Knights of the Zodiac

Season 1 Episode 58

Heroical! Ikki Dissolved Because of Friendship

Aired Saturday 7:00 PM Oct 09, 2004 on YTV

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  • One of the gratest episodes in the whole series

    ikki is one of the bravest knights and he fought one of the toughest golden knights of the zodiac, shaka never realized how bad he was underestimating ikki, even though he knew he wasn\\\'t going to be an easy match. at the time the phoenix had lost all his senses shaka was conveinced he had finished for all with his oponent, but little he knew that ikki\\\'s courage had no limits and that the phoenix would even give up his life in order to help his brother and friends. Ikki\\\'s determination and bravery lead him to the victory over shaka\\\'s enormus power.
    When shaka finnally learned that ikki was not only smart, and powerful, he also found out that he was facing himself the most noble knight of the zodiac, bringin one of the most memorable moments in the series, I loved this episode.
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