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  • Great Show

    I wish they could have kept Charlene Tilton on for more than the first season. I found a bunch of stuff to pin on pinterest at . Check it out
  • best primetime soap!

    Knots Landing would certainly be classified as one of the best TV dramas from the 80 up to late 90s. For 14 years, it really captured the heart of all its viewers. The characters were so genuine, and they all became famous if I can still recall. The series outshined with its great actors/actresses. Nonetheless Knots Landing scenes are all breathtaking. There hasn't been a show like Knots Landing on TV and it is truly missed. That's why I bought from memorylanedvd. com . Shipping time is good and the products, I'm speechless DVD are in great quality with complete episodes. For me, Knots Landing is the best primetime soap in history!
  • This show had heart. Much better than those other 80s soaps.

    These character were just like real people with real problems. Well, at least for the first three seasons I got. The later ones are nowhere to be found. I only found some episodes from season 4-14 and videos on youtube. But this show launched careers of such stars as Nicollette Sheridan, Alec Baldwin, Halle Berry or Marcia Cross. Amazing in many different ways. And Michele Lee, Joan Van Ark and Donna Mills were the hearts and souls of Knots. Television hit at it's best. At one point the most watched primetime show in America. 8/10
  • Knots Landing

    Please come to Net flix
  • Bring all the seasons out on DVD!!!!

    I am watching the show for the first time and love it. Why aren't all the seasons out on DVD yet? There are so many "bad" shows that are. I love this show. It has been very entertaining. Shows just don't have the same character anymore, variety is the spice of life. Not that this show is really any different from the rest, I suppose, but the characters feel more original and down to earth, than just dealing with the born rich or now have money folks, time for some different classes! This show has been more entertaining than all the other shows I have thus far to see on during the 80's! Bring all the seasons out on DVD!!
  • More than just a Soap Opera...

    Far and away the best TV series ever. After a slow start, the show picked up pace in it's fourth year and never looked back. Wonderful storylines including the theft of Val's twins, the Val/Gary/Abby love triangle and Murakame coupled with great scripts, superb acting from the likes of Joan Van Ark, Michele Lee, William Devane and Julie Harris to mention but a few and compelling characters as well as being able to boast the best TV theme tune ever made this my favourite TV series of all time. Back in the eighties, I used to skip school to watch it and now 20 years later I'm still hooked. I've watched all 344 installments, bought the DVD's, written to the cast, been to the cul-de-sac and I still can't get enough. Long live Knots Landing!!!
  • This show was a spinoff of Dallas - actually Dallas was a spinoff of the original Knot's pilot! This show was a class above the rest of the "nighttime soaps".

    Knot's Landing was originally submitted to CBS but rejected. 0ne executive told the producers that he thought that the Ewings would make a great show and greenlight 6 Dallas episodes.

    When Dallas became the monster hit, CBS pulled out the old Knot's script and told the producers to revisit the show. And what they did is come up with a better show.

    The original season focused on four couples that lived on the same cul-de-sac. Sid and Karen Fairgate are the anchor of the street. Sid owns a sucessful car dealership and is inventing a better engine. Kenny and Ginger Ward are the "newlywed" couple on their way up. Kenny is a producer for a record company who will do anything to get ahead. Richard and Laura Avery are the struggling couple. Richard is lawyer who is always looking for the get rich quick scheme and always gets burned. And Valene and Gary Ewing are the new kids on the block. And we know all about them from Dallas.

    After season two we found out that asking for more money could be deadly. Sid Fairgate was killed after Don Murray asked for a raise.

    During Season 2 Sid's recently divorced sister Abby arrives and she is there for no good.

    Over the seasons, people come and marriages go. But one thing remained constant, the show was well written.

    Although this was a spinoff of Dallas, from the first episode you knew that Karen (Michele Lee) was going to be the center of the show. Karen was the rock. No matter how many bad things were for her, she always pulled through. This of course could not be said for the rest of the cast. Divorce, affairs and betrayal were in abundance.

    But my favorite thing in the show was that it was always thought out. In Season 9 two events happened. The first storyline was that the resort Lotus Point was in financial troubles and Abby set up a dummy corp to buy it because she found out there was oil under the land. (My first thought was if Karen or Gary found out, they could prosecute her for fraud.) A few episodes later, her assistant finds out ab out this and consults a lawyer friend and the lawyer tells him that if the partners found out Abby could be prosecuted for fraud! The next was when Michael Fairgate developes a computer program and Paige's boyfriend steals it and patents the program. (My first thought was that I would sue him and keep the progam in court until it was useless.) A few episodes later Greg Sumner offers him $50,000 for the program or he will keep him in court until the program is worthless.

    The other nightime soaps would have them get away with their crime. And they would not even think beyond the basic plot line.

    Well enough rambling on about this show. It was my favorite show of the 80's and Michele Lee's Karen was the perfect woman!
  • The best darn soap opera ever!!!

    I'm so glad I have Soap Net on my tv show I can always watch old episodes of this show. It was my personal favorite and I never missed an episode. Thursday nights at 10pm on CBS...I was there!!! I loved William Devane and now I watch him whenever he's on a show or in a movie. He's marvelous and so bad!!!
  • at least third best

    it was not as good as dallas or falcon crest, but it was at least third best. it ran a whole lot longer than it should have. the last couple of seasons were almost unwatchable at times. but it was another classic example of how well prime time soaps did in the eighties.
  • My personal favorite...

    There were many soaps on television back in the glamorous 80's, but none of them were like knots landing.

    The right combination of trash and quality - elements such as great actors and characters, well written scripts and stories about soapy scandals on one hand and human nature on the other - all of the above made knots landing a show that prime time soaps today can be inspired from.

    Unlike Dallas or Dynasty, Knots landing was more of an eye-level show. the "rich" factor came only in latter seasons, and even then it was a minor part of the show. The best episodes were those who dealt with everyday and ordinary issues.

    Knots landing introduced Abby Ewing to the world, a scoundrel that wouldn't ashamed JR. Of all the prime-time villains, she is definitely my favorite, and not just because she's blond... :-)

    I grew up with this series, and I still am addicted to it.
    The show provided me with moments, cliff hangers, and characters that I'll never forget.
  • Well, why did I watch that? Because back then we basically had only 1 tv set and my Mum tried to never miss an episode. :) So it was either Knots Landing or... no real alternative. :)

    Well, why did I watch that? Because back then we basically had only 1 tv set and my Mum tried to never miss an episode. :) So it was either Knots Landing or... no real alternative. :)

    In a way it's the "Desperate Housewives of the Eighties". They all live in the same street (cul-de-sac), they've all got their problems and secrets, people get killed/murdered, etc.

    I would love to see it again just for the laugh. :)
  • TV's best and longest-running primetime drama began in December 1979 and ran until May 1993. It was technically a spinoff of "Dallas" but actually was created first but failed to air until the grittier "Dallas" had been accepted by CBS. "Knots" won few Em

    "Almost perfect." Those two words best describe this classic Thursday-night drama that outlasted all other non-Western primetime shows (until very recently when "Law and Order" and "Simpsons" surpassed it). Gary and Valene Ewing remarry and flee the trauma brought on by J.R. in Dallas, landing land in the beachside community of Knots Landing in Southern California. Miss Ellie has purchased them a house on a cul-de-sac, to which Bobby takes them, all agreeing not to tell Lucy about their remarriage out of fear of it failing and her being disappointed again. J.R. shows up on the second episode and threatens to tell Lucy, but she arrives on the fifth episode to visit. Gary and Val's neighbors create drama of their own: Karen and Sid Fairgate, the "older" couple; Laura and Richard Avery, a disturbed lawyer and his recently raped wife; and the "kids" down the street, Kenny and Ginger Ward, a cheater and his naive wife (who does not discover Kenny's betrayal until the 1997 reunion movie). Sid's sister Abby moves into the cul-de-sac at the beginning of season two; her scheming lastes a decade; however...Sid dies at the beginning of the third season after driving a car off a cliff, Richard disappears (for five years, until Laura's funeral in season nine) and the Wards move at the end of the fourth season, and the cul-de-sac is no longer the focus thereafter until the fourteenth and final season. Later major characters include Karen's second husband, Mack McKenzie, his college friend and later enemy, Sen. Greg Summer, Ben Gibson (whom Val marries after she discovers Gary and Abby's affair), Mack's ex-lover Ann, and their daugher, Page--all prominent characters during the last half of the show's 322 episodes. "Knots" was almost cancelled due to mediocre ratings after Sid's death and again during the the thirteenth season, following the departure of the writers to create "Homefront;" the audience returned once the poor new writers were wisely replaced. Near the end of the fourteenth season, the producers to end the show with dignity: during the emotional final final minutes, viewers witnessed not a J.R. Ewing shootout or a "Dynasty" disaster but, rather, a simple and appropriate moment as Karen and Val, again neighbors, witness a young newlywed couple move into Kenny and Ginger's house and then, suddenly and without warning, driving her car onto the cul-de-sac is Abby, who announces to her old neighbors that she is moving back into her old house. Val says, "Hey, Abby...welcome home," then she grabs Gary's arm and whisks him home, and Karen takes a deep breath, remembering old times. Four years later a reunion TV movie aired to great ratings one Wednesday evening and abysmal readings when it concluded on Friday, leaving us with word that both Karen and Abby are to be grandmothers. Perhaps the Knots audience expected a Thursday night airing, as they had for fourteen years. The show was far more realistic than its often outrageous, and higher-rated, counterparts, and "Knots" even survived the disastrous "Dallas" dream season, Bobby remaining dead in california even though Pam imagined the death on "Dallas." Its cliffhangers were rarely on the silly level of these shows, its characters developed slowly and its stories played out with little melodrama. It was a Nielsen top 10 only during one season (1983-84) and top 20 only four years (1983-1987), and only hit No. One the episode in which Val discovered her kidnapped babies, only to see one speeding off with the adoptive father in a car. "KL" remains one of the gems of the Tiffany Network and is as fresh today in reruns as it was during its first run.
  • KL was a popular sitcom between 79-93. It focused on the lives of neighbors living in a Cul-de-sac. Although Known as a spinoff of Dallas, KL was written first but TV show execs didn't care for it. Thanks to Dallas being so popular they asked the creators

    Knots Landing is by far the best Soap ever created. I've just finished watching this series on SOAPnet and I can't believe how great the story lines were. All of the actors were great and they showed heart. You can tell they love doing it every single time. Yes, there were some crazy story lines but it was believable and addicting. I'm not normally a SOAP fan but this show is in a place of it's own nobody can touch it.
  • Best primetime soap ever

    This show ran for 14 seasons. That is almost unheard of today. Sure it had its share of melodrama and some bad storylines, but for the most part is was top-notch. It faltered some in the final two seasons when the producers left to create Homefront, but for many years Knots Landing was a Thursday night staple for many.
  • Classic show!

    I was an avid viewer of Knot's, and continue to watch reruns on SOAPNET. Their storylines were innovative and interesting. It was such a pleasure to watch the Gary/Valiene romance over the years, and see them together again during the final years. Heard there is a new MOW coming out, yeah!
  • When I was growing up, I would often hear about "Knots Landing," and already I heard it was going to be the best prime-time soap ever that ran on a Thursday. For 14 seasons, CBS ran a soap that discussed about the many different topics/real-life issues.

    It's the best soap ever, started slowly, but, by the series second season ((unlike many other soaps)), this one became a hit. Incredibly, you get a lot of "Desperate Housewives," who would be responsible for taking care of your own neighbors's or relatives' business, including the kids who have grow up.