Knight Rider

Season 1 Episode 0

Knight Rider

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2008 on NBC
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Knight Rider
Stanford University PhD candidate Sarah Graiman is set to follow in her genius father Charles' footsteps. Sarah's life takes a dramatic turn when a group of men try to abduct her. She receives a mysterious phone call from KITT, a car of her father's creation, letting her know that Charles is in danger.

Sarah and KITT set off to recruit her childhood friend Mike Traceur into helping them figure out who has her father and who is trying to steal KITT. Mike, having just returned from serving in Iraq, is jaded and at first reluctant to help.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Goof: Although KITT is heard to say "Occupant restraint system active" as he starts to move, interior shots never show anyone wearing seatbelts.

    • When the terrorists are searching Dr. Graiman's lab, they find a steering wheel, which belonged to the original KITT.

    • Trivia: The casino where Sarah finds Mike, the Montecito, is the setting for NBC's Las Vegas (2003–2008).

    • Trivia: On-screen visuals reveal that Mike weighs 185 lbs, is 6' 3" and was born 10 June 1983.

    • Trivia: Mike comments, "Why do you gotta hate on Nebraska?". Justin Bruening is from Nebraska.

    • Nitpick: After KITT picks Sarah up to escape, there are several exterior close-ups of the driver's side, the window is down. Yet wide shots show it up.

    • Nitpick: KITT switches his number plates to Idaho, which uses an alphanumeric code at the front of the plate to signify what county the car is registered to. When there is more than one county that starts with the same letter, a number goes with it. There are no counties at all in Idaho that begin with "U".

  • QUOTES (15)

    • (Mike is alone inside KITT)
      Mike: This is weird.
      KITT: What is weird?
      Mike: I don't know. Kinda like having a creepy guy in the back seat.
      KITT: You think I am a... creepy guy?
      Mike: Forget it.

    • KITT: One of my primary directives is the preservation of human life.
      Sarah: But your primary directive is the preservation of our lives, right?
      KITT: That is the ideal outcome.

    • KITT: Excuse me?
      Sarah: You dropped a chip.
      Mike: Oh, come on, really?
      KITT: You would not be pleased if I dropped food on you.
      Sarah: Do unto others.
      KITT: From the book of Matthew, Chapter 7, Verse 12.
      Mike: Oh, this is intolerable.

    • KITT: By using GPS, radar and real-time satellite imagery, I have all the data necessary to safely navigate these roads.
      Sarah: Great, did my dad get a chance to, um, test this?
      KITT: Not extensively, no.

    • KITT: Sarah, your fear is irrational and misplaced.
      Sarah: Welcome to the world of being human.

    • Sarah: Mike, don't antagonize the car. KITT, just ignore him, you're doing great.
      KITT: Yes, I know.

    • Charles: I'm resurrecting the Foundation, Michael. We will be working in cooperation with the FBI.
      Mike: Why are you telling me?
      Carrie: We want you to drive it.
      Mike: This is insane.
      Charles: No, the world is insane. This is the definition of sanity... the chance to make a difference.

    • KITT: That seemed quite irrational.
      Mike: You clearly don't know much about women, do you?
      KITT: On the contrary, my database is quite extensive...
      Mike: KITT, shut up!

    • (KITT is being chased up a mountain road)
      Sarah: They're still back there!
      KITT: That is affirmative.
      Sarah: Um, are you going to slow down?
      KITT: Negative.
      Sarah: Oh, God! What are you doing?!
      KITT: Eluding our tail.
      Sarah: What!? Are you crazy?
      KITT: I do not believe so.

    • Sarah: Did my dad give you a name?
      KITT: I am the Knight Industries Three Thousand. You may call me KITT.
      Sarah: Okay, KITT, so where are you taking me?
      KITT: I am going to the mountain roads, as they will provide the best environment to elude the car following us.
      Sarah: The what...? (looks back to see the car following them)

    • Mike: Well, together again.
      KITT: I am incapable of happiness, but I will say it seems logical that you are here.
      Mike: Yeah, I know what you mean. Mind if I drive?
      KITT: Is this going to become a habit?
      Mike: Definitely.

    • KITT: Hello, Mike. You may call me KITT.
      Mike: Okay! It's talking and it knows my name! Do you mind telling me how this thing is driving by itself?
      Sarah: It's not a thing, it's a car, and you may call it KITT.

    • KITT: I require fuel.
      Mike: You run on gas. Not hydrogen or plutonium or somethin' really cool I've never heard of?
      Sarah: Yeah. And what if you're in Nebraska and your hydrogen fuel system breaks down? Complicated isn't always better.
      Mike: Why you gotta hate on Nebraska?
      KITT: My system is largely solar powered and recycles 91% of its expended energy, allowing a ratio of 167 miles travelled for every gallon of fuel burned.
      Mike: So the super car runs on gas.

    • Mike: KITT, you try somethin' like that again, I'll put sugar in your gas tank.
      KITT: Don't even think about it, Mike.

    • KITT: Why did you leave Sarah Graiman?
      Mike: Oh, we are not talking about this.
      KITT: Sarah said you were immature and selfish, and that is why you left her.
      Mike: She said that?
      KITT: Do you have another girlfriend? Are you a homosexual?
      Mike: Oh, come on. Did you really just ask me that?
      KITT: Is it not natural that you should have a companion or some sort?
      Mike: Monogamy is not natural.
      KITT: Why do you say that?
      Mike: Because relationships don't last.
      KITT: It is true in the last 20 years 53% of the marriages in the United States ended in divorce.
      Mike: Right. You happy?
      KITT: I cannot be happy.
      Mike: Yeah, me neither.

  • NOTES (4)