Knights of Bloodsteel

Syfy (ended 2009)


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  • Something along the lines of "Stardust"...

    Fantasy stories are never simple. It seems there is always a huge infrastructure of people, non-people, places and magic this-or-that to keep track of. But I am finding them strangely compelling these days.

    Typically, this tale links a few unlikely good guys from different backgrounds, against a couple of evils, for a prize that may be more trouble than it is saviour.

    It was interesting to see something of David James Elliott since JAG, and "John Serragoth" was definitely a different look from Harmon Rabb! I didn't sense much chemistry between his character and the heroine "Perfidia" however that may have been something of the nature of her character. However, they did see to it that good triumphed over evil even if only temporarily, and that's the point of a good tale. We'll see if the Continuing Story of "Knights of (now something other than) Bloodsteel" has the ability to be as good as, or even better than "Stardust"...

    The door seems to have been left open for a follow-up and this is one made for TV movie I'd like to see have an extended story. I think there is likely some more story to be told because happy endings are seldom for real and there is always more evil and magic to deal least in good stories there is!