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  • A British Children's Gameshow that should never be forgotten

    'Enter, Stranger'

    Not many shows held me in awe as a kid, but this is one of them. Although quite dated now you can see from each season the changes in technology during the late 80s and early 90s. There were other shows that used prerendered backgrounds and computer graphics within a greenscreen room/virtual reality on CITV but none of them were so successful.

    It takes the form of a freeform RPG like quest show, where you had to work your way through levels of a dungeon while interacting with puzzles and inhabitants. Favourites of which are the corridor of blades and Mottley the Jester. Treguard the Dungeon Master is your guide.

    A few years back I rewatched it on Challenge TV and was shocked at how little I remembered of the 8 seasons. My conclusion is that the best seasons to watch are 3 (the only one that no teams won) and 6 (like 3 a tightening up of the previous 2 seasons this time with added timed floor puzzles).

    A classic in it's own right and never bettered.

    And finally I think the last words should be left to the host Treguard.

    'ooooh Nasty!'
  • I remember coming home from Junior school, sitting in front of the television, and watching/taking part in the wonder that was Knightmare. Absolute classic!

    I'll never forget this program, it was one of my favourite shows when I was a kid.

    Every show was just so captivating, watching the people work their way through, and I have to say, it was quite scary when you were young!

    I still have fond memories/shivers every time I think about it now!

    I really think they should bring it back on air!