Knights of the Zodiac - Season 1

YTV (ended 2005)




Episode Guide

  • Gather, Friends! By Athena's Command
    Athena revived, and along with her, Shiryu, Hyoga and Shun revive thanks to Athena's power. While Seiya is badly beaten by Saga, Ikki shows up once again but he is defeated. When Athena shows up along with the gold and bronze saints, Seiya gets up and with the energy cosmos reunited from his friends and Athena' s power, Seiya has to defeat Saga with his last breath.moreless
  • Go On Seiya! Beyond the Death of Friends
    Seiya has lost all of his senses and he's badly beaten by Saga. Meanwhile, Shaka of Virgo has returned to the Virgo's mansion and he revives Ikki to help Seiya in the battle against Saga. Back to the sanctuary, Ikki comes to the help, and Seiya has manages to get Athena's shield, Will he success and save Athena?.moreless
  • Extinguished Fire Clock! Pope's Invitation
    After being saved by Marine from the garden of roses, Seiya finally made it to the Pope' room. There, he realizes that he is, in fact, Saga the Gold saint of Gemini and Seiya is badly beaten. Meanwhile, Marine tells Shaina the truth about the pope.
  • Peaceful! Shun's Last Smile
  • Demon Rose! Sweet Death's Scent
  • Warrior of Beauty! Aphrodite
  • Farewell! My Teacher, My Friend
    Hyoga faces his master Kamus one last time.
  • Ah, Shiryu! You Became Lost Among the Stars
    The battle between Shiryu and Shura continue. Shiryu has reached one more time the 7th sense, however Shura has manage to hit Shiryu in his heart, and with no options left, Shiryu prepares himself to do the forbidden attack, The Final Dragon.
  • Howling Sacred Sword! Shura vs. Dragon
  • Young Men! To You I Entrust Athena
  • Resound! Sanctuary's Gold Cloths
  • Go On, Hyoga! The Noble Warrior
  • Surrender or Death! These Wings Are at Their Limit
  • Hyoga's Resurrection! At the Risk of My Life
  • Revive, Swan! Life, Death and Love
  • Heroical! Ikki Dissolved Because of Friendship
    Ikki is on the verge of death, since he cannot move, speak, smell, see or hear.
  • Fear of the Void! Shaka Opening His Eyes
    Ikki is lying dead on the floor, and Shaka tries to find out which world Ikki has chosen.
  • Shaka! The Man Closest to the Gods
    The Bronze Saints arrive at the Virgo Temple.
  • Ties of Friendship! Athena's Call
    Ikki struggles to keep himself alive, but Shiva and Agora are very powerful and Phoenix can't move a muscle against them because of Shaka.
  • Ikki! The Phoenix's Blazing Wings
    The battle at the Leo Temple is finally over. Aiolia heals Seiya's leg with his cosmo and tells the Bronze Saints what they will face on the sixth Temple: Virgo Shaka, the Saint whose power is the closest of God's.
  • What a Man! Cassios Dies for Love
    Seiya is about to die on Leo Temple. Cassios leaves Shina's hut and goes to the Twelve Temples.
  • Ares! Legend of the Demon Fist
    Seiya manages to avoid the Lightning Bolt and hits Aiolia, who falls on the ground.
  • Why! The Golden Lion Bared His Fangs
    Aiolia, the Gold Saint of Leo, is not allowing Seiya to move on.
  • Rise, Dragon! Shiryu's Raging Cosmo
    The battle between Shiryu and Death Mask continues.
  • Love! Shunrei's Prayer
    Shiryu finds himself again at the doors of the Underworld, fighting again Death mask, but his powers are useless against Death mask. When Death mask realizes that Shunrei is sending energy to Shiryu beneath her prayes, Death mask attacks her with his cosmos and Shiryu gets mad and awakes his power.moreless
  • Dragon! Rebirth from the Land of Death
    Seiya and Shiryu arrive at Cancer's Mansion, and are terrified from human heads coming out of the walls and ceiling. There, they meet Death mask. Shiryu decides to face him in order to Seiya can advance to the next mansion.
  • Farewell, Hyoga! Sleep, O Noble Warrior
    Hyoga wakes up in the Libra's mansion where he meets Camus of Aquarius, the master of his master Crystal. In order to save Hyoga from the death, Camus beats him and locks his body inside of an ice coffin.
  • Call Out! Nebula Chain of Attack and Defense In One
    Gemini breaks the last chain that keeps Shun in this world, and he drifts away in the interdimensional portal.
  • Fear! Adrift in Another Dimension
    Seiya and Shiryu find the Gemini Saint as well but, due to the fact that Shiryu is blind, he can't be fooled by Gemini's illusion and they manage to leave Gemini Temple.
  • Gemini Temple! Labyrinth of Light and Darkness
    Burning his cosmo to the limits, Seiya blocks Aldebaran's Great Horn and, surprisingly, repels the powerful attack towards the Gold Saint, who is thrown on the ground.
  • Big Bang! The Battle of the Gold Bull Temple
    Seiya challenges Aldebaran and tells the others to move on, but Aldebaran knock them out with one single strike.
  • The Ultimate Cosmo! Seven Senses
    Seiya and the others are told by Trammy that they have to pass through the twelve mansions in twelve hours.
  • The Big Battle of Sanctuary! Athena's Greatest Crisis
    Andromeda manages to defeat his foes, and finally the knights take off to the sanctuary.
  • Go On! Our Departure
    Everyone is ready to battle at Sanctuary, as Shun heads to the airport to meet the others.
  • Speed of Light! The Blow Exceeds the Sound Barrier
    At the Five Peaks, Shiryu drinks the Water of Life, but it doesn't work. Roshi tells Shiryu about the existence of twelve gold clothes at the Sanctuary, and that the Pope has decided to send his Gold Saints to retrieve the Sagittarius Cloth and defeat the Bronze Saints.
  • Fight! Gold Saint
    Fight! Gold Saint
    Episode 38
  • The Mask Screams! Either Love or Death
  • Amazing! Versus Twelve Gold Cloths
  • Deadly Journey! Open the Dragon's Eyes
  • Farewell, Friend! Rest in Peace
    Ohko reveals to Roshi his long-time resentment of Shiyru.
  • Fight! Dragon's Tears of Light
    Back in China, a blind Shiryu is suffering for not being able to do simple things like training or holding a cup of tea.
  • Big Explosion! Death Queen Island
    Seiya is having his injuries treated at the hospital, being watched by Saori, Shun and Hyoga.
  • Demon Illusion! The Borderline Between Life And Death
    Two new silver saints arrive to take Saori, they are Capella, Silver Saint of Auriga and Dante, Silver Saint of Cerberus.
  • Burn Brightly! The Cosmo of Love
    Seiya attacks the crows that were taking Saori and she falls on the abyss.
  • Kidnapped! An Army of Crows Attacks Saori
    Shiryu goes back to China with Shunrei to rest and try to find a cure to his eyes.
  • Dragon! Sacrificial Punch
    Shiryu is having troubles to attack Argol, since he needs to pay attention to the Medusa Shield.
  • Seiya Turned to Stone! The Medusa Shield
    Shiryu is unable to hit Spartan, since he can attack and defend himself with his telekinetic powers.
  • Friend or Foe! The Steel Saints
    Shina learns that the Bronze Saints are flying towards the Sanctuary, and sets up an ambush.
  • Fight! Under Athena's Command
    Seiya is tired because of his two battles and is no match for Asterion, who is faster and can read Seiya's thoughts.
  • Fly Pegasus! Like a Comet
    Misty hits Seiya with his technique, Marvel Tripper, making Seiya vomit blood and fall in the ocean.
  • Silver Saint! Noble Assassin
    Marin is ordered (and forced) to go to Japan and kill Seiya, but she doesn't go alone.
  • Rebirth from the Flames! Undestructible Ikki
    Shun, Saori and Tatsumi hide themselves at a small house in the middle of the forest, in order to protect the Gold Cloth's helm.
  • Catastrophe! Aurora Confrontation
    Roshi tells Shiryu that Ares is the new Pope.
  • Serious Battle! Shaina's Counter Attack
    Seiya and the others have the Gold Helmet, and the Sanctuary has the other parts of the Gold Cloth.
  • Shina's Revenge
    Shina's Revenge
    Episode 20
    Shun and Sienna take the gold helmet off to a secret hideout to protect it, while Shiryu, Seiya and Hyoga return to their training camps to see if they can learn who is behind all of this conflict and who has the gold cloth. (They don?t yet know that it is the Master of Sanctuary who is the ultimate villain behind all of their troubles.) Meanwhile, Crystal Knight, Hyoga's sensei, goes back to Sanctuary, where he confronts the Master with all of the bad things happening to the people in his land. The Master casts a spell on the Crystal Knight, making him one of his evil lackeys. The Master sends Crystal Knight to destroy Hyoga, but Marin overhears his plan. When Seiya arrives in Sanctuary, he is attacked by Shina and her men. Marin saves him, but pretends to fight him herself, whispering to him the danger that Hyoga is in. Seiya heads to Siberia to warn Hyoga, but before he can get there, Hyoga is attacked by the Crystal Knight.moreless
  • Life or Death! Bloody Battle at the Island of Spirits
    Shun has been hurt in the battle and is resting in his room.
  • Great Rage! The Ghost Saints of the Carribean
    The Pope is furious about Docrates' failure, and Shina advises Gigars to send the amazon, Jeist, to recover the Gold helmet.
  • Ghost Knights on the Rampage
    Three Ghost Knights-Dolphin, Jellyfish and Sea Serpent-are sent by Shina's friend Gyste to capture a Grande Foundation oil tanker and hold the crew hostage. The Bronze Knights go there and fight the three evil Ghost Knights. Suddenly, a fleet of pirate ships appear and pirates attack the Bronze Knights. They fight back, but realize that the pirates are merely illusions. But the Ghost Knights have escaped, taking the gold helmet with them. The Bronze Knights must pursue them to their hideout.moreless
  • To the Rescue! Saori's Crisis
    Docrates is in the Colosseum and will free Saori and Tatsumi if Seiya gives him the Gold Cloth's helm.
  • Docrates' Fierce Attack (AKA: The Giant! Docrates' Powerful Attack)
    In many places around the world tragedies are happening because of the Sanctuary's agents.
  • Phoenix's Secret Revealed (AKA: Now It's Revealed! Ikki's Secret)
    Ikki reveals what happened to him in the Death Queen Island.
  • Defeat of the Demon (AKA: It Was Defeated! The Illusion Demon Fist)
    The four Saints prepare to face Ikki (Hyoga wasn't dead after all), but they are no match for Ikki's mighty cosmo.
  • Duel of the Dragons (aka: Burn Up! Punch of Flames)
    Shiryu challenges the Black Dragon, while Shun tries to save Seiya, who is slowly dying because of Black Pegasus' Black Death Horror.
  • The Nebula Chain of Friendship (aka: Catch It! The Nebula Chain of Friendship)
    Seiya is suffering from Black Death's curse and is on the verge of death.
  • Seiya Battles Black Pegasus (aka: Life and Death Battle! Fear of the Black Death Fist)
    The battle of the Bronze Saints against Ikki and his Black Saints begins.
  • Dragon in the Graveyard of Knights (AKA: Shiryu in Danger! The Cemetery of Cloths)
    Shiryu goes to Jamil's Mountains in order to find Mu.
  • The Black Knights Appear
    Seiya is searching for Ikki with the aid of a police dog.
  • Battle for the Gold Cloth
    Seiya, Hyoga, Shiryu and Shun chase Ikki and his Black Saints through the city as they run away with the Gold Cloth.
  • Theft of the Gold Cloth
    Phoenix Ikki attacks his brother, Andromeda, without mercy.
  • The Return of Phoenix
    No one has ever gotten past Andromeda's Nebula Chains - that is, until his long lost brother Ikki, now known as the vengeful Phoenix, crashes the tournament - and he's not looking to play by the rules to claim his prize!
  • Miraculous Rebirth and Cosmic Friendship
    Seiya and Shiryu are now without their cloths, which means that the smallest mistake will lead one of them to death.
  • Dragon's Invincible Fist and Shield
    The most furious battle of the tournament begins: Seiya versus Shiryu, Bronze Saint of Dragon.
  • Swan, Warrior of the Ice Field
    Hyoga, the mighty warrior of ice, enters the tournament and fights against Ichi, another bronze Saint.
  • Burn! Meteor Punch of Pegasus!
    Seiya arrives in Japan and learns about the Galaxian War, but he's not interested.
  • A New Era of Heroic Legends
    Young Seiya is one of the many youngsters who were chosen to become knights of Athena. Now in Greece, Seiya starts his final test after very ardous training by fighting Cassius. Both of their trainers, the noble Marin and ferocious Shina, vie for hold of the legendary cloth of Pegasus which will be given to the champion. Seiya turns into the victor of the match and is given the Pegasus cloth by the master of sactuary. Later, Seiya has to prove Marin that he is worth to wear the Pegasus cloth by beating Shina.moreless
  • Knights of the Zodiac - Cartoon Network Trailer (2:22)
    Narrator: "Coming August 30th to Cartoon Network, There is great evil in the universe. Yet through the darkness, a glimmer of hope shines. A young hero, chosen by fate, and lured by adventure, must overcome his doubt, and uncover his own greatest power." Seiya: Pegasus Power... Punch now!!! Narrator: "Now, guided by the ancient power of the constellations, And aided by the bravest warriors of all of mythology, the battle begins: The Knights of the Zodiac!" Saori: I have lost the gold cloth of Saggitarius, the Black Knights have stolen it! Narrator: "For the love of a princess and the promise of universal peace" Saori's Grandfather: You must get the gold cloth back... Ikki: The universe will be mine! Narrator: "Seiya and his Bronze Knights will mount an epic battle to protect the most powerful force of the cosmos, the gold cloth of Saggitarius." Ikki: Ultimate Power is Ours! Behold the gold cloth! EEEAAARRAAAGGG! Narrator: "Brace yourselves..." Seiya: Okay stars, do your stuff! Narrator: "for the Knights of the Zodiac" "I Ran" by Flock of Seagulls, covered by Bowling for Soup now plays throughout the rest of the video.moreless