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Season 1 Episode 6

Episode 6

Aired Unknown Oct 12, 1987 on ITV
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Episode Summary

Episode 6
Team 4 (Day Three): Danny, Nigel, Tom, Mark
- Went through left exit
- Entered bomb room and died (took wrong turn).

Team 5 (Day One): Helen, Anthony, John Paul, Claire
- Stepped on key to open second exit.
 - Walked through Scorpion room.
- Took Apple, Key and Flowers (left Glove).
- Encountered Granitas, answered two riddles correctly.
- Used Key in bomb room.
- Encountered sneezing giant.
- Gave Flowers to Lillith, gained WELL spell.
- Went left in the Corridor of the Catacomb.
- Used WELL spell and died (took wrong turn).

Team 6 (Day One): Richard, Jonathan, Paul, Edward
- Stepped on Bridge piece, went through second exit.
- Entered room with Key, Cup and Bomb.

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      • Treguard: Welcome, watchers of illusion, to the castle of confusion. Phase across time with us once more, for this is the age of adventure. I, Treguard, master of the dungeon, give you audience. Watch now you armchair adventurers while others braver than yourselves challenge the secrets of my lair. A quest is now in progress, so here's a progress report...

      • Treguard: Ah yes, there he is. Not exactly the most loveable of netherworld creations. This one's probably Olgarth for his stoney friend Granitas was on duty last time and they tend to take it in turns.
        Granitas: I am Granitas of legend. It grieves me to report that the crumbling fossil Olgarth is at the moment unfit for guard duty. The cause it appears is frost action. So be it. I have riddles of different times and different legends. Three riddles have I and truth I seek. One truth will pass you, two may aid you, three commands me. Fail three times and I feed on you.

      • Granitas: Here is my first. Percival and Galahad sought it, others seek it still, it has been called "the cup that heals". Give its common calling.

      • Granitas: Here is my second. What blindly sleeps for days, yet never lays to rest? What flies but never was a bird?

      • Granitas: Here is my third. Through dungeons deep and darkness cold, the miner goes in search of gold. Short of leg yet strong of arm, if you take what's his, he'll do you harm.

      • Lillith: Rock to rock, and stone to stone, span the pit and cross the zone.

      • Lillith: Wait a moment, Helen. I would ask you to stay and have a grape or something, but as I explained, I am not quite feeling up to colour. I will however reward you with some minor magic. I will gift to you a spell. It is called the Well spell, and as any fool knows you cast it by spelling. Oh, I wish I were well. See yourself out, through the serpent's mouth. Visitors are so tiring.

      • Treguard: Now that we have the next team, we can commence. You will have read the rules of ritual and the adventurer's code. But first for those that merely watch, a brief reminder. Here is the Helmet of Justice which blinds you to the way ahead, here the knapsack for food to feed your life force. Two objects only may you carry if you discover objects on your quest. Choose cautiously and use the magic or the weapons of your enemy with care. A word of warning; the dungeon is obscure so any knowledge of previous quests will be of little use.

      • Treguard: Warning team, complete temporal disruption approaching. Time is now the enemy. Oh dear, temporal disruption complete. Time flies as the Romans would say and although all continues in your world, here time has flown. All adventuring must now cease until you phase with us once more. Will our team triumph in adversity or will the dungeon win once more? And if so, why should you care, for here nothing is real and all must surely be an illusion. Join us again for Knightmare. And just keep telling yourself, it's only a game... isn't it?

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