Knock First

ABC Family (ended 2004)


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Knock First

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KNOCK FIRST is a lightning fast, half-hour, do-it-yourself show where contestants transform their outdated rooms into kickin' pads. The magic happens during a two-day, all night party with their best friends, a hip young designer and two totally handy carpenters. The contestant's friends arrive just as the Knock First Party Bus rolls in. The parents are whisked out for the weekend so that the contestant has total control over what happens to their lair. They take the designer on a tour of the existing room, highlighting specific design considerations. The the designer presents a plan for the new room and the hard work begins. Supervised and assisted by the Knock First Crew, the contestant's friend's help to strip, rip, paint and prime the room. Then, the contestant and the designer will head out to the "vision wall" onboard the bus, and via an internet-capable cell phone, send snapshots back to their posse, receiving an IM "thumbs up" or "thumbs down." In the confessional, the friends will give their thoughts on the plans for the new room. The fun and anticipation will peak as the design team opens the door revealing the finished room to the contestant and audience at home for the first time. About the designers Taniya- She likes international music she was born in India her favorite film is Pulp Fiction. Shane- He was born in Canada his college degree is in Industrial Design books that he likes the Harry Potter series Jano- He was born in Ontario, he has a college degree in Industrial Design and his favorite book is Fountainhead and Cather in the Rye Andy- He was Born in Maryland he favorite film is The Good the Bad and The Ugly his favorite book is The Old man Patty- She was born in Pennsylvania she went to college at Drexel University her favorite books are anything written by Tom Robbinsmoreless