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  • All my profile...

    Who do not want kitt as his car... Those critics actually sucks.. Everyone wants to revive their childhood, so this one is actually better than the old one... Old one contained a fake voice, a stupid acting.. New one is cool... :) technology rules...
  • kitt..

    Those who says that this sucks, actually sucks... This is better than the old one... Technology is future... The old kitt is nothing compared to the new one...
  • Hmmmm

    According to the critics, this sucks.. According to me this rocks... We are in 2014 guys, just watch it with ur popcorn.. Ull tell me.. It's worth our time,,,
  • Awesome

    We still want kitt back... We love you kitt". I know that my review won't make any importance.. But you people will do a lot... Just watch it... One car can make the difference.. It's not a copy of the old one... It's just a sequel..
  • Started Fast!

    Loved it. It was great. My generation, the one that missed the original, got a chance to understand their parents obsession. My mom and I watched it together, then, it crashed. Killing of half the cast, changing the plot and What Was That!

    What a waste of a second chance!
  • knight rider review by david conway

    dear tv .com web site , hi my name is david conway and i have to admit here as well i am also knight rider big fan as well , i know that this post is old right now but the question i have here just to the fan,s of knight rider is that , i do feel like nbc network should keep the original tv serie options just from the original series just to put on the new car that might help the new tv show by having the old kitt,s option,s on the mustang and just use it part the new tech of the nano tech , love david conway
  • I wanted to see more!

    I didn't see anything wrong with "too much technology" or anything else, would still been better then most shows on now!
  • NBC proves they've learned nothing from the "Bionic Woman" debacle with this two-hour Ford commercial that was as short on excitement as it was on capturing the feel of the original and the imagination of the audience.

    For the second time in six months, NBC has sullied the reputation of a guilty-pleasure of the past. Learning absolutely nothing from the mistake of not tying "Bionic Woman" enough to the 70s original, this shoddy retread falls into the same potholes--too 'techy', too dark, no heart, and show essentials nowhere to be seen.

    The plot of this potential launching pad for a series update is sadly an all too formulaic "we didn't get the old man, so let's grab the daughter instead" storyline. That's suitable for a regular episode, but a TV movie deserves better. The villains were taken from a Script Writing 101 class, the photogenic stars look better than they emote, and twists in the plot were too easily spotted by anyone who's actually watched television before.

    The clear star is meant to be the new Shelby Mustang-based KITT, but sadly the biggest star is Ford, who has managed to take integrating themselves into a show to a new low. Was there ever a car on-screen that wasn't a Ford or a Ford-owned make, like Volvo? It's really just as well to let a corporation be the star since Justin Bruening has very little of the same charm and charisma David Hasselhoff brought to the original.

    The real problems come in the details. While the opening scenes paid a few brief homages to the first series, it really serves to make you think of all this movie is missing. KITT is cold, calculating, and has none of the heart that made the original sparkle. They made a big deal about getting Val Kilmer to voice the super-car, and then all he does is speak in a monotone for two hours. KITT feels merely like a tool to be used instead of a bona fide character. This could almost be excused in light of series staples like Turbo Boosts, ski mode, and smoke release--except for none of these are present. The very things that made the original pop with excitement have apparently been chucked out in favor of a car whose only automotive powers seem to be 'going really fast and skidding a lot'. The only real action was fast, taut driving, which wasn't exciting enough and actually felt very slow. KITT does now possess an array of Internet and satellite-based capabilities, but it's nothing we've not seen for years on "24". And all the camouflage-on-the-fly does is seem to serve as a reminder to potential customers that Mustangs come in colors other than black. Even the brief excitement during the opening from hearing a few bars of the original theme was crushed as it morphed into a more "hardcore" cacophony of sounds.

    There was at least a glimmer of hope for improvement at the end with acknowledgement that KITT's designer planned to resurrect FLAG, a potential for David Hasselhoff (who only appeared during the coda) to guest again, and a clever twist to the iconic 'backing KITT out of a moving vehicle' shot. Sadly, these last ties to the original were too little, too late. A full series will need to be tied more to the original, and if it's not it's doomed to failure.

    In the end we were left with what was a barely passable two hours' worth of entertainment. As a backdoor pilot it's forgivable that it wasn't all that good; it's not forgivable that it also wasn't all that fun.
  • Come on! What happened here?

    This was a classic! A legend, a myth! It was the car everyone wanted, desired. So when I saw, there was a brand-new TV show coming on, I thought "That's what I'm talking about!" But noooooooo, they spoilt it! They turned Knight Rider and the car into a joke. A car being a submarine? a four by four? Is it going to fly tomorrow or is it going to turn into a motorbike? (much better for the tan!!). I tried to watch it, despite the lame dialogue and the I'm-trying-to-be-funny attitude but I couldn't take it anymore! I just stopped! Shame, really, a shame...
  • This show overdosed and chocked on too much technology in an era which doesn't have it.

    This show might of had good potential but we will never know as it was cancelled after season one.

    At times Kitt seemed too unreal. The transformation was, nano technology, all seemed way too much. It was hard to believe such technology could exist when it is based in our current era.

    The writers overloaded and overdosed the whole show, but that's not to say it wasn't a bad show. In a number of the first half the season episodes there were some good moments and a few funny jokes. The cast were all exceptionally good looking and gave the show very good glamour.

    But if you are airing against such shows as A Town Called Eureka you probably wont get the viewing numbers that you are looking for.

    But the storylines were to basic, silly, incoherent with reality and it all came crashing back down to earth.
  • A total "yawn"! Good CGIs but childishly written, with bad actors and boring directing. Bye-bye, fat KITT!!

    Since the beggining the audience is being bombarded by the same boring stereotypes: the damsel in distress that is being instantly transformed from a smart, independent and strong person to a hurt kitten. On the other end, the macho ex-marine with the baby face in the role of the diamond in the rough heart-breaker action man. All these, mixed with an A.I. that still tries to grasp humanity and we have another non-intelligent revamp. The only scene I liked was when some previous KITTs were seen at a garage, during the pilot-episode. I really had high expectations, but episode after episode the show let me down totally. I've seen super-heroic cartoons with more realistic scenarios than of this one. For crying out loud, KITT was now a "transformer"? Eeew!!!
  • potential not achieved because they just did too much!

    unfortunately, this show had a boat-load of potential, but didn't really deliver on any of it's promise, while simultaneously over-doing it wherever they had the chance.

    the concept was great. the base storyline was great. their problem was this superpowerful car that could do anything along with the superpowerful base with technology that could do anything.

    when writing a show, your capabilities have to match your threat, not overshadow them. there's no drama in that. the 2009 version of k.i.t.t. was a shapeshifting transformer with the ability to create matter in any complex form at will. these features ALONE spelled the series' demise.

    beyond the fact that the audience DOES NOT want to see kitt become a pickup truck, van or (soon) helicopter or fighter jet, we don't want to see super-lazers or nukes formed out of thin air on kitts backseat. the base of operations was too advanced, too well-organized and too cliche to be believeable. it's too bad that the show was cancelled, because what fans were looking for was just coming to fruition. the introduction of k.a.r.r. was the inception of a whole new generation of storyline, as well as the destruction of their headquarters, forcing them to go rogue. that part was great. i actually thought the writers were correcting as they went - fixing the problems and tightening the show down to a more manageable cast and creative plotline. by losing the resources, i was hoping they would drop the over-the-top features of kitt and bring him down to earth. just say that the energy output and financial burden of his (ridiculous) skills were simply impossible to maintain alone... or establish that they were unrealistic upgrades that were leading to kitts ultimate destruction/decommision; thus, remove the upgrades to save the personality/cpu/program/existance.

    either way, i hoped for a season two without the transformations or replicators and we have a great start. bring back the mobile command center, while making the group outlaws (an improvement on the storyline for modern drama), and you have all you need for the second season. it's great really, because what it needs to become successful is to REMOVE costly special effects and settings. by doing LESS you can attain a much more entertaining story.

    here's hoping that we can revive this wonderful show one day soon!
  • Stupid show!

    I watched the movie/pilot and it was good so I thought the series would be good too boy was I mistaken!The show was soooo much more cheesy than the movie and the new characters where boring and unoriginal.The old ones became boring aswell the lead guy was original in the start but now was bland.Also the dialogue and special effects where the worst!Also the charm was gone now it was like all the stupid scifi shows on TV like Star Trek and all that geeky stuff.Other than that it really is a crock of sh*t!So stay away at any cost!
  • Cool cars, supermodels in distress and explosions! Could you ask for more! Fun for the Family!

    Knight Rider 2008 is going to catch some heat. It is not a re-make or a re-imagining. It is simply fun for the family - explosions and laughs with cool cars and pretty people. The first 10 minutes of the first episode pretty much sets up what to expect. It references the 80's show with turbo boost and damsels in cocktail dresses running about. The acting in parts is solid and in other areas a downright disgrace - much like it's 80's counterpart. If you enjoyed the original, there is plenty here to bring back nostalgia whilst giving you some lovely Special Effects to gawp at.

    If you desire sub-plots aplenty and gritty hard hitting narratves - this will not be for you. Although in a TV schedlue that pretty much caters for that 90% of the time this may be the welcome break you need. If it embraces the family aspect of its audience - it could well be America's answer to Dr. Who!

    Tune in, turn brain off and go back to being a 7 year-old.
  • Madness

    Oh dear it seems as though someone has used up all their money and need to release some more rubbish to pay their tax bills.

    Why are they trying to re-make a classic, yes knight rider was brilliant but leave it be, its finished. This seems that someone is trying to fill time without having to rerun episodes of CSI (Miami & New York inc).

    And also who is this Justin Bruening? Seems as though not only a bad show but a case of even worse acting. My rant over, as an British citizen I just hope they don't bother to air it over this side of the pond as I'll definitely not be watching any more of it.
  • A huge disappointment, and not just because I absolutely loved the original series and had such high expectations when I heard it was coming back.

    As I was growing up, my family did not own a television(Don't worry, I'm making up for lost time now, but I digress!) so when I would visit my Grandma, even commercials were enthralling to me. But there was one show that I fought like crazy to watch whenever I visited, and that was Knight Rider. I didn't think at the time that there could be anything in the world cooler than Michael Knight and his talking car K.I.T.T. My love for that show stayed with me and caused my heart to skip a beat in excitement when I heard it was being brought back. So imagine my depression and disgust when I watched the two hour movie/premiere. First, and maybe I'm the only person annoyed by this, K.I.T.T. was now a Ford Mustang? How is that possible? And NBC really did itself a disservice by having Ford commercials every ten seconds. It kept any possibility that I might warm up to the car from happening. Combine that with the shallow characters who I felt I could care less about and you have disaster. On top of that, the few moments that did include action were so boring and silly that I actually never even finished watching the pilot episode. I am a person who endures and finds something worth enjoying in everything I see in a theatre or on television, but I just couldn't bring myself to stick around. I realize my view of the original series was biased because of my youth at the time, but it had to have had more heart than this lump of coal, right? I'll have to go back and watch the Hoff in action all over again to be sure. Rest assured, that is the only Knight Rider I'll be catching any time soon.
  • Knight Rider for the New Era.

    I have to admit, it's been a long time since I've looked at the past Knight Rider series which began in (1982).
    I was also very young when I watched the show for the very first time, and being that I love cars, what could be better than a car that talks?! Watching it now makes me ask myself... What the hell? Despite a few good scenes and story lines from time to time, the acting was a little... err, TACKY. Yet, at the time, it was the greatest show on TV, and certainly worth storing in the archives today.
    The new Knight Rider however, is absolutely amazing. Cutting edge, fast paced, decent acting and story lines, and the car makes me feel like a young kid all over again. The sheer style and looks of the shiny black Mustang simply resonates and definitely pays tribute to the classic Trans Am used in the original series. KITT has changed however, new voice, new character and so far, not as funny as the original voice and to be honest, KITT was a good part of the reason I kept coming back for more. Well, considering the old KITT was around for 4 seasons and also the movie in '1991' titled "Knight Rider 2000", 9 years is hard to replace. But I think the new series has a lot going for it with tonnes of potential, and perhaps the characters and new KITT have to assume and ease into their roles. I'm sure at some point the humor will set in and will make for some fantastic Knight.. Riding. Either way, I was very impressed and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this show, and most certainly will be a loyal fan and this series progresses in the future.
  • in one word - AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

    HMMM.....guess i caught all the repeat episodes of the knight rider on star was by far one of the best series i've watched till the new technologies...KIT....the actors....mike of paced...very exciting...............just cant get over it....hope this was only the first season of the new knight rider series caz i really dont want to end...........eagerly waiting 4 da next was highly entertaining....all of the episodes...particularly the 1st one nd the one about the serum......KIT was awesome nd so was its driver.....the casting is very admirable.......hats off to the producers nd the was a job well done nd hope the next season's gonna b better.....
  • Greatest Show Ever!

    First of all the new KITT is different and I think that's great. Some people don't like the car changing but I feel that that is alright. With the nano technology not Ipod nano. It gives them a more believable shell and a better story. The stories are great I feel that the beginning of this 1st season was great. I did see why the wanted to get back to the original feel of helping out the normal man on the street but I feel they could incorporate more evil high tech bad guys too. Here's to the greatest show the world has ever seen. KR! and KITT!
  • Teh Review of Knight Rider is going to be one of my all time greats:) Michael Knight is back with his all-time friend and buddy K.I.T.T, the artificially intelligent Ford Shelby GT500 *oh oh oh* Love that car:) Anyway, here comes the review u want:)

    The Knight Rider is back and with a vengeance:) Sporting a new Mike Knight, plus new K.I.T.T K.I.T.T this time round is the all new Ford Shelby GT500 *oh oh oh* Love that car.....who doesn't?? NOBODY:) Mike Traceur, estanged son to Michael Knight has been given the task of continuing the Knight Industries work in espioge, hostage rescue, and 2 make it even more sweet, Mike has the help of Mike Knights former colleagues to help him out where ever he goes:) There's no truck transport this time, it's a C130 party this time round.....sweet:) Series will rock:) :) :)
  • are you kidding me?

    Are you frakkin kidding me?
    What kind of bull**** is that? It's at least the same disgrace like "Team Knight Rider".
    It is absolutely nothing the old show was about.

    I know who's idea this was...FORD's...the whole show is a gigantic, blown up advert for that crappy car-maker. It's really really sad that "Knight Rider" is beeing used for that cheap sh** to help FORD sell more of their absolutely useless crappy cars.

    Why? Just why?

    Really? Has that beeing necessary...hasn't Knight Rider been soiled enough through "Team Knight Rider"???
    Did they really have to do another remake/spinoff or whatever - that's even worse and more pointless than the previous one?

    Yeah I guess I shouldn't be surprised...Some Douchebags are trying to make a quick buck, and because the target audience are mostly (&§#@) americans, they will succeede.
    This is such a pile of crap, that it's not even worth the time downloading it or even watching it online.
    Watching that is more pleasant than gouging out my own eyes with a spoon.

    Nonetheless I hope this show will be cancelled and is a huge flop.
  • Uninspired Rubbish!!!!!!!

    I really have no other words that I can say that may not cause offence than just Uninspired Rubbish, it was like watching golf, boring not very interesting and a waist of a day. That final scene with David Hasslehoff was both painful and pointless, "H I'm your Dad, I'm not going to explain why I've not been back to see you, even though I no linger drive kit, but here's some advise, go and drive the car, because well just because...."

    The acting was... well I've seen better performances on sesame street, better yet a Frosties commercial. Purely unintelligent and ill thought out excuse of a TV show.

    And then there's the car, it a mustang, ugly cars, give a European car any day, sorry Americans but that's my opinion, would have looked so mush better as a Bugatti Veyron or a Barabus TKR or well any European super car.

    Well I can only wait until the green light is lit so I can antagonise oover this debacle again, because lets face it will be lit , after all for some reason there seems to be no originality coming from studios and stations these days , oh wait, LOST, PRISON BREAK, FIREFLY,SCRUBS, HEROS....... may be there is, so why oh why do a remake????
  • The New Knight RIder serious was Awesome.

    I thought the new show was Awesome. I honestly wish they could have made more episodes. But I guess something happened and they killed off 3 of the people so it must have failed. I was told that the original was better for the supposable thing that it went by but I really didn’t see any difference. I love that they made a remake of a show that where the original was before I was born and now they have one during my time. Why do people have to complain that it was way too different when it really wasn’t, obviously technology got better so they are going to use the up to date stuff. Overall I guess I already said it was great.
  • No way it stands up to the original - new effects or not.

    Can't stand it. Sorry, but I just can't stand it. I mean, sure, the effects are great, but I watched the original, (even if I was too young to see it when it was new), and this just doesn't come close. They should have learned their lesson with Team Knight Rider - it's really hard to reinvent a series and make it good. They just don't have it. The entire feel is off - from the plotlines to KITT to their respect of canon history. I mean, take the episode with KARR. What the heck was that all about? Their not pretending the original show didn't exist, so what's with all the inconsistencies? I'll stick with the Hoff, thank you.
  • Was a great show at the begining but then something happens to writers.

    I love the original knight rider when I heard that there would be a remake, I said yes at least and became very enthusiastic about the new remake of the show.
    The pilot part is OK for me, I really liked it. The new verison of the theme song and of course the new car blowed my mind. The players were good and the story was seemed to be OK.
    But then something happened I dont know what, maybe writers of the show changed but it becomes silly and more silly so that I couldnt bare to watch it.
    I would give big chance to show if the writers could be more accurate but unfortunately the show is ended.
  • Cool Car, Cool Show

    This is a great show about a car named KITT, who is no ordinary car, he talks, shoots missiles, and can outrun anything on the road. The show has other people too. There is Mike Knight who drives KITT, Sarah Graiman who helped engineer KITT, Zoe Chae who is a techno wiz and Billy Morgan who is also a techno wiz and has a crush on Zoe. Mike and sometime Sarah use KITT to help with dangerous missions, stop crimes and help those in need. Some of the other players on the team are Carrie Rivai who is an FBI Agent, Bruce Davison who engineered KITT (Now Deceased) and Alex Torres who was the program manager (Now Deceased).

    Mike takes KITT on many missions and does some pretty cool stuff like going into tactical mode, which is changing shape into a four wheeler. KITT has an onboard computer that is tapped into about everything you can think of. KITT can see inside building using infrared sensors. He can take a direct hit from missiles. But my favorite is he can drive himself at over 300 MPH.

    Please do yourself a favor, watch this show and help keep it alive.
  • One of my favorites

    I love this show, I'm a woman and love fast cars and Mike is HOT!! You can't go wrong with this show!! I can't believe that people think this show is abysmal, what are you thinking, its always full of action, and alwasya suspense of Mike and Sarah are they going to get to gether or what, it drives me crazy, they do need to ad alittle bit more imphasis on mike and sarah making a menz and alittle action between them would help ratings I think. Especially the famale crowds. Needs alittle more umph in that are. They are either fighting or kissing which one is it. Then Mikes off with another girl from his past, I know you can have alot of ex's but please. Other wise the suspense keeps me watching.
  • I think the show is just getting into it's grove, why does the network put all this effort and money into a show and then don't give the fans to watch

    I remeber a lot of the episodes I missed because there was something else I was doing or I was not home, I did want to be there to wach, they don't account for people having lives and they should stop giving reality shows 2 hour time slots 4 days a week and wonder why their shows dont succeed. BRING IT BACK!
    I think it's also important for the show to keep it about the car, shows in the past like Viper, were good but concentrated too much on love interests and not enough on the car, show the car and what it can do, that's why we watch, not to mention the funny banter, received by side characters and KITT of course. They owe it to the fans to continue, everyone has already forgotten that fans of a lot of shows were robbed of good quality television, when we had the writers' strike. That was annoying as all there was on, was just unmidigated crap.
  • I love Knight Rider, bring it back.

    I personally love Knight Rider. And it's on right before my other favorite show, Life. So I like Wednesday nights. I wish they would bring back Knight Rider and get rid of The chopping block. That show is a total waste of time. I'm sick of all the reality shows on tv. Get back to the family comedies and good drama shows. So listen to the viewers you big tv executives who think you know everything. Keep Knight Rider, I think most people enjoy it. I'm still sad that ER is going off. But it has been on for 14 years, it will be missed a lot though.
  • Knight Rider

    Don't cancelled Knight Rider. It is good show. It doesn't mean if the average of viewers is dropping, you have to cancel the show. This issue can resolve by improving the series and learn from the mistake. I have watch this new series and the old series. It has much different based on the technology they use on KITT. Of course yes, it has been 20 year above after this Knight Rider rebooted. This is a request from me and my friend those who are watching this series... Please reconsider on this issue especially the TV network and the viewers
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