Knight Rider

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Knight Rider

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2008 on NBC

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  • Knight Rider 3000 (Three Thousand) aka KITT

    After an awful Movie made in 1991 called Knight Rider 2000 (Two Thousand) aka KITT, I would say this one is far more better and the plot could have done better to bring in Mike as The Son of Micheal Knight. which was introduced towards the End.

    David did a fine Cameo, with a maybe to see him around statment. I would say PLEASE bring him to his family and he could do a good role not in the lead but a supporting. Would be good to see Mike getting to know more on how his dad was fighting 20 years ago and make use of some of the best moments from the old knight rider in a new era and way.

    superb Technologies applied to KITT bullet proofing. Cheers
  • I don't know why but I like it!

    I was hesitent to say the least about this show but Bionic Woman was soooo good I decided to give it a go and I happened to love it HAHA.It's kinda cheesy and the actings not perfect with Reanee Russo but hey she can get better! The movie is a real good start to the future series. The story gets set up and you get a sence of what the characters are about (Most aren't too complicated). I have never seen the original well bits and thought it was too cheesy. I would have preferred Will Arnett to Val Kilmer as I'm sure he would've been funnier but KITT is still cool.I'm sure old fans where happy to see the return of The Hoff I have never seen Knight Rider so I didn't get too excited when he popped up but I've seen Baywatch a few times so I know of him.The show all in all is starting off well not a lot of action and production ccosts are not major but it is a TV movie so I didn't expect anything amazing but I liked it and I know the show will get better I can't wait for the next installment.
  • This is the worst pilot I have ever seen.

    I have watched some bad TV before but this is the worst pilot I have ever seen. I couldn't even make it through the first 10 min.

    Many people had problems with the obscene product placement or the new look of "KITT," but something bothered me even more..... The acting........

    Seriously the acting was complete garbage, even the god awful acting in the short-lived fox show Drive was better than this and that's just plain sad. I actually watched more of the terrible Aquaman pilot, (20min) than this trash.

    Being a child of the 80s I grew up on Knight Rider, A - Team, Air Wolf, and many other 1 hour action dramas. This pilot was a complete disgrace to the original Knight Rider and all of these great shows that started it all.

    In short, this pilot did nothing to rekindle the old feelings I had for the original. Superb shows like Jericho get cancelled and this pilot gets picked up and the worst part about it is that people on this website apparently liked it. I was dumbfounded when I saw that the network actually picked this show up, but when I saw that people on this website gave the pilot a 9.1 I wanted to throw up.

    I don't understand and I don't think I'll ever understand the buzz for this steaming pile of crap and others like it. I'm guessing the same people that liked this pilot are the same kind of people that continue to shell out money for low-budget unfunny spoof movies such as Meet the Spartans and Disaster Movie.

    I'm just hoping this show gets canned and quick so I don't ever have to hear the Val Kilmer KITT voice ever again.
  • New and linked

    A few minutes into this, and I was thinking "What have they done? Why have they remade this and made everything so different? What's the deal with the new car type, new voice and all the other changes?"
    But still I sat and watched, as I saw all the new things KITT could do.

    It wasn't until further into the episode all the new features where explained (although I'll try to avoid mentioning them so as not to spoil the story).

    The characters where great, and the visual effects where awesome.

    All in all, a great addition to what was a great show from my childhood.
  • too far off from the original

    They have completely taken one of the great classic shows and have made some unwanted changes. First, why id they go with Val Kilmer for the voice of KITT, there are many actors and voice actors that have voices closer to the tone of the original KITT voice. This brings me to the question about changing the type of car KITT is. Why the Shelby, it seems that everyone over ususes the Shelby in shows, why not a Corvette Concept? it is closer to the original Car.

    Also, KITT's personality has changed radically from the original series. Now he is able to quotes Bible versus? How is that inline with his primary Directive? I would of preferred to see something closer to the original series.
  • Although not without its problems, a promising start to a new series.

    I've been reading a lot of negativity about this new Knight Rider undertaking, but after watching it, I thought it was pretty good, and the key is that the cast members have potential chemistry. Let's compare it to the past couple of Knight Rider projects - Knight Rider 2000 and Team Knight Rider. KR2000 was a very "downer" movie, with the death of Devon, Michael Knight in seclusion and KITT having been dismantled. It didn't have any of the fun energy that Knight Rider needs. Then Team Knight Rider came along, with WAY too many characters and vehicles, none of which had any charisma, and again, lacked the fun.

    Now we've got the "sequel" to the original, having presumably forgotten about the other incarnations, and we're back to a more light-hearted show. Granted, the pilot was more dramatic, but it *is* a pilot, and has to deal with the housekeeping of setting up characters and backstory. We saw hints of the fun throughout, and particularly at the end, with the new "team" in place. I'm really hoping to see the series take off. The original "Knight of the Phoenix" wasn't much different: a reluctant hero, not "friends" with the car yet, or aware of the possibilities. These things need to develop.

    I'll stop rambling now, I'm just so excited to have witnessed a new Knight Rider again after all these years!
  • The new KITT and Knight industries is back, some mercs want to steal the technology for some unknown terrorists.

    This was the worst piece of garbage, d-level "movie" i've ever seen. I actually signed up on this site tonight for this just to help others avoid this at all costs. Honestly, it really was that bad. If you are a fan of decent dialouge, a plot that makes sense, and characters that are interesting to follow, this had none of them. I watched the whole 2 hours just praying it would all of a sudden get good, and boy was I let down. If not for the hasselhoff cameo at the end I would have given this a big zero. Wow nbc you really really dropped the ball on this one.
  • Word to the wise (if there are any...) Consider this "a to-do list" if you wanna make a series out of this... thing.

    A. Ditch the muscle car. K.I.T.T was a SPORTS car, a Trans-Am. NOT a Mustang, so heavy that it can barely do a turbo boost. IMHO the one car that resembled a decent replacement for the Trans-Am was KRO from TKR.

    B. Ditch the MOLE. Ever heard of cover makeup?

    C. Teach that rookie star to do other than kicking. It's embarassing for an army ranger.

    D. Develop some emotional attachment to the characters. The original was all about a team of trio, with plenty of time to develop each one's characteristics. This one has plenty of actors and no emotional whatsoever. It's like watching cardboard boxes talk and pretend.

    E. Want to modernise an old series? fine. Don't use soap opera material for an action series. It's useless and completely unnecessary. Put a pedal on the action and scrap the relationship issues. Boring. Same goes for acting class ASAP. The scene where the "bad guys" were swipping the houses and opening the door (with exaggerated expressions on their faces to let us know they were BAD guys) seemed to take FOREVER.

    Ever since I first saw the car they were going to use, I figured this one another attempt at discredit the source material it was based on. I mean, look at what happened to Transformers - "metal junks fighting each other". Talk about disrespect for the original.

    Complete. Waste. of. Time.
  • it a awesome moive

    cool and sweet i liked the show to and it is so cool and fun . all the show was fun whiching the movie its cool and like think its going to be a show to now well my brother says that it was not a show it was a movie. That is was my brother said and i still belive its a show to that was a good show i think. I love the show evern when it was a show too. well my mom didnt which it but it was sweet to see it but i think that it a good movie.
  • Knight Rider is back but is it any good?

    I was ready to give this show an absolute kicking and after the first 10 minutes or so, I was shining my boots but somehow, maybe magic, it lured me into its spell and I found myself really enjoying it.
    Now I must correct myself a little here because it wasnt magic that got me hooked on this show but me having to change the way I view television these days. All to often these days, we are given all these complex story lines and are expected to believe them. They shock us with crime scenes and murders or give us family situations that we are expected to relate to. And I had become brain washed forgeting all that was good about 80's TV.
    In the 80's, it was expected that we werent going take things seriously and just sit back and enjoy without using to much of our brain. And thats what this new Knight Rider reminded me of. A throw back to the hay days of the 80's where the heros were bullet proof and you knew that at the end, the bad guys always looses.
    Ofcourse the acting is not the best and the plotting through the movie is pretty weak at times but thats what makes it fun. To know that all that we loved about the original series has been retained (except for the car and hero) and we can just kickback and enjoy it for what it was meant for. Popcorn enertainment.

    Nice job people.
  • Knight Rider

    kitt is back, start a series Please.i word love that, the old kitt was awsome the new is great i hope they turn into a series because it would be great,
    i love the new Kitt PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, turn it into a series x x x x x x x x x x x xxx x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Thanks brandon
  • The Pilot Episode Of the Ford Sho.. Err Knight Rider.

    The Pilot Episode Of the Ford Sho.. Err Knight Rider.

    REALLY painful to watch for anyone who grew up with the Original. Blatant Product placement (AKA KITT) really ruined the experience. KITT was supposed to be a Sleek Futuristic Car and Ford Shoved the Old Retro musclecar Mustang in to be the new KITT.

    It's capabilities include Camoflage (Viper) and GPS. (On Star Anyone?) it can be hacked in minutes by someone with a laptop and once the Computer goes down it's useless because the entire car depends on "nanotechnology" dependant on the cars computer.

    Acting was subpar, Storyline was medicocre being kind and it didn't measure up even being compared to the 1980's Knight Rider.

    What was once a futuristic dash is now a stock dash with a LCD screen on the center console.

    They should have gone with a concept car like the Banshee from KR2K or something more modern. Google the banshee concept car. it would have made a much better Knight Rider painted black than the mustang.
  • awesome

    the reimagining of knight rider finally hits the small screen with big upgrades. KITT is back with a different voice and a different car model. The mustang looks so cool with those radiating front red lights. This pilot episode looks very promising. The show looks so awesome, it's just as good as i expected it to be. the characters are new, the storylines are written for the 21st century pop culture. i really loved it, i can't wait for the first season to kick in, the writers did a really good job with this one. i'm anxious to see more of the mustang and val kilmer's voice as kitt.
  • The Knight Rider 2008 is the long awaited sequel to several blunders and other painful brainchildren of the lost tv generation. It surprisingly outshone the previous pilots and filed "13"'d series and it has whetted the appetite for more.

    It is what the older Knight Rider generation has been waiting for proper passing of the torch. The movie has its ups and down but was an overall homerun. Hasselhoff was a little B acting, but it was good to see him in it. The plot was good; not so soupy and boy was KITT off the chain! If anything KITT stole the show and using Val Kilmer's voice was a coupe de gras. The pilot had me googling all over the place trying to find information on the next episode as I have placed it in my "must see" reportoire. Rumors are afloat that there will not be another episode until 2010?! I hardly think so, if tv producers are smart, sometimes they do surprise us with small periods of "What were they thinking, i.e. that Caveman series; they will jump right on this bandwagon and give tv fans what they have been waiting for a great show, with a great plot and good acting. If they keep this up they might even improve on tv dinners!
  • Fresh take on a cult classic (warning! spoiler)

    A fresh new take on a old cult classic, people expecting this to be like the original will be sadly disappointed, it however looks like it will be a great show that has been updated to todays technologically advanced time's, KITT now has GPS internet access and can link upto any satellite to provide the team anything the require.

    It tries to include the same womanizing sex appeal of David Hasselhoff but often just involves women in bikini's which is ok to.

    The car this time round is awesome and without spoiling to much provides everything, a car James Bond would love to have had.

    This tv movie sets the tone for the rest of the series which ive watched the first three of, this episode is only the ice breaker of what is going to be a truly great series.

    People remember its not a remake of the original, just a continuation, the story is meant to follow on some years later which it does quite convincingly.
  • one word: KITT!

    the car is awesome, the story was fine, the characters are ok, the actors are pleasant, the car is great and did i mention that the car is awesome?! yeah!!!

    all in all, this show has the potential to be a hit. with all the action and intensity and of course because of the CAR, viewers might get enthralled. this particular episode though was a bit too revealing. i mean, the background was greatly told so there's no much question left to answer. the problem was resolved except for the actual mastermind. the characters were immediately established so there's no more mystery. i guess what i'm trying to say is that this episode could have been just a tv movie so the excitement for the next installment is not overwhelming. it's like even if i don't watch the next episode, i wouldn't miss anything. but what the heck, the CAR does it all for me. hehehehe...
  • Needs work but has potential!

    Even though you can't ever touch the original 80's show. This one is for the nineties for those that haven't grown up on the original show. Mike Tracer is someone of a loser, an ex-Army Ranger, gambler, driver, and womanizer. Who runs into his old flame, who promises to pay off his $92K debt if he will help rescue her kidnapped dad. And his pal is saved by not being killed. Justin Bruening is not David Hasselhoff but is likable and handsome. Val Kilmer provides wit and charm as the new KITT. Has a lot of potential to live up to but hopefully it will succeed.
  • Kitt Returns To Our TV Screens, No Hoff, No Trans Am, But The Potential To Be A Good Show.

    An interesting return for KITT, to our TV Screen. Alot of thought has gone into making sure the new show jells with the old. The original designer of The Knight Industries Two Thousand, has built the Knight Industries Three Thousand and wouldn't you just know it, someone wants to steal this marvellous toy. So add in the good looking daughter, The Rev Head, ex Army Rangers Guy, and the flasest looking Ford Mustang you ever saw, and youre away.
    Kitt has the sound and attitude of a non psychotic HAL9000, and seems to have a bit of a tendency to show off. The producers of this show, have decided to make use of the idea of Nano Technology a bit to much I thought in the pilot episode, Changing the cars colour and design at the drop of a hat. I guess using this technology, he could change into a shopping trolley or brick toilet block in a car park to hide from someone, perhaps even change into a purple VW to run away, hell, even a tank to kill every bad guy he comes across. I exagerate to clarify how silly this use of Nano Technology could become.
    All in all though a neat little show with the potential to be quite fun, if its not overdone.
  • Argh! Awesome car. Awful acting. Potential to be an okay filler show.

    Not being somebody who was around to watch the original, I must say that the hype surrounding this thing was completely unwarranted.

    Although the car was sweet, it was bordering on the ridiculous at times (solar powered and a rejuvenating body - not to mention changing the colour?!). However, this is forgiven once the show started to develop a sort of character for KITT. And the fact that it is a gorgeous car (not the nicest thing out there, but still sweet). And those panaromic shots of the car going across America was a joy to watch.

    However, the writers did a heck of a better job with the car than the cast. Neither of the lead actors can act. Period. They are pretty faces, but beyond that, they simply do not cut it. Regarding the characters, not enough effort was put into character development, and to be frank, I could not care less if the bad guys caught (or did worse to) any of them.

    For me, the above really hit home in that one scene where the lead girl asks KITT to stop and starts to walk away from the car. The guy spends like 2 seconds convincing her to change her mind, and KITT slowly follows. At that point, I simply could not care less for her - she did not look upset and vulnerable enough to be anywhere near believable.

    And the support cast suck so hard. The bad guys are cringe-inducing, with their gormless approach to everything. I simply don't think they are scary enough, and they are given rather too much screen time - there should be some kind of mystery about them. Instead, we probably learnt as much about them as the main characters. The FBI agent who trusts the sheriff too much defies belief - how could somebody so intelligent fall for such a rookie error? And the supposedly-comic sidekick for the ex-Ranger almost made me weep. Why the heck is he there? He is neither charming nor funny. I don't care and am not made to care about him. Oh - and he cannot act either. This list goes on - not least the Ranger's mother who does a terrible dying-in-her-son's-arms scene. Thank heavens we don't have to endure that again.

    I came to this show with an open mind, and given the quality of TV already out there, the script and acting has got to drastically improve if they are to make it past the seemingly-inevitable first year. I look forward to being pleasantly surprised, but expect nothing of the sort.
  • Even with its flaws, I see potential in this one...

    You know, more than likely, I am going to receive a bit of flack when I say this, but I think they did alright with this new rebirth/continuation of the Knight Rider series.

    Do not get me wrong! It was not without its little bits of not-so-great, but from my background, one of the biggest quirks that bugged me was some of the editing and stuff. Some of the camera shots, jerking around kind of bothered me, and some of the backgrounds while driving was so obviously fake. But the Idaho plate that did not exist, that was a big goof I picked up.

    With any new show, if they do end up going forward and making a series out of this, the characters need to be built and developed. I think many people went into this show with too high of an expectation that it will be just like the original series. I knew going in that there was going to be a new spin to it.

    The show did have the great one-liners that made the original show great though, I will give you that! (KITT: "Are you a homosexual?" LOL) But Val is going to need to give KITT a bit more inflection and zip though.

    We are now in a wait and see approach ... but I am confident the show will do well. Some people say that it will not last more than one season. People said that about another show, Star Trek: The Next Generation, but they went strong for seven years.
  • It's shameless, hokey fun!

    I was young when the first Knight Rider was on T.V. but I remember is being one of those shows that you just had to sit back, not think too much, and just enjoy a cool looking car and a hot looking man. Well I'm older now and I have to say, I still enjoy being able to sit back, not think too much, enjoy a cool looking car and a hot man! Other reviewers expressed disappointment at the choice of car because it wouldn't be realistic for a mustang to go so fast. Blah blah blah. Guess what, no car can do what KITT can so why not choose something hot and sexy like that mustang. If you're looking for a show to challange you intellectually, this isn't it. If you just want to have fun, watch on. Hey who wouldn't want a car you can talk to, that never gets a dent or ding and change change colors. Sign me up!!!
  • KITT is back but very diminished some would say but as for me I see a whole new take.

    This is a very confusing review to write because if you compare this movie version to the 1982 TV show then its pure rubbish but if you look at it in a whole new light then it's purely entertaining. So to be fair this review only reflects the movie version of Knight Rider and not a comparison to the original TV show version.

    I sat down to watch this with very negative opinions on how this move it going to turn out, hearing nothing but crude and negative remarks on the subject, but by then end I was glad I watched it because it really didn't turn out as bad as I or anyone else could of thought. The storyline, although week, was one that could grab a hold of your attention and not let go until the ending credits. The characters were very believable, but lacking and you actually start to feel sorry for Mike Tracer at the end, with the loss of his mother, but joyful when he gets the love of his life and take over the family business at it was and dawns the new persona as the new driver of KITT. Another thing that caught my eye was the visuals that were used when KITT got shot at, the nanotechnology used, and the crash at the end, makes you want to say awesome. Finally the great moment was at the end with the cameo appearance by David Hasselhoff himself, many say the saving point but I say otherwise.

    Now this did have its share of flaws, like every TV show or TV movie out there but in this case they were overwhelming. As I stated the storyline was decent but very lacking/weak and very slow at times, the characters were shallow with their acting and takes on the situations at hand, KITT's voice was to "Robotic" for my taste with no emotional support. But the biggest flaw was the constant product placement of the car in the whole two hour event, in nearly every shot and during the commercials. This could be overcome if they allowed it to be but every time we saw KITT we saw every shot of the car like it was a sale's pitch for it instead of a movie. It's a nice car and all but I don't want to buy it.

    There was many a talk on a TV series spinoff from this movie and the ending leaves it open for one but if so there has to be many corrections, to make sure it doesn't get canceled before it starts. Work on the characters, the storyline, action sequences, KITT's voice, the product placement for the car, and well I guess the whole show, great for a TV movie but not so much as a TV show. After reading many a review on this site and others I am going to stand out and be brave and give this show a decent rating, in which it deserves. This adaptation gets a steady 8 / 10 because it wasn't too bad but it could have been a lot better. Now if I did compare this version to the 1982's TV show version then the rating and the review would be completely different and very one sided, like many of you all did. In fact this is my 3rd draft of my review.

    With this I end it and hopefully we can see more of Knight Rider in the future for better or worse because after all it's just a show.
  • Knight Rider is back?

    When I was a kid I just couldn't miss an episode of Knight Rider. It was my favourite TV show. A talking car with alot of neat gadgets and skills and awesome action star David Hasselhoff(ha ha).

    Now, I never thought this day'd come, but it did. The cult classic show gets a possible continuation. This 80 minutes piece of film is a "backdoor" pilot. A TV movie, but it also functions as a possible pilot of the series gets picked up. Let's hope it does, because in itself, this movie just lacked excitement.

    I for one like the Mustang as KITT. And I also love the KITT personality. It's basically the same one as the old one. Lots of funny one liners. The car is literally the best character on the show, and that's not a bad thing...

    Unfortunately, there are way too many character. Again, if this turns out to be a TV show, it's okay. But for this 80 minute movie, by the time I learnt everybodies name, the show ended. Mike is great, I think he's perfectly cast.

    The storyline was really dull unfortunately, and predictable. There was barely any action, and , to my surprise, we barely saw anything spectacular from KITT. The crash scene was cool, but... nothing else! What a disappointment.

    The Michael Knight cameo was awesome though and made my mood very nostalgic. Hopefully the show gets picked up and all this exposition that killed the story in this film will be worthwile for some fuel burning action.
  • Nostalgic, it has the potential to turn it into a series.

    I just finished watching the new version of Knight Rider (2008) (TV). I felt a bit nostalgic watching it.

    The TV story was average and worth watching. The car has more features and body now but it had to be because it's 25 years later. Just consider the studio who is making it. The end scene was not what I expected but had some mixed hints.
    The potential to turn it into a series is there but with the recent faith of the Bionic Woman, it does not look that great. Maybe the rating won't be so bad in both cases.

    Could they start a new TV movie trend by showing updated version of older TV shows? That I don't mind much if it's from time to time. Of course, they are making them now for the theater(X-Files, Simpsons) but with a much bigger budget. That said , I do mind because it shows a lack of imagination.
  • So the new Knight Rider is okay...but WAY too much FORD GLORY for my taste. I guess there is a fine line between product placement and product worship.

    Overall (once I got past the FORD madness) the show was pretty good and gave a solid platform to build a new franchise. I didn't hate the new KITT as much as I thought I would and the producers gave us some new technology that might be worth a second look.

    I will admit that that color-changing car feature reminded me of the ill-fated CARMELION show from the mid 90's...but it could have been worse. I would not fault NBC for reviving the show after that movie...seems like a strong enough concept to rebuild.

    I can't say I love all the casting choices. The new Michael (Mike) is a handsome leading man, but not the same energy as the HOFF. Other than him, the rest of the cast is rather forgetable and I would like to see some new casting if this is going to go anywhere in the future.

    On the whole, I would recommend another round of Knight Rider based on what I saw tonight. Who knows, there may be life left in this 80's icon yet.
  • Not as good as the original, and David Hassleholf is getting old, but it has the foundation to be a good show. Hopefully they will make it good.

    The show was well written, but just didn't give me goosebumps when watching it.

    I know Ford is partnering up for this, but I prefer the old car. If they would have brought back the old car, I would have been happier, since that was the star of the show. Imagine the Dukes of Hazzard movie with a new car, it would not have worked at the slightest.

    The show itself was alright. I'm definately gonna watch the next episode to see where it goes. It did get me excited for the old show though, I may go pick up the DVDs or something.

    Anyways, to sum it up, the fight scenes were good, but way too few. I hate mustangs, so I don't care for the car, but it did have some old school moments. I think they kinda overdid the CGI alittle, but maybe that is because I am used to the old show.
  • What a great 2-hour ad for Ford! Oh... and Mooooooooooooole

    The original Knight Rider holds a special place in my heart. I'm sure many children of the 80's fondly remember sitting up to watch the talking super car, and Michael Knight take on the bad guys, and the thrill they got when the theme musics started.

    The return of Knight Rider is a wonderful attempt at making a 2 hour-long ad showcasing lackluster Ford cars, but a failure at bringing any of the original show's charisma. I hope they stop putitng glaring Ford logos in our face on every chase scene if they serialize the movie, but I doubt it. What a waste. I'd hoped for so much more.

    Speaking of glaring issues with the show, it would be nice if the makeup artists could cover the large mole on Deanna Russo's neck. Yeah, it's neat to stare at in every scene, but it will never turn into a phenomena like Cindy Crawford's. That was cute. This mole is just where my eyes immediately go and stay for every scene - and not in a good way, either - a la Austin Powers/Fred Savage. Mooooooooooooooooooooole.

    Here's something else I didn't need - all the sexual references. What in the heck would make producers throw gratuitous lesbian themes at the beginning of the show? What purpose could that have? Is it nessecary to show Mike in bed with 2 girls? Or have KITT question Mike's sexual preference? Do the producers really feel this ads to the movie? It should be more kid-friendly. I think many of todays parents will want to sit down and watch this with their kids for nostolgia reasons alone.

    Having said all that, the ability for the car to morph was pretty cool, and it was great when they played the theme song, but the end result left me wondering where the "Turbo Boost" button had gone. The movie, if it is to be made into a show needs one. Badly.