Knots Landing

CBS (ended 1993)


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  • My personal favorite...

    There were many soaps on television back in the glamorous 80's, but none of them were like knots landing.

    The right combination of trash and quality - elements such as great actors and characters, well written scripts and stories about soapy scandals on one hand and human nature on the other - all of the above made knots landing a show that prime time soaps today can be inspired from.

    Unlike Dallas or Dynasty, Knots landing was more of an eye-level show. the "rich" factor came only in latter seasons, and even then it was a minor part of the show. The best episodes were those who dealt with everyday and ordinary issues.

    Knots landing introduced Abby Ewing to the world, a scoundrel that wouldn't ashamed JR. Of all the prime-time villains, she is definitely my favorite, and not just because she's blond... :-)

    I grew up with this series, and I still am addicted to it.
    The show provided me with moments, cliff hangers, and characters that I'll never forget.