Security", which brings me too...

    - It amazes me (In Comic/Tv/Film) how by saving the "world" it generally means the USA. *cough*Heroes*cough*

    - We all know how the US likes to use it's "Squealy Tire Noise" during there "High Speed" (ie: 30mph) chases, but in this episode the two vehicles involved mange to go so fat that they make there tyres squeal on sand. SAND!!

    I have given this show 3 episodes to improve itself, & draw me in, but alas; Not. So I'm done with this, I'm going to continue with something original.
  • Adrenaline, Pleasure, Espionage

    This was such a fun episode. Espionage coupled with Ex Military men gone rogue is never wrong. It's odd though, because I could have sworn the last episode was about weapon smuggling. Apparently, everybody's doing it. They're all surfing too. Zoe apparently is an adrenaline junkie and loves to surf, so she pairs up with Mike so that they can go get the bad guys. Again, a relatively predictable plot, but again ... that's what guilty pleasures are all about. I mean, ya got a favorite Ben and Jerry's doncha? Yup ... I thought so. The episode was fun and frolicked a lot on the beach and whatnot ... You can't really go wrong with beach scenes. In anycase, they get the bad guy with some awesome help from KITT. So there ya have it ... another predictable but excellent episode. YAY!
  • funny

    This episode was more funny than character development kind of episode.
    They put the asian girl on a mission with Mike. And we got to see Mike's long time love and almost girlfriend jealous of not being along with him on the mission.

    Yeah, the wave part was weird. Guy wanted to kill him after bothering with "helping" him earlier.. made no sense to me. Especially with the girl standing right there, watching them.. lol

    And he apparently knew Mike from Afeghanistan, but we did not see Mike getting all suspicious and trying to get more clues about his past.
    We'll probably see Mike getting clues over the episodes but unless if something really dramatic happens, he'll just look clueless, get negative answer from his boss and move on..

    Well, I hope to see more of Mike's past and some fun stories like this one.. !! :D
  • ha! what did I tell ya! they brought the asian girl who speaks a ton of languages outside the cave. Wearing a bikini even! and oh yeah, great episode.

    this was a fun episode. it showed it right from the beginning when mike and billy was playing with soaker guns. I didn't really agree with the mercenary trying to kill mike with the wave, it's too.. unsure. meaning that there's a huge chance he would survive. especially when Zoe was right there watching them, if Mike drowned, Zoe could have just swam to his rescue. but like I said, this was more of a fun episode than really tying it to a loop, however, they did mix in a piece of michael's past. which was kinda cool coz now, Mike is getting to be more and more mysterious. great episode.

    and Zoe... wow.. need I say more?