Knight Rider

Season 1 Episode 12

Knight To King's Pawn

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 21, 2009 on NBC

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  • Rewatched it!

    Wow that could have been such a good show. Alone the nano tech possibilities portrayed in the series were innovative and quite frankly awesome. But oh my god who ever wrote some of the stories must have thought of the viewers as imbeciles. This was just plain ridiculous. Alone the force of a real car crash impact would be so strong that any passenger inside KITT would be smashed to pieces. There is still no explanation for this (Maybe inertial dampening fields or god knows what gimmick they could have pulled out of their hats to try to explain Another thin is that the original KITT from the series was portrayed as literally indistructable. OK for drama sake they had to bend this rule from time to time, but kit would never have been injured by conventional small caliber projectile weapons. Oh yes and since this is a sequel that embraces the the sory of the original series, we are supposed to belive that after they created KARR in the original series, they forgot about it (and about KITT). So the started from scratch hen they build the new KITT and made the exact same mistake by producing a prototype (also called KARR) that went nuts. Since KITT was basically a normal car without its regenerative properties he should at least have been destroyed when he flipped over in the what the story was as flat as an 80s original Knight Rider story. Btw. you can't dump a massive amount of data on multiple devices via the internet in a matter of seconds. Even today this is simply not possible. Even if you had all the time in the world this would be a problem and damn near impossible. Also since KITT is a sentient being I would have loved an episode where his rights as a being would have been debated. One more thing .... they were finally free of the government influences?.... why were they supervised in the first place. The Original KITT wasn't. ... surely by killing of the government liaison the government wouldn't give up their influence. SO there are probably tons of more points to criticize but let's hope justin lin does make another when he does i hope the new series gets plots worth of the 21st century.
  • This was an interesting story line, but it could have been so much more...

    Well, I have a couple of issues with this episode. Really, they packed way too much into one episode. This could easily have been a two-part episode, and if they had done that they could have taken much more advantage of the story possibilities.

    First issue, if KARR is a military vehicle, why does he become a Mustang? It would have made much, much more sense for KARR to have a more rugged, military look when he was in "car" mode.

    Second, we know that KITT didn't have any protection, as his regeneration systems were down, along with his weapons, etc., etc. So, why was it so easy for him to smash through KARR without getting destroyed?

    Third issue, at the end, when KITT's systems are back online, there's just a blue glow, and PRESTO, KITT is in perfect condition again. The quality of this special effect is pathetic. Compared to the detail that they give whenever KITT goes into attack mode, or any of his other tranformations, this change looked like a B-movie special effect.

    Finally, and I think that this is really the biggest issue of all and is possibly the source of most of the other issues, there was just too much story to tell in a single episode. The episode ended up feeling incredibly rushed, especially toward the end. They could have easily spun the rescue of KITT out a little bit more, and ended with KARR chasing KITT, KITT not fully functional, and Michael facing the decision about what to do. In part two, they could have opened with Michael choosing to face KARR, had a confrontation in which KITT is almost destroyed but he and Michael manage to escape, get KITT fixed up, though probably not to 100%, only to have KARR track them down and have a final show down. Then, at the end they could have had a little bit better staged version of the final scene from this episode. All in all, it would have made for a much better telling of the story. The conflict between KITT and KARR would have been much more credible.
  • Reboot failure

    Oh where to begin. This is supposed to be one of the new rebooted episodes, and already I see this series going down the drain fast. So we begin with KITT getting deactivated, and seconds before deactivation, he dumps all his programming files onto the internet. Ok, so, anyone who has access to the internet can download Dr. Grainman’s hard-earned effort with a single click. Bright idea. Next we see the SSC come back to life through hacking and regeneration...which is the only believable part in this episode. Then Mike goes and saves KITT and, despite missing an important programming packet, is still able to function. HOW?? Then we see KARR come to life. Finally, a good villain that is capable of destruction. But then he gets destroyed in a matter of minutes... Can someone explain to me how KARR died so instantaneously?? Isn’t he supposed to be the ultimate bad guy, and he dies in a couple of minutes? This reminds of the Transformers movie where Megatron is killed by a kid. So unrealistic. And if they actually kept KARR alive, this series would’ve had some surprising plots. I guess they are destined to ruin this series after its reboot.
  • What where they thinking!!!

    I don't mind this show and I'm glad to see that there attempting to go back to its original roots.

    But what the go with this episode, I'm sure they could have come up with a better story line to kill off the FBI link!! I mean I'm glad they did it!

    I'm a fan of transformers but mixing it in together with Knight Rider, was not my cup of tea. They need to leave the transformer story line way out of the picture. Take it back to the days of Driver and his car saving the world from the bad, without of the OTT tricks.

    I still like the show overall, just not a fan of this episode.
  • Worst episode so far

    what the hell? the episode starts ok, the recreation and the "rescue" of KITT is funny and then....

    at the end when KITT confronts KARR you think a "to be continued" is only seconds away... BUT NO! KITT destroys KARR in seconds and that´s it!

    Hello writers! Were you all drunk?

    you are telling us since the beginning that KARR is the ultimate weapon, the ultimate bad guy, the ultimate whatever, and then a almost non-functional KITT wins in seconds? Are you kidding me?

    And besides that there is no logic in that what soever - didn´t you think one second about the audience?

    We were waiting for the KITT - KARR showdown since we know he exist!

    We expected a massive confrontation! A 2-parter with a almost destroyed KITT at the end of part one (even better - as cliffhanger at the end of season 1).

    I even hoped that KARR is so powerful that they had to bring back THE HOFF and his old KITT to help facing KARR. Imagine how much fun it could have been.

    This could have been the best episode ever! but you blew it! you damm blew it!

    And the worst part: KARR exploded. So you even blew the "possible comeback". Remember the old Knight Rider? KARR destroyed but the scanner still working? Way better!!!

    I know you writers had to end the "old style" because of the network and the ratings... but you did it soooo bad its a slap in the face of every real fan.

    I loved Knight Rider. But i think this episode killed it. For that - i hate you.

    BTW: The CGI at the end.... terrible.
  • glad to see brought up to standers of old series

    last few epsodies have really been good glad to see they brought this great series up to date with old series glad to see gone way of old series FLAG and one man and his car making a differnce, the movie was good then series went bit funny wasnt like i remeber the meaning of knight rider being when was kids am 38 so o grew up with knight rider loved it was best series in 80s on tv watch every programme and every movie glad to see they changed it and gone back to the old series meaning what the programme stood for and hope there will be a olot of series as this is getting better and hop gets better and better
  • The episode that reset the show... again.

    Badly in need of a reboot, the show has limped along with pointless characters and mindless storylines.

    But all of that has changed. Or has it? The show finally moved toward its dramatic conclusion with a three part storyline that resets the show with nods towards the halcyon days of the '80s.

    Can't say too much (no spoilers here), but the show dumps its baggage and gets right back to basics. Yes there are some hugely contrived moments (Graiman's chat with Sarah), but that seems to be a staple of this show.

    A Quick Mention About Karr: The special effects were pretty neat, although the Transformer-in-disguise was wasted in just one episode. It seems a shame that they resolved the storyline so weakly, as KARR could have been a fantastic nemesis for KITT. Overall, this could be promising for the final few episodes of the season. They've got a strong cast now, an even stronger premise, and let's just hope they get it right.

    After all, it's only taken three attempts to resurrect a formula that worked perfectly two decades ago.

    Next week's show will reveal whether they've got the formula just right or whether this show is condemned to be carted off to the scrap heap.
  • My son said it best. The show seems rushed. Great to hear Optimus Prime again. Glad Torres is out of the picture.

    My son said it best. The show seems rushed. however it was exiting to watch. I am glad they went back to a non-goverment controlled Knight Industries. I think this is what the show needed. When Sarah is morning on the beach and ignors Micheal I love the phone she used. What kind is it?? Any way to have kitt rebuilt in the "RadioShack" way was quite humerous. I think I will bring out my old electronic stuff. Look out world Here Comes "KITT" well ok maybe not Kitt but my version would only, well nothing really Kitt is Awesome!!!
  • Actually watchable. More in line with the fun tongue-in-cheek style of the previous series, and balances the car/driver relationship.

    I have only been watching this show out of the hope that it gets better. The majority of episodes seem focused around just showing how cool KITT was, with Michael only doing the occassional leg work. I try not to compare it to the older series, because it will always be inferior through the nostalgia filter, but even taken on its own terms the series was just not working out well.

    The series did have a major jump in quality with the previous episode, having Mike move into the building and KITT was alerting him to where the guards were coming out. That makes Michael and KITT partners, they work together with their own roles.

    This episode takes it even further. With KITT out of commission for the majority of the time, Mike has to pull out his own training and abilities to get his friend back and stop the return of KARR. (Having Peter Cullen voice KARR again was fun, the producers have obviously been paying close attention to the Transformers fandom)

    Zoe and Billy were essentially background characters, but they still had their use. Taking some characters out of the series was definately a good thing to happen to this show. Trying to give generic authority figures character development over the primary team was just not working. Billy especially has some potential as a realized character.

    And the final battle with KARR...was interesting. I feel like it was a little short, but the creativity with the battle got pretty insane. KITT was using the turbo boost and other stunts like never before. But the big thing was that KARR wasn't defeated by KITT simply activating another feature, but through ingenuity and cooperation between Michael and KITT working together.

    Also, the fact that KITT was seriously damaged is a good thing, it is a reminder that this car still has its limitations. Same thing with Michael getting the cut on his forehead at the same time, they work together and they "bleed" together.

    I don't think the series is quite up to par, but it does have a lot more potential then every prior episode. Lets hope this "retool" keeps up with this promising episode.
  • So i got to see this episode and here is what i have to say about it...

    It started off well honestly because it was surprising to see KITT getting shut down. I thought it was the beginning of a new plot. The storyboard was going well, until going to the last last part of the episode when the show down of KARR came into place.

    Wait, also before that, the travelling was done so quickly. One minute Sarah is in Hawaii and the next minute she is with Michael?!?. Dos it really take that short to reach from Hawaii to Los Angeles? I mean i don't live in the USA but my goodness that was FAST!!

    The fight scene suck, it was very uncordinated, they could have done better. I think they could have also expanded this to at least a three part episode but they rushed it down to the end. Honestly i also think that NBC deleted some scenes to get the timing right. Well let's see what happenes tomororw as they travel into the original plot once again.
  • Following Dr. Graiman's death, Sarah struggles to move on, and Torres scraps KITT to develop KARR, a ruthless weapon version of the AI.

    I'll say it. I'm disappointed. This series has been really good up to this point, despite being a remake of an old series. It's been more like a re imagining, and I've enjoyed every episode. This episode started well, and was enjoyable right up until the showdown between KITT and KARR. Honestly, could they have been any stupider than that scene? Never mind that KARR is a poor imitation of Transformers (even using Optimus Prime's voice), but the whole scene showing the fight was a) really short and not well choreographed, b) hopelessly cartoonish and juvenile, and c) totally out of character with the rest of the series. I'm sad that a phenomenal show has sunk so low, and hope the rest of the season picks it back up.