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  • This show was a spinoff of Dallas - actually Dallas was a spinoff of the original Knot's pilot! This show was a class above the rest of the "nighttime soaps".

    Knot's Landing was originally submitted to CBS but rejected. 0ne executive told the producers that he thought that the Ewings would make a great show and greenlight 6 Dallas episodes.

    When Dallas became the monster hit, CBS pulled out the old Knot's script and told the producers to revisit the show. And what they did is come up with a better show.

    The original season focused on four couples that lived on the same cul-de-sac. Sid and Karen Fairgate are the anchor of the street. Sid owns a sucessful car dealership and is inventing a better engine. Kenny and Ginger Ward are the "newlywed" couple on their way up. Kenny is a producer for a record company who will do anything to get ahead. Richard and Laura Avery are the struggling couple. Richard is lawyer who is always looking for the get rich quick scheme and always gets burned. And Valene and Gary Ewing are the new kids on the block. And we know all about them from Dallas.

    After season two we found out that asking for more money could be deadly. Sid Fairgate was killed after Don Murray asked for a raise.

    During Season 2 Sid's recently divorced sister Abby arrives and she is there for no good.

    Over the seasons, people come and marriages go. But one thing remained constant, the show was well written.

    Although this was a spinoff of Dallas, from the first episode you knew that Karen (Michele Lee) was going to be the center of the show. Karen was the rock. No matter how many bad things were for her, she always pulled through. This of course could not be said for the rest of the cast. Divorce, affairs and betrayal were in abundance.

    But my favorite thing in the show was that it was always thought out. In Season 9 two events happened. The first storyline was that the resort Lotus Point was in financial troubles and Abby set up a dummy corp to buy it because she found out there was oil under the land. (My first thought was if Karen or Gary found out, they could prosecute her for fraud.) A few episodes later, her assistant finds out ab out this and consults a lawyer friend and the lawyer tells him that if the partners found out Abby could be prosecuted for fraud! The next was when Michael Fairgate developes a computer program and Paige's boyfriend steals it and patents the program. (My first thought was that I would sue him and keep the progam in court until it was useless.) A few episodes later Greg Sumner offers him $50,000 for the program or he will keep him in court until the program is worthless.

    The other nightime soaps would have them get away with their crime. And they would not even think beyond the basic plot line.

    Well enough rambling on about this show. It was my favorite show of the 80's and Michele Lee's Karen was the perfect woman!
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