Knots Landing - Season 10

CBS (ended 1993)




Episode Guide

  • Down Came the Rain and Washed the Spider Out (2)
    On the way to the mountains, Karen breaks her ankle at a gas station. She has to stay overnight at the hospital. There is only 1 motel nearby, and she wants Mac and Paula to stay there. The motel only has 1 room with a twin bed, so Mac says he'll sleep in the truck. It starts pouring rain, and Mac has to change his flat tire. Then he is squirted by a skunk. Paige comes home to find her apartment trashed and Rick's key missing. Ted, who found out that Mort gave her Rick's letter and key, follows Paige and harasses her to help him. Scared of him, she runs to Greg's ranch, and Greg says he'll take care of Ted. Paige and Greg sleep together. She find's Rick's key in Greg's room as Greg wakes up. She's suddenly scared that he killed Rick, and runs out into the pouring rain. Greg comes out and yells at her to get inside. Ted is out there, and yells at her that what he told her about Greg being the murderer is true. Greg yells not to believe him. Paige hides.moreless
  • Down Came the Rain and Washed the Spider Out (1)
    Greg owns Paige's apartment building, and tells the manager to let her live there rent free, but not to tell her he arranged it. Abby gives a press conference saying she bought Lotus Point in order to stop the oil drilling, and she is donating it to the government as a wildlife preserve. Olivia moves into Harold's, so Abby takes back her car and all her credit cards. Paige tries to find the post office box that Rick's key is to.Ted goes up to Paige in her parking garage and says that Greg and Abby are trying to kill him. A car tries to run him down, but misses. Karen and Mac decide to get away to the mountains, and Karen invites Paula to ride along.The Secretary of State announces that Abby is to be the new trade representative to Japan. Greg's angry tells her he had Morikame's oil permits denied. Abby asks Karen to keep an eye on Olivia. Then Abby and Brian pack and drive off, singing "Don't Worry, be Happy."moreless
  • The Heat of Passion
    The Heat of Passion
    Episode 26
    Abby calls the Secretary of State and tells him Greg's publicist owns Morikame and tried to drill for oil on protected land. Abby then tells Greg, who tells her to fire Ted or it will cost him the appointment.Ted tells Mac that Paige was fired and is Greg's mistress. Paige tells Carlos she needs to talk to Greg so he hides her in the kitchen. Paige tells Greg that Abby owns Morikame and Ted killed Nagata and Rick Hawkins, but he doesn't believe her. Then Mac rushes in and punches Greg. Mort finds Rick's letter in the garbage and brings it to her. It contains a key. Ted finds out that Abby knew she couldn't get the oil permits, and tricked him. To get even with her, he tells Karen that Abby owns Morikame. Abby throws Olivia an 18th birthday party, and is stunned when Olivia announces that she and Harold were married that morning. Karen rushes up to Abby and says she is going to have her arrested for fraud, because she owns Morikame. Greg realizes that it's true.moreless
  • Straight Down the Line
    Greg meets with the Secretary of State about the job in Japan. Mac, Karen and Paula decide to sue Morikame and to find out who owns it. Gary and Sally's friend decide to meet at a store. He hears her but then the twins run up to him with Val and Danny. Abby's Morikame atty., Rick Hawkins, tells Abby she didn't get the oil permits, and if her former partners find out she owns Morikame, she could be imprisoned for fraud. She asks Rick to predate her documents, but not to tell Ted. Abby then sleeps with Ted and asks him to pose as Morikame's owner, and she'll give him half the oil profits. Ted agrees, and they sign the papers. Abby wants the original documents, but Rick says he shredded them. Paige snoops at Abby's and then tells Rick that Ted and Abby are setting him up. Rick later sends some documents to Paige at Sumner Group, but Abby throws them away. Rick is dead in his bathtub, electrocuted by a hairdryer.moreless
  • The Perfect Opportunity
    Val and Danny have a picnic on the beach. Mac fantasizes about Paula. Greg gives Johnny $10,000 to leave town.Mac hires Frank to work for him full-time. Karen invites Paula to stay with them when the pipes in her apartment burst. Karen tries to find out who owns Morikame, but she can't and thinks there's something fishy about the company. Paige finds out Ted works for Morikame. Ted tells Paige he gave Nogata the money so he wouldn't tell anyone Ted was associated with Morikame. Frustrated that Paige keeps butting in, Abby doctors Paige's expense report. Bob tells Abby and Greg about Paige's report and also about her apartment. Greg tells Abby to handle it so she fires Paige. Paige is furious and wants to talk to Greg, but he won't talk to her as he's leaving town on business.moreless
  • That's What Friends Are For
    Michael and Ellen's professor tell them their program is plagiarized from a program donated by Greg, and puts them on probation. Greg tells Michael he bought it from Johnny. Michael tells Greg he is going to sue him. Paula admits to Michael she's in love with a married man, but doesn't tell him it's Mac. Paula and Karen go back to Lotus Point, but there's no sign of the oil drillers. Abby gives Nogata money to go back to Japan, but he blackmails her for more. Paige follows Nagata, and sees Ted give him a briefcase of money. She still follows, but loses him at a red light. Home, Paige sees on the news that Nagata was killed. Just then Ted comes by and tells her he was killed. Paige asks how he knew and he says he saw it on the TV in the lobby. Gary continues talking with Sally's friend. Ginny buys Val a computer, and hires Danny Waleska to teach her how to use it. He and Val go out to lunch.moreless
  • Dial M for Modem
    Dial M for Modem
    Episode 22
    Michael and Ellen decide to copyright their computer program, but Johnny already has. He brings it to Greg, who's interested in buying it. Karen and Paula find that Murikami is going to drill for oil in protected parts of Lotus Point. They take photos and document it in Paula's computer at the University. Michael tells Abby, who releases a virus in the college computer system, and it eats all of Paula's data. Val begins to write again. Karen tries to set Gary up with Paula, but he's more interested in a woman who accidentally programmed his number into her phone. She doesn't give her name, so he calls her "Sally's Friend". Paige discovers that Nagata is an actor whom Ted hired. He says if she tells Greg, he'll tell him she released the story that cost him the election.moreless
  • Giganticus II: The Revenge
    Ellen thinks Michael is slacking off working on their computer program because he's jealous. She tells Johnny about the program. Michael introduces Karen to Paula. Paula agrees to help Karen with environmental reports, and Karen has her for dinner. Seeing Mac, Paula is uncomfortable.Ginny pushes Val to find herself a man. Ted tells Greg the President is going to appoint a new trade representative in Japan, and Greg wants Ted to get it for him. Greg wants to meet with Morikame about getting them oil permits, so Abby hires an actor to play Mr. Nogata. Paige hires Mr. Toya to verse Greg in Japanese business protocol. Paige takes an "out of order" sign off the elevator and Abby gets stuck for 2 hours. Later Abby tells Greg that he offended Nogata, and passed on his deal.moreless
  • Birds Do It, Bees Do It
    Both Abby and Karen are appointed to an Environmental Board, and argue whether to let Morikame drill for oil.Paige rents an executive apartment in the Sumner Group's name, and suggests to Greg they have an affair. Karen shows up at Mac's office in an overcoat and lingerie. She starts to do a striptease, then an old couple walks in, and she runs out, embarrassed. Michael and some friends go to a cabin for the weekend, and he is jealous when he sees Ellen and Johnny together. Later he talks over his women problems with a sympathetic park ranger, Paula. She tells him she'll be giving ecology lectures at his college. Olivia tells Abby she is going with Michael, but instead stays with Harold, who rejects her advances. He wants to wait until they are married. Val and Gary go out. Julie helps Frank and Pat make up after a fight.moreless
  • Guilty Until Proven Innocent
    Abby will have to file environmental reports to drill for oil at Lotus Point. Abby asks Ted to work for Morikame, but not to tell Greg. Evidence mounts against Gary. The key to his car is found with Jill's print on it. Bobby shows Karen some rope tricks. She recognizes the "clove hitch" which is the knot on the ropes tying up Jill. It is a trick knot, and they realize Jill tied herself up. They find out Jill took 3 books out of the library that explained how to do this knot. Mac and Karen recreate how Jill could have killed herself, and a fingerprint in Gary's trunk confirms this. All charges against Gary are dropped. Pat hugs Gary, making Frank jealous. Gary and Val hug for a long time, making Pat jealous.moreless
  • A Grave Misunderstanding
    Police think Val and Gary may have been in on Jill's murder together, but they refuse to testify against one another. Frank admits to Mac that he had gone to Jill's apartment, angry about Julie's injury, and yelled at her and pushed her. Mac makes Frank tell the police. Mac finds out the call to the police from the "witness" came from Jill's apartment, but that you can't see where Gary had been parked from there. Also, her lock hadn't been picked and Gary was the only one with a key. Ted asks Paige to work with him since he wants Abby and she want's Greg. He tells Greg he wants Paige to work on a media project with him.moreless
  • Double Jeopardy
    Double Jeopardy
    Episode 17
    Paige leaks a story that Greg is still fighting for Meg's custody, and he loses the election. Abby says he'll have to go for an appointed position. Gary is arrested for Jill's murder. Coroner says cause of death is asphyxiation on vomit. Police find fibers of Gary's skin under Jill's nails, and Gary has scratches on his neck. Police say a witness called and said they saw Gary put the body in the trunk and gave his description and license plate number. Gary gets out on bail, and Pat tries to cheer him up. Gary tells Mac that when he was at Jill's he told her to stop hoping they would be together. He tells her, "not only do I not love you, I absolutely hate you. I hate the sight of you, I hate your voice, I hate the way you smell, I hate your mannerisms....", etc. Jill cries as he leaves and grabs his neck and scratches him. Jill tries to kiss him and Gary pushes her back and leaves.moreless
  • Poor Jill
    Poor Jill
    Episode 16
    Greg is livid when the paper has an article about Meg. Greg gives a press conference saying he gave Meg to the McKenzies when Laura died, and it would be traumatic to remove her from the only family she's ever known. Abby and Ted are furious. Jill continues breaking into the ranch, so Gary bursts into her office and screams to get out of his life. The Police later serve Gary with a restraining order. Jill runs into the twins at the library, and when Val finds out she barges into Jill's office and trashes it. Val screams at Jill to stay away from her and grabs a scissors. Scared Val will stab her, she runs from the office. Hearing Jill saw the twins, Gary rushes to Jill's apartment. Val goes to Jill's and tries to calm Gary down. They walk over to a park to talk. Driving home, Gary is pulled over by the police. They open his trunk. Jill is in the trunk - bound, gagged, and dead.moreless
  • The Spin Doctor
    The Spin Doctor
    Episode 15
    Olivia's very upset that Abby wants to take Meg. Mack and Karen get an attorney. Ted wants to use the custody case for publicity, but that disgusts Greg. Later Ted and Abby tell Greg's story to a reporter, but ask him not to reveal his source. Julie falls off Gary's horse and breaks her arm. A ranch hand tells Gary his saddle had deliberately been cut. Gary goes to Jill and screams at her that he will not allow her to hurt Val or the twins. Jill sneaks into Gary's house and waits for him in bed, but is upset when he doesn't come home. Gary sleeps in his car outside of Val's. Jill drives by and sees his car. Pat goes to the ranch and sees Jill spying on Gary with binoculars. She runs to tell Gary. Pat is shaken up to find that Jill cut the saddle and Julie could have died. Gary comforts her.moreless
  • Without a Clue
    Without a Clue
    Episode 14
    Abby pressures Greg to bring Meg home. Mack tells Greg over his dead body!Upset that everyone is believing Val, Jill takes a lie detector test and passes. Gary asks Jill to see his therapist. The doctor tells Gary that Jill is depressed over their breakup, but not disturbed. Gary wants Val and the twins to stay at the ranch, but she says she refuses to run from Jill. Ted tells Paige she won't get Greg back by working with him.Michael and Ellen work on a computer program. Jill goes to a Medical Supply Store to rent a wheelchair. She says she and her fiancée are getting married next week, and he broke his leg. Jill goes to the ranch and partially cuts a strap on Gary's saddle.moreless
  • Colonel Mustard in the Conservatory with the Wrench
    Michael likes Ellen, a classmate, but she likes Johnny.Jill buys a wedding gown. Gary is arrested for breaking into Jill's apartment, but Jill tells the police to let him go because Gary just can't accept their breakup. Mac finds the forger, but she's comatose and dying in the hospital. Gary, the MacKenzies and Williams wonder why Jill had gotten barbiturates, and remember that Val hadn't had her prescription filled. Pat says if a barbiturate is mixed with alcohol, it will knock someone out. Mack and Gary go to see David Lamb, who admits to them that all he remembers is going to Jill's room, and then waking up the next day.moreless
  • Mrs. Peacock in the Library with the Lead Pipe
    Val's aunt Ginny brings the twins home, and decides to stay for awhile. Mack opens his own practice, and Peggy decides to work for him. Jill spies on Gary and orders invitations for her and Gary's wedding. David Lamb bursts into Jill's office and says she is a slut who gave him VD. The Health Dept. calls both Jill and Gary to say that they have been exposed to Syphilis. Jill makes her appointment right before Gary's and tells the doctor they're getting married. Gary overhears nurse ask Jill if she wants another prescription. Gary calls the doctor and says Jill wants another prescription, and he'd like the insurance transcript. He discovers it was for barbiturates, and was filled before Jill went to San Francisco. The doctor tells Gary that neither he nor Jill has an STD. Gary thinks it's strange that Jill didn't get VD from David, and tells Mack he thinks Val may be telling the truth.moreless
  • Merger Made in Heaven
    Olivia discovers that Abby planted the cocaine in Harold's locker, and threatens to use it to ruin Greg's political career, so Abby agrees to drop the charges. Harold and Johnny get an apartment together. Jill continues to leave and come back. Irritated, Gary makes a hotel reservation for her and tells her not to come back. Carlos, who likes Paige, asks Greg if he's really going through with the wedding. Greg decides to move Paige to the corporate office. Paige uses Ted to make Greg jealous, and sends him a croquet set. He angrily tells her to quit pulling stunts. Before the wedding, Paige makes one more plea to Greg. He tells her that she can do better than him, he'd only hurt and disappoint her. Abby and Greg get married.moreless
  • Cabin Fever
    Cabin Fever
    Episode 10
    Jill packs up and tells Gary goodbye, but then returns and says her apartment isn't ready. Mac goes to the mountains and meets Forest Ranger Paula Vertosick. They hit it off, and he is flattered when she invites him to spend the night with her. Instead he goes home to Karen, who realizes she misses him. Paige finds the engagement ring, and assumes it's for her. She buys a bridal magazine and Karen asks if she's helping Greg and Abby plan their wedding. Paige is crushed. Greg tells her she misinterpreted their relationship, and is very cold to her. She decides to continue working for Greg. Abby plans the wedding with Ted, wanting it to be a media event. Greg and Abby hold a press conference to announce their marriage and his candidacy for mayor.moreless
  • A Many Splendored Thing
    Harold and Olivia discuss marriage. Mack, feeling old, takes a leave of absence. He drives Karen crazy, and she suggests he go camping in the mountains. Anne tells Paige that her grandfather cut Paige out of the will and she's cutting her off too. Paige says she doesn't care, because Greg loves her. Anne replies, "Yeah, and I'm the Queen of England!" Greg tells Abby their marriage will be a political one, since they can go twice as far together. He says they can appreciate each other's devious, conniving brains like no one else. Abby agrees to marry him. Greg gets home, and Paige is asleep in his bed. He watches her for awhile and then leaves.moreless
  • A Fine Romance
    A Fine Romance
    Episode 8
    Val tells Jill that if anything happens to her, they'll suspect Jill. Gary tells Jill he doesn't care enough to work things out, but agrees to let her stay until she finds an apartment. Jill finds one, but lies and says it's not ready. She writes out an engagement announcement for her and Gary. Abby wants Harold to plead guilty and doesn't like Mac's interference. Ted comes on to both Paige and Abby. He tells Greg he should run for mayor, and needs to get married, but not to Paige. Paige and Greg play strip croquet. Greg buys a huge wedding ring. Paige is pleased when Greg takes down a painting Laura gave him, and puts up the painting Paige gave him. Paige's grandfather dies. Before she leaves town, she and Greg profess their love for each other.Greg shows Abby the ring, and when Abby asks who the lucky girl is, he says "You!"moreless
  • The Briar Patch
    The Briar Patch
    Episode 7
    Gary's really upset with Jill. She tells him her affair was with David Lamb. Val meets with David, but he denies the affair. Jill tells Gary she can prove it, and meets David at a restaurant to talk about their affair, while Gary sits nearby to listen. Gary tells Val that Jill really did have an affair. Abby hires Harold at Lotus Point, but then plants cocaine in his locker. Harold is arrested and tells Mac he was set up.Greg makes a romantic dinner for Paige, and buys her an antique Persian bowl. Abby and Gary convince Karen to sell Lotus Point, that it's going bankrupt, and they can't turn around it's image. Karen reluctantly agrees. Abby discovers that there is oil on Lotus Point. The resort is sold to a Japanese company, Morikame, which is really owned by Abby.moreless
  • A Weekend Getaway
    A Weekend Getaway
    Episode 6
    Ted tells Greg that to date Paige is a liability - everyone would think he's having a mid-life crisis and not take him seriously. Mack gets the Williams' dental records and calls a reporter friend. A story appears in the paper that Federal Witness Dr. Sollars and her family died in a car crash in Seattle, so they won't have to live in hiding anymore. Karen and Gary take Val to the hotel in San Francisco where Jill stayed. They question employees who recognize Jill's photo, but no one saw her after 8:00pm. Val says Jill could've flown back, but Gary doesn't believe her. He cuddles Val and says she'll get through this. Jill is upset that Gary went with Val, and tells him no one saw her after 8:00 because she had a one-night-stand.moreless
  • Sex and Violence
    Sex and Violence
    Episode 5
    Greg sleeps with Paige. Abby hires Ted Melcher change Lotus Point's bad image. Tyler sends his video tape to the Williams to blackmail them. He goes to Pat's bank and demands a cashier's check for $100,000. Mac follows him and discovers that he is an actor, and is working alone. Posing as a director, Mack calls Tyler to read for him. The "script" is a blackmail confession, and Mack tapes it. Mack demands Tyler give back the money. Tyler admits he worked at the hospital where Pat was a doctor, and knew she went into hiding. Then he saw her recently in a mall. Mack tells him to move back east, or he will give the tape of the confession to the police.moreless
  • The Pick-Up Game
    The Pick-Up Game
    Episode 4
    The drugs at Lotus Point hit the media, and guests check out. Harold decides to go straight. Ted tells Greg to throw an environmental fundraiser. A man, Tyler Watson, follows the William's around, taping Julie at a spelling bee, and opening an account at Pat's bank. Val is relieved that Frank and Pat believe her. Frank has Pat pull up Jill's bank account, and they see she took out $800 a few days before her trip. Gary comes by and Val tells him not to visit her, because Jill will not leave her alone as long as he's in her life. Greg hears a noise and goes outside. Paige is swimming nude in his pool. She climbs out right in front of Greg.moreless
  • Deserted
    Episode 3
    Stuck in the truck, tempers flare and an old man dies. Mac finally finds the truck and frees everyone. He calls Karen who prepares a welcome home dinner. Home, Mac tells everyone that Harold saved his and the kids lives, and even Abby's nice to him. The police come by and say they found cocaine at Lotus point. At the dinner, Johnny finally drops his fake accent. Everyone treats Val with kid gloves. She yells that she did not try to kill herself and stomps out the door. Jill tells Gary that she's really scared of Val. Val sleeps with a big knife. She awakes when she hears a noise, and searches the house. She sits up the rest of the night holding her knife.moreless
  • Borderline
    Episode 2
    Paige and Michael are rescued by Johnny. Later a man agrees to smuggle them across the border in a truck with illegal aliens. Some men rob the truck and lock everybody, including the driver, in the back.Mac and Harold search for Paige and Michael. They find the smuggler, and decide to wait for Paige at the drop off point near San Diego. Greg meets with a publicist, Ted Melcher, about regaining some of his power. Val wakes up, but no one believes her accusations that Jill tried to murder her, and say she hallucinated because of the pills. Val sends the twins to stay with Lilimae, because she tells Gary she couldn't stand for them to be near Jill. Pat reminds Frank that he said Val seemed like she was being held at gunpoint, and says hallucinations are very rare with the drugs Val took.moreless
  • Suicidal
    Episode 1
    Karen tells Abby and Gary that Michael and Paige are being held hostage, so they clear the marina. Mac goes to Mexico. He is beaten up by Manny's men and tied up in a room with Chavas. Manny and Harold have Mac call Karen to let them unload the drugs with no interference. Manny has Harold guard Mack. Mack tells him Manny uses him because he's stupid. Chavas frees himself and a ruckus ensues. Chavas is shot. Manny is going to shoot Mack, but Harold implores him not to. Manny ignores him, so Harold shoots Manny. Frank finds Val and she is rushed to the hospital. Gary keeps vigil and calls Jill and tells her Val will be okay. Jill is extremely upset. She comes home and goes to the hospital. Val is in the psycho ward, and her nutty roommate screams at Jill, "I know what I know!" Jill tries to damage Val's IV tube, but the roommate stops her.moreless