Knight Rider

NBC (ended 2009)





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  • This show overdosed and chocked on too much technology in an era which doesn't have it.

    This show might of had good potential but we will never know as it was cancelled after season one.

    At times Kitt seemed too unreal. The transformation was, nano technology, all seemed way too much. It was hard to believe such technology could exist when it is based in our current era.

    The writers overloaded and overdosed the whole show, but that's not to say it wasn't a bad show. In a number of the first half the season episodes there were some good moments and a few funny jokes. The cast were all exceptionally good looking and gave the show very good glamour.

    But if you are airing against such shows as A Town Called Eureka you probably wont get the viewing numbers that you are looking for.

    But the storylines were to basic, silly, incoherent with reality and it all came crashing back down to earth.