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Knights of the Zodiac

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Welcome to the Knights of the Zodiac guide. (Note: This guide is for the US verison of the Japanese show SAINT SEIYA. For the original show, please goto: In this fast-paced futuristic adventure, the Bronze Knights led by Seiya draw upon their amazing martial art skills as well as their mystical power in which each is keyed into a sign of the Zodiac as they attempt to defeat Ikki and the Black Knights who would do anything to gain control of the Gold Cloth of Sagittarius. But beyond the Black Knights are even more deadlier foes...the Silver Knights and the Gold Knights who possess more power than the Bronze Knights can ever imagine and they're being controlled by the ultra force of supernatural evil--Ares the God of War. Seiya and the Bronze Knights must pit themselves in hand-to-hand combat against the most formidable fighters in the universe as they struggle to return Athena the Goddess of War to her rightful throne and assure the peace of the world. Knights of the Zodiac airs on Cartoon Network, Saturdays at 7pm., during the Toonami action programming block. It originally aired as Saint Seiya for 114 episodes in Japan during October 11, 1986 to April 1, 1989 (listed in this guide as Seasons 1-3) The last arc of the manga was animated in November 2002 as a 13 episode OVA called Saint Seiya - The Hades Chapter (listed in this guide as season 4) A second season of the Hades chapter is sheduled to air in November 2004 in Japan, and in the meantime the animation studio is hard at work on a new Saint Seiya movie, which will be out sometime in Spring of 2004. After much Censoring, Editing, and soforth, the series has undergone some drastic changes to the point where it is an entirely different show from the original. ADV Films has released wonderful uncensored versions of Saint Seiya episodes on DVD, the first five episodes on one DVD available now at your local anime store, and any fan of the original series will tell you to pick that up rather than watch blue blood and listen to cheap synth music and annoying dubs as opposed to the beauty that is the original. Knights of the Zodiac Theme (US Version) performed by Bowling for Soup. A Cloud Appears above your head A Beam of light is shining down on you Shining Down on you The Cloud is moving nearer still Aurora Borealis comes in view Aurora comes in view And I ran I Ran so far away I just ran I ran all night and day And I ran I ran so far away I just ran I ran all night and day I couldn't get away Knights: Attacks Bronze Knights Seiya--Knight of Pegasus--Pegasus Meteor Punch Jabu--Knight of Unicorn--Unicorn Gallop Ban--Knight of Lionet--Lionet Bomber Geki--Knight of Great Bear--Crushing Bear Hyoga--Knight of Swan--Diamond Dust/Frozen Punch Ichi--Knight of Hydra--Mellow Poison, Fang of Poison Shiryu--Knight of Dragon--Rozan Rising Dragon, Shield of Dragon Shun--Knight of Andromeda--Nebula Chains Ikki--Knight of Phoenix--Phanton Demon Nachi--Knight of Wolf--Dead Howling June--Knight of Chameleon--??? Black Knights ???--Knight of Black Pegasus--Black Meteor Punch ???--Knight of Black Dragon--Fist of Black Dragon ???--Knight of Black Andromeda--Black Nebula Chains ???--Knight of Black Swan--Black Blizzard ???--Knight of Black Phoenix--Black Phanton Demon Silver Knights and Amazons Marin--Amazon of Eagle--Eagle Toe Flash, Ryu Sei Ken, Kuu Ken Shina--Amazon of Ophiuchus--Thunder Claw Morris--Knight of Cetus (Whale)--Cetus Spouting Bomber Arakune--Knight of Tarantula--Tarantula Net Misty--Knight of Lacerta (Lizard)--Marble Tripper Asterion--Knight of Hound--One Million Ghosts Babel--Knight of Centaurus (Centaur)--Babel's Flame Argol--Knight of Perseus--Gorgon's Kick, Medusa Shield Jamian--Knight of Crow--Black Wing Capella--Knight of Auriga (Charioteer)--Flying Saucer Dante--Knight of Cerberus--Ball and Chain Sirius--Knight of Canis Major (Greater Dog)--??? Dios--Knight of Musca (Fly)--Dead End Fly Argethi--Knight of Hercules--??? Tremy--Knight of Sagitta (Arrow)--??? Agora--Knight of Lotus--??? Shiba--Knight of Pavo (Peacock)--??? Abiore--Knight of Cephus (King)--??? Steel Knights Sho--Knight of Air--??? Ushio--Knight of Water--??? Daichi--Knight of Earth--??? Gold Knights Mu--Knight of Aries (Ram)--Starlight Extinction, Stardust Revolution, Crystal Wall Aldebaran--Knight of Taurus (Bull)--Great Horn Ares/Saga--Knight of Gemini (Twins)--Another Demension, Galaxian Explosion Mephisto--Knight of Cancer (Crab)--Underworld Portal Confinement Aioria--Knight of Leo (Lion)--Lightning Bolt, Lightning Plasma Shaka--Knight of Virgo (Virgin)--TenMaKouFuku, Rikudo Rinne, TenbuHorin Roshi/Dohko--Knight of Libra (Scales)--Libra's Weapon Miro--Knight of Scorpio (Scorpion)--Scarlet Needle, Constriction Aioros--Knight of Sagittarius (Archer)--Atomic Thunderbolt Shura--Knight of Capricorn (Sea Goat)--Jumping Stone, Excalibur Camus--Knight of Aquarius (Water Carrier)--Diamond Dust, Aurora Execution Aphrodite--Knight of Pisces (Fishes)--Royal Demon Rose, Pirahna Rose, Scarlet Rose Ghost Knights ???--Knight of Dolphin--??? ???--Knight of Jellyfish--??? ???--Knight of Sea Serpent--??? =========================== Series Trivia: * In Spain and other countries of Latin America, the original release in the '90s had a different intro, with scenes from the movie "Abel" and a song in Spanish (which wasn't a translation of an original). * The U.S. release changes the blood color, from the original red, to green or grey in different scenes (this at least happens in the first episodes) ========================moreless


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high stake situations, myths, unlikely friendships, ruthless killing, mysterious forces