Knots Landing

Season 5 Episode 3

Nowhere to Run

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 13, 1983 on CBS

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Chip and Diana at a gas station. Chip tells Diana that they are going to sell her car, but Diana tells him he can't because it was a gift. Chip tells her to trust him because he knows what he's doing. Back at the MacKenzie house, Mack tells Karen that the police are spending extra time to find Diana and Chip. A call comes in from Sgt. Blake who informs Mack and Karen that Diana's credit card has been used in a gas station in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

At the ranch, Abby tells Gary she was in town looking for office space for Gary Ewing Enterprises. Gary ask why they need office space for, because they can use the ranch. Abby tells him they need a "high profile, an image."

Chip and Diana are driving when he asks Diana if she's having second thoughts. Diana: Chip, you're acting as if nothing happened. Chip: That's because nothing did happen. Once we get to New York, the whole thing will be behind us. We'll never have to think about this again. It'll be like it never happened. Diana believes everything he says. Karen and Val are talking. Karen tells Val the only thing the police know is that Diana's credit card was used at a gas station in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Chip and Diana could have turned off in any direction or any highway. Val tells Karen that she can't fall apart waiting for Diana to come home. Diana and Chip are at a used car lot trying to trade-in their car. The man thinks it suspicious and only offers six hundred dollars, but lowers the price when Chip argues with him because the car is worth $8,000. Chip says he'll take the six hundred dollars and the trade-in. The man will only give Diana five hundred and the trade-in.

Laura drives up to the ranch and brings by the final papers for the ranch. Laura tells Gary and Abby that this is the most fabulous place she has ever sold and the biggest commission she has ever made. Gary mentions the fact that Abby is looking for office space. Abby is hesitant to have Laura help, but Gary mentions that she's an expert. Abby tells Laura if she comes across anything to tell her. Laura tells Abby about an investment opportunity in which the government is selling off large parcels of wildnerness land. Abby tells Gary that this sounds like a good investment, but Gary says that he wouldn't buy land to sell it off, he would buy it to keep it.

Mack updates Karen that Diana has sold the car. Mack tells Karen not to go out to Oklahoma City. Later, Eric comes home and catches Karen packing to leave. Karen tells him she thinks she can bring Diana home. Karen tells Eric that she doesn't have to answer to him. Eric tells Karen that she acts like she's the only one that cares about Diana.

Chip: They won't chase us forever, they'll give up. We'll find a place that they never heard of us. Later, while listening to the radio, Chip and Diana hear that the police are looking for Tony Fenice, including his description and the car that they got from the used car lot. Chip thinks the police are following them and yells at Diana to shut up.

Laura and Gary talk at the ranch. Laura tells Gary that it hasn't been that hard since Richard left, except it's just the kids that make it hard. Gary asks Laura what she's going to do now. Laura tells him that she's going to work. Gary suggests that she come to work for him as his permanet real estate broker. Gary mentions that Abby has been mentioning real estate investments and that he wants Laura around because, although he loves Abby, he doesn't trust her. Laura agrees to work for him.

Ben Gibson comes to see Valene, but Lilliemae tells him she's not home.

Chip and Diana are stopped off the side of the road. A police officer drives by and Chip tells Diana to stay quiet and act normal. The officer says "Hi" to them, so Diana says "Hi" back. Chip knows that the officer is waiting for them, so he decides that they should leave and take the dirt road. While they are driving, the car starts to break down. Chip tells Diana to try to start the engine, while he looks at it, but it doesn't work. Chip breaks down and says that they'll never make it. Diana comforts him and tells him that they can make it on foot.

Mack comes home to find out from Lilliemae and Eric that Karen has left for Oklahoma. Later, Karen arrives at the car dealership and sees Diana's car and finds the owner's manual with her writing: "Happy Graduation. Some surprise, huh? Love Mom." Karen lets the used car salesman have it, because of how he gave Diana five hundred dollars and a junk car. The man tells him that she wouldn't know where her daughter is if he hadn't turned in the report. After Karen calls home, and hangs up in a rush, Mack decides to go out to be with Karen in Oklahoma City.

Chip and Diana are walking. Chip wants to give up, because there is no use going on. A police car comes across the car they abandoned. Chip and Diana find an abandoned shack. Chip doesn't want to stay there, but Diana says it'll have to do for the night.

Karen is awaken by Mack banging on the door and telling her to open the door. Mack took all night to get there. Mack tells Karen that he's here to be with her.

Diana wakes up and Chip tells her that they're trapped. They have nowhere to go. Diana tells Chip that she thinks she has a way to get out. Off in the distances, the police are watching them and call for back-up.

Abby shows Westmont the office she has picked out for Gary Ewing Enterprises. Abby asks Westmont how she could make an investment using money from Gary Ewing Enterprises. Westmont tells her that they can form a subsidiary. Abby asks if he can arrange that and he can.

While Chip and Diana are in the shack, the police come and surround outside with rifles. Diana looks at a map and says she can go into town and rent a car. The sheriff comes on to the loud speakers, Diana and Chip looks out the window and sees that they are surrounded and tell Chip to come out. Mack and Karen arrive and stay behind the sheriff. Chip wants to surrender, but Diana won't let him. Diana looks for something that looks like a gun. Diana finds something and Chip announces that Diana is his hostage. Karen begs Chip to let Diana go. Chip tells Diana that her mom is out there and Diana doesn't care. They come out for two seconds and pretend that Chip has a gun to Diana's head and asks for a car. When they get back in, Diana is excited that they bought it. The sheriff mentions that Chip doesn't look "all-fired scared." Mack tells the sheriff that Chip will hurt Diana, so he wants to go down and talk to her, but the sheriff tells him that they are doing this his way. Mack doesn't listen and goes down. Reporters arrive and annoy Karen when they hope for a shoot-out. Mack comes down to see Chip. He wants to come in, but Chip and Diana won't let him. Diana tells Mack to listen to Chip and get him a car. An officer rushes in. Mack tells him to stop. A gunshot is heard. They all rush into the small building and Chip puts his hands up. Mack punches him. Diana is mad. When they get outside, reporters hound Chip and Diana. Diana tells the reporters: "It's not Miss. Fairgate, It's Mrs. Tony Fenice." Karen looks on shocked as Diana follows Chip to the police car and talks to him.