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  • knight of the zodiac

    please bring this show back
  • We all Should do a Donation Requests for it to bring it back to the English Dubbed version.

    Do a Donation Requests to either Viz Media or funimation.

    You don't just stop a Anime from showing its get old after a while if you keep doing that. So plz Bring it back bring Saint Seiya back or you know as Knight of the Zodiac for all the seasons and movies and The Omega one too. Plz? we be happy very happy then. so Bring tit back to the English Dubbed world. and the games to. We all Saint Seiya Fan ( Knight of the Zodiac fans ) wish for it to be.

    I know you cant just wish and it comes on. We have to do something before it happens like I said before Donation Requests. to Viz Media or funimation or one of the English Dubbing Company's. So plz help Saint Seiya fans or Knight of the Zodiac fans help to bring it back.
  • this show is amazing and needs to go back onte air insteadof us loyalfans having to deal with theepisodes posted on youtube you can never tell whatquality the episode is

    i have watched different episodes and have returned to watching this show after 3 years of not beinbg able to find it i beieve i speak for many other fans of the show when i say it is amazing and should be put back on the air even on adult swim or even on G4 tv we're not pickyaboutthe channel the merch could make a lot of money if we could ever find anyand we ould watch every day or week whichever ime table fit some fans are even members of the united states military and had access to it during r&r i myself am about to ship out in march and would apreciate you concidering reinstaing this show...thank you for your time
  • I loved this anime as a kid

    Ok i really loved this anime as a kid, i mean i was only 10 or 11 years old at the time but i just loved it!! so can we please please find a way to bring it back? I've also brought this up before on the YTV boards, i really suggest we have back this anime, allot of people loved it, and i know for shure that allot of kids today, would love the anime more than i ever have, i know of allot of people who watch the animes like Naruto, and Bleach on YTV and maybe one or 2 of them remeber this one, but please, if not for my sake, or all others who wrote a review, do it for the kids of today, bring back this anime!!
  • Please Please Please Bring it Back it's one of My fave shows.

    This is one of My favorite Shows. I love it I wish it hadn't gone off the air. Can u please bring it back? if so Please Please Please do.I'm begging you please Bring it back. It's hard to find the episodes in English anywhere. I haven't found any yet. This is all i ask is that you bring it back to Cartoon network at a convenient time. PleasePlease PleaseBring this awsome Cartoon Back. Thankyou for putting this up on ur website I for one would b extremely grateful If u would Put this show on the Air again. Thank You so much.
  • one word classic

    Knights of the Zodiac had great animations and great fights. What else do you need to make a great show? nothing that's why this show is so famous around the world. The knights of the Zodiac was a childhood favorite. It was a classic for kids around the world it was better than most show are today they should bring it back to TV but is has to have everything the last one did . I think this show died out before hitting its prime i use to watch this show every time i could rerun and all.
  • One of the shows that actually feels more like a soap opera.

    "Dame tu fuerza Pegaso!" something like "Give me your Strenght, Pegassus" was our favorite phrase in this show, in the spanish translated version that is. This show has a great story, great animations and great fights. What else do you need to make a great show? Nothing else! One thing that this show has to hook you up and never let go, is the freaking cliffhangers! every single episode (jut like in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z) you would have this unfinnished situation that is not partially solved until the next episode. Other annoying thing was the tears, everybody cries in this show! Excellent show!

    Knights of the Zodiac. I love this show. Bring it back!!!!!!!!! This show is sooooo cooooooollll. I LOVE IT!!!!! In this show the main characters are Seiya, Hyoga, Shiryu, Shun, Ikki (I think) and Sienna. My favourite characters is Seiya. Hyoga is cool though. Shiryu...well...I don't really like him. Ikki is okay. Shun is nice but he looks sooooooooo much like a girl. I can't stand sienna. She is so boring and ugly and I really hate her. I don't like her hair for one thing and herself either or anything about her. She is so borig and annoying. Same with Miho. I hate her too. Okay..Tatsumi is dumb and so are pretty uch anyone else. Like I was saying.. this show is fantastic!!! I love it soooo much!! It's my third favourite anime show ever (My first are Yu-Gi-Oh! and then DBZ). This show is sooo funny and it has so much action in it! I love that! It is marvelous! Knights of the Zodiac's episodes are very good too. Too bad I haven't watched all of them:( The show is Superb! I love Knights of the Zodiac!!!! GO KotZ!!!

    Wow, it`s amazing how this show is so famous around the world. The first time i watched this show was in 1995, when i was like 8. In that time, i always watched the show, everyday, even in the reruns of the show. Then a year later, It began to air the Asgard chapter and Poseidon chapter, and i through in that moment that the Poseidon Chapter was the last part of the show. But then, 6 years later it began to air in CN. and one year later i find out about the hades chapter. Now i can`t stop to watch this episode, i can`t wait to december for the new episodes. But all i can say about this show, is in one word: marvelous
  • This was one of the best action shows ever. Why isn't it on the air?

    Knights of the Zodiac was one of the best animation/action shows that has ever been watched. It had a good storyline and a lot of action/fight scenes. In other words, it did everything right. The only problem with the show is that I can't find it on my T.V.! The whole show was exciting, with no boring scenes in between the awesome fighting. It also didn't play eleven episodes of the two combatants talking to each other and going over their history and explaining why the fight is so important to the show (this was a compliment). It was a show that was enjoyable to watch and I did watch it every time I could until it mysteriously dissappeared ( I wonder if I spelled that right). So basically, it was an awesome show, bring it back now! (it wouldn't let me type in all caps because"it sounds like shouting" duh, that's the point!!)
  • Childhood favourite

    The knights of the Zodiac was one of my childhood favourites. It was a classic for kids my age (At least here in Brazil, where I live)in the early 90's.

    Still today I remember this one day, late afternoon, I got home from scholl and turned on the TV to watch it in the living room and my mom was there with me, I was about 7 or 8 years old. My mom complained that the plot was too confusing and complicated to follow.

    About teo years ago, they started the re-runs and my little brother watches it daily. Once or twice I tried to watch it with him. And I hate to admit it: My mother was right!
  • This was probably one of the best anime shows I've ever watched!

    I loved Knights of the Zodiac. When I got in high school, I started watched a lot of anime shows. Some were re-runs, but that was fine. I caught the show one Saturday night on Cartoon Network around 11 pm. I saw the opening theme and I was just taking in by it. I couldn't believe this great show had been on all this time and I was just starting to watch it. From then on, I never missed an episode. The characters were just so mesmerizing and when they fought in a battle you never took your eyes off of them. I really wish they would bring it back because the younger kids really need to see this show. Right now, it's all about high tech equipment and things like that. Knight of the Zodiac wasn't about that. It was a about a bunch of guys fighting for a princess and in a way, to prove that they could excel above anything. In a way, it was like a mythically story coming to life and helping us find our own strength within.
  • This show needs to return on the air. such a great anime full of everything

    This show is one of my favorite shows of ALL time. i used to see it back in the 90's and i loved it so when it started on Cartoon Network i was exited. regardless of the fact that cartoon network cuts some good parts it was still a great show wich i would have yo watch every week without fail untill the day it was taken off the air for some strange reason. WHY I DONT KNOW. does anyone know if they give it in another chanel otherwise ill have to buy the entire series on dvd somewere

    Over all this is a 10 0f 10 becouse not only is it a great show but the mythology involved is real and very interesting, and maybe a littke helpfull in school one day.
  • Nice Show

    Please can someone get in contact with cartoonnetwork and tell them to bring this show back ..... this show is the best .... im from brazil and over there they had knights of the zodiac on tv in 1997 or around that year i cant really remember .... but i got to tell ya it was the best show.
  • omg can someone plz tell me whre knights of the zodiac come out, cartoon network doesnt have them anymore, plz bring them back they freakin' rock! karla*

    knights of the zodiac rock they should bring them back, i searched on cartoon network and nothing, i know they had it before but now it seems they dont, if any one has news about them plz email me at this has been one of the best animes i've ever seen!
  • Guys wearing armors

    A true japanese animation series (anime style) classic, "Saint Seiya" as it was originally named by the japanese factory TOEI, tells the story of young orphans whose life change because they were picked by a millionaire Mitsumasa Kido to be trained as the knights who will protect the reincarnation of the Goddess of Athena, whose spirit lies on her adopted child Saori Kido.
  • i think this is one of the best cartoons ever made....

    i think this is one of the best cartoons ever made, the detailing of the characters and the armors they use are great and they\'re improving each season. I like that the characters are always fighting for a reason not for themselves but the whole world even if they're teenagers
  • This is a great storyline that mixes Greek mythology with the characters. This is a classic in my eyes neways . I recommend to all viewers to watch this cartoon ! !

    This is a great storyline that mixes Greek mythology with the characters. This is a classic in my eyes neways . I recommend to all viewers to watch this cartoon ! !
    i really wish that they would bring back this show b/c i missed the end episode . . . or they just didnt play them . . . i wish they would air it again!! it would make me so happy ! !
  • Forget about samurai or small-virtual-cute-imaginary-animals. "Saint Seiya - The Knights of the Zodiac" is the ONE japanese show!

    Mixing different myths from all over the world, a big dose of action and drama, Saint Seiya (the original name of the show) is Masami Kurumada's greatest creation, and it was responsible for the japanese animations' invasion of the West.
    The show was created in 1984, and until these days it is recognized for millions of fiery fans as the best ever.
    Originally, the animated series was divided in three grand parts: Sanctuary, Asgard and Poseidon. In the manga (japanese comics that led to the animation), there was also one last part, "staring" Hell-god Hades, but this part could not be created due to arguments between Masami Kurumada and TOEI, the company that financed the project.
    Many years later, in 2002, they rejoined forces, and anounced that Hades series was going to be made, finally.
    Thirteen episodes have been launched so far of this last part, that, according to most fans, is the best one.
  • This is a great storyline that mixes Greek mythology with the characters. Best episodes to watch are the Hades Chapters. This is a classic, and just recently their newest is out; Saint Seiya Overture. I recommend to all viewers to watch the cartoon fro

    The cartoon network version of this cartoon is a disaster. they cut out a lot of the action, so all you get is dialog with cheesy voices and quotes. The original has more violence and language. Which i dont understand why this is the only Country that sensors its shows. Even Mexico was able to dubb and show this cartoon to its original. If you watch it on Tv, you'll be dissapointed, watch the DVD, or the original Jap/Eng Sub on DVD, you will be very pleased.
  • knights of the zodiac is a great heroic show

    There\\\'ll never be enough space to describe how special this series really is here, but maybe it can\\\'t be said with words as it is. Saint Seiya is very much a visual experience, after all.

    The story, in a nutshell, is about five young boys who\\\'s task it is to defend the modern-day reincarnation of Athena against several threats. This translates into loads of very theatrical duels between these five Bronze Saints and their rivals, who happen to all be pretty boys with groovy armors and hairstyles. At a glance, it sounds terribly daft, but there\\\'s so much -more- in here than in your average boys-oriented battle series.

    For starters, the overall quality of the presentation is quite a surprise. Of course, for such a long TV series there are always one or two episodes that look a bit drab. But taking in the big picture, Saint Seiya has an immediately recogniseable visual style of it\\\'s own that really leaves an impression. Long, fluttering strands of hair (in some very groovy colors) surround faces with dreamy eyes, and the fine, stylised bodies of the characters are shot from many inventive angles and animated with lots of flair. Kudos also to the one behind the backdrops; Saint Seiya sports some of the most gorgeous background paintings I\\\'ve ever seen. From ruins of Greek temples to snowy wastelands, every setting is painted with rich and exquisite detail.

    The music would really deserve a full review of it\\\'s own, as composer Seiji Yokoyama has done a marvellous job. Rousing, dramatic themes are the order of the day, who fit the scenes wonderfully and amplify the impact of the series no end. They also stick in your head forever, as do the punchy rock songs in the opening credits (it\\\'s the music that drew me into this series to begin with, actually. One listen of \\\"Soldier Dream\\\" and you\\\'re marked for life).

    The plots and structure of the battles have their own \\\"typically Saint Seiya\\\" style as well. What is remarkable is how much cruelty and sadness shows through here. Not just meaning that the fights get rather bloody at some points (Hyoga\\\'s duel against Milo of Scorpio), but also that a lot of the characters have painful pasts and deep traumas. This makes for a rich, and very interesting cast. The opponents of our heroes aren\\\'t plain \\\"nasties\\\", they usually have their own ways of thinking which pushes them to fight for their cause. They\\\'re often misguided, or being used for someone\\\'s other dark means, which makes it all the more tragic to see them bravely dying in a battle to the limits, after they\\\'ve shown such rich and fascinating personalities. There are only one or two truly \\\"evil\\\" characters among the enemies (and even they are very captivating to watch).

    The five young heroes have equally likeable and deep personalities (with the exception of mister big hero Seiya, perhaps), and develop distinct styles of thinking and of fighting throughout the series. It makes for a gripping experience, full of rich and very dramatic moments.

    Another interesting touch is the clever use of mythologic references. Each character is affiliated to a constellation, and often to a mythological figure as well. These are usually well-researched and very clever references, and it\\\'s probably the best job I\\\'ve ever seen of bringing ancient myths up to date again, all while respecting the tone of the original myth.

    With such a long series (114 episodes), there are ups and downs, inevitably. Particularly during the first \\\"Sanctuary\\\" series, Toei larded on a big dose of filler episodes and soulless extra characters, purely for marketing purposes, who just hamper the series as a whole. The later \\\"Poseidon\\\" episodes are also rather dull and empty. The best of the series is concentrated in the latter Sanctuary episodes, and the tremendous Asgard series. Next to the TV series, there are also 4 short movies, worth watching just for the eye candy (the Abel movie is really wonderful to look at).

    All in all, Saint Seiya is and always will be one of the greatest works Japan has produced. It has gathered a huge lot of very faithful fans, simply because once you\\\'ve gotten into the flavor of Saint Seiya, you\\\'ll never be able to forget it again. Some may be put off by it\\\'s delicate visual style and baroque touches, but this was never intended for those who can\\\'t appreciate beautiful stories in the first place. Just a shame this is hardly known on the English-language market.