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Season 1 Episode 5

Episode 5

Aired Unknown Oct 05, 1987 on ITV
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Episode Summary

Episode 5
Team 4 (Day Two): Danny, Nigel, Tom, Mark
- Answered two riddles correctly, gained Bread and ANVIL spell.
- Encountered Gumboil, used ANVIL spell.
- Picked up Grapes, Casper and Hour Glass (left Fish).
- Entered Key room, used Casper to unlock third exit.
- Summoned Merlin, answered three riddles correctly and gained FLARE, FREEZER and ENERGY spells. Left Casper and Hour Glass.
- Walked and crawled through spear room.
- Encountered Folly.

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    John Woodnutt

    John Woodnutt

    Merlin (87-90), Mogdred (88-90)

    Recurring Role

    Edmund Dehn

    Edmund Dehn


    Recurring Role

    Alec Westwood

    Alec Westwood


    Recurring Role

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      • Treguard: Welcome, watchers of illusion, to the castle of confusion. Phase across time with us once more, for this is the age of adventure. I, Treguard, master of the dungeon, give you audience. Watch now you armchair adventurers while others braver than yourselves challenge the secrets of my lair. A quest is now in progress, so here's a progress report...

      • Treguard: Through the threat of spear points bright came Simon, who's from Heckmondwyke. But when they met a dungeon terror, he help mates went and made an error. There, with dungeoneer in plight, the silly boys turned off the light. They perished, although what a pity, it does help rhyme this awful ditty.

      • Cedric: Listen dung face, for I have riddles of different times, of different legends. Three riddles have I and truth I seek. One truth will pass you, two may aid, three commands me. Fail thrice, and I'll have you for breakfast. Metaphorically speaking of course. I'd never actually eat anything that looks as sickly as you.

      • Cedric: Here is my first. Those noble priests that wore this holy cloth, where not allowed by Earth to shed your blood. Instead a club they used to crush and maime. This weapon I would know its name.

      • Cedric: Here is my second. Fair of face, yet scarcely human, they've magic yet no evil spells. Green of garb and forest ruling, who dwellers of the dells?

      • Cedric: Here is my third. For centuries the frozen giant crawls, though I can trace his moving, yet he scares the very surface of the world. Name this force of nature.

      • Cedric: You can pass on, and I'll give you a spell that's been hanging around here for years. As magic goes it's what you might call, heavy but a bit hasty. Anyways, the name of the spell is Anvil. Got it?

      • Casper: Hey! Hey, put me down! What do you think you are picking people up like that with your great big grubby hands!?
        Danny: Sorry.
        Casper: I should think so too. Listen up dumb head. I'm Casper. Casper the Key, that's me. Merlin made me like this because he kept losing me. Hey, what's your name then?
        Danny: Danny.
        Casper: Nice name that. Not as good as Casper though. Well Danny, I suppose now you've found me you might as well take me for a ride. And for goodness sake carry me carefully and don't go dropping me somewhere dark and dangerous where I won't ever be found. Hey Danny, you'd better hurry now, for time is not on your side unless, unless of course, we've time in hand.

      • Merlin: One good name deserves another. My name is Bert. Now you might think Bert is an unusual name for a master magician, but then we high sorcerers are allowed lots of different names and quite a few different shapes as well. Bert is one of my lesser names, highly suitable for lesser magic, like for example boiling the perfect egg. Do you know any of my other names Danny?
        Danny: No.
        Merlin: Yes, yes that's one of them. Well now Danny, welcome to the Hall of Folly. Nothing to do with anyone else of that name you might have met. Well, not much to do with him at any rate. Here you must find wisdom or depart a fool.

      • Merlin: So, I see you found Casper the Key.
        Casper: Hail master! At your service for all your opening and closing duties, anytime of the day or night. No extra charge for weekends.
        Merlin: Yes, yes quiet please. I'm beginning to regret that particular experiment. It was a lot more peaceful just losing things.

      • Merlin: Something worth having is worth earning. You must earn it by answering my riddles. There are three, and here's the first. Wings it has, yet not a bird. Scales it has, yet justice not served. Hot its breath, yet cold as ice its heart. Name the worm that turns the forces of the dark.

      • Merlin: Here is my second. It was the noblest knight, who broke the table round. It was a woman who dragged him down. To penance and death he wore a priestly gown. Who was he?

      • Merlin: Here is my third. Waves it does, though sea air seldom breathes. Spells it does, though words it never speaks. Shorter than a staff, and blunter than a sword. With it I can conquer knights with just a word.

      • Merlin: Already you have defeated fear, now you have defeated folly and in turn I gift you three spells and two warnings. The first spell is a short spell and it is called Flare. The second is effective and is called Freezer, but its effects only sentient objects. The third spell is high magic and is called Energy. Each can be used only once. The first warning is of Mogdred, my alter ego. He is the dark side of my nature and of my magic. He lies ahead and below and must be overcome. The second is a minor inconvenience, but nonetheless deadly. The Level 2 guards are holding a tournament and through the door you must brave their gauntlet. Step carefully to succeed.

      • Folly: Listen carefully. Are you ready? Says the right hand to the left hand, I don't know the way. Says the left hand to the right hand, I'm in disarray. Very well, quaffed the right hand, then I'll have the say.

      • Treguard: Warning team, complete temporal disruption approaching. Time is now the enemy. Oh dear, temporal disruption complete. Time flies as the Romans would say and although all continues in your world, here time has flown. All adventuring must now cease until you phase with us once more. Will our team triumph in adversity or will the dungeon win once more? And if so, why should you care, for here nothing is real and all must surely be an illusion. Join us again for Knightmare. And just keep telling yourself, it's only a game... isn't it?

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