Knots Landing - Season 11

CBS (ended 1993)




Episode Guide

  • Let's Get Married
    Let's Get Married
    Episode 29
    Julie shoots Danny but misses. Frank hears and talks her out of it by telling her not to become like Danny. Pat is taken off life support and dies as Frank sings to her. Michael and Linda sleep together, and he tells Karen that he is going to marry Linda. Val tells Danny she wants to get back together and will run away with him. He agrees and drives off in Val's car. He's pulled over and police tell him the car was reported stolen, and they arrest him. Val and Gary, watching from a distance, hug. Anne faxes a fake marriage certificate to the accountant, and sets it up to be wired to her own account she set up in Paige's name. Tom and Paige get ready for their wedding ceremony. Greg tells Tom that he set him up, and will only clear him if he leaves the country. Paige is crushed when its discovered that Tom is gone. Gary proposes to Val. Mac and the police find evidence that proves that Dianne has been terrorizing Karen. Dianne goes crazy, and is taken to a psych ward, where they find LSD in her blood. Karen is relieved. Then Jeff looks through a scrapbook he has of slain anchorwoman. He starts a new page. For Karen.....moreless
  • The Fan Club
    The Fan Club
    Episode 28
    Paige asks Mac to help Tom find out who is setting him up. Mac refuses, so she asks Greg to say he gave Tom the money, but he won't. Linda tells Michael that Eric hit and abused her. He feels bad for her, and they go out. Wayne is arrested for stalking Karen, but he denies it. While he's in jail, someone puts a cow's heart in a box with a note that says "you have a black heart". The doctor tells Frank that Pat is brain dead, and it's time to pull the plug. Danny finds out and goes to Frank's, saying if he pulls the plug, then Frank has killed Pat, not him. Julie didn't know about this and screams she's going to get a lawyer. Frank punches Danny, and Mac comes over to break it up. Frank has a talk with Julie. The next day, Danny comes home and Julie points Danny's rifle at him, saying that he is going to die before Pat does.moreless
  • If I Die Before I Wake
    Danny serves Gary with a restraining order, so Gary starts following him around and hires detectives to follow Danny when he can't. Tom and his partner are being investigated. Tom checks his bank balance and is shocked to find $103,000.Anne tells her accountant that she didn't tell Paige about the trust fund she'll get when she's married. The accountant tells her he'll send the money when he receives the marriage certificate. Jeff tells Karen that if she quits, Dianne will replace her as the host. Karen receives flowers that have snakes in them. Terrified, she calls Wayne to come over and stay with her. Mac questions everyone at the station. Since Wayne isn't there, he goes to his apartment, where the landlady is doing some repairs. He sees Wayne's "monument" to Karen.moreless
  • My Love Always
    My Love Always
    Episode 26
    Linda tries to make Michael jealous. Detective tells Greg that Tom used to be dirty but there is no real proof. Tom gets a new partner, Sandra, who accuses him of stealing $100,000 from a drug bust. Tom insists he didn't take the money. Anne steals Paige's drivers license and puts her photo on it. She opens a bank account as Paige. The twins take video's at the ranch. While watching them, Gary notices Danny in the background of a shot. Karen receives strange letters from a fan who signs his letters "my love always". He sends her a scarf to wear on the air, but she doesn't. A light on the set almost hits Karen. When she arrives home, she finds a photo of herself cut into pieces, with "I hate you" written on it.moreless
  • The One to Blame
    The One to Blame
    Episode 25
    Gary loves being a family, and Val is happy too. Karen is still being followed by Wayne, and he steals her sunglasses. Mac is concerned about a fan stalking her. Diane hires a security guard for Karen - Wayne. Dianne and Jeff break up. Tom gives Paige an engagement ring in a "Happy Meal". Greg then gives Paige a HUGE diamond, and suggests they live together. She gives it back to him. Greg is truly upset over Paige's engagement, and hires a detective to get him information on Tom. Pat is rushed to the hospital, and is in a coma. Frank goes to the jail to see Danny. Frank grabs him by the neck and says if he gets out on bail, Frank will be his worst nightmare. Later Danny's attorney posts bail. Pat wakes up, and she and Frank declare their love. Later Pat has a blood clot and goes into another coma.moreless
  • Only Just Begun
    Only Just Begun
    Episode 24
    Paige tells Tom she'll live with him, and later accepts his proposal. A man named Wayne is following Karen and has several photos of her on his wall. Paula accepts a job in Toronto and tells Greg off. Danny tells the twins that Gary is their father. Bobby is upset and runs away. Gary finds him in a tree, and he explains to the twins that he is their father. Frank stays at the law office. Mac and Karen try to get the Williams' back together. Frank decides to come home, so they both go out to buy spumoni, as they always eat spumoni when making up after a fight. A bartender cuts Danny off, as he's very drunk. Danny buys liquor and drinks it while driving home. He and Pat pull into the cul-de-sac at the same time. Tragically, when she gets out of her car, Danny hits her.moreless
  • Home Sweet Home
    Home Sweet Home
    Episode 23
    Harold calls and tells Michael he will pay him back. He apologizes to Olivia and declares his love. She decides to join him in Miami. Pat takes a job as an aide at a hospital and applies for her medical license. Frank decides to leave, but Julie won't go with him. Jeff and Dianne warn Karen about becoming too friendly with her fans. A man sends her a rose and requests a nude photo. Paige is jealous and disgusted with Greg's interest in Anne. Tom proposes to Paige. The Police tell Val that she can't make Danny leave without a court order. She takes Ginny and the twins and they stay at Gary's ranch. Danny changes the locks and tells his lawyer he wants the house in their divorce. Danny gets drunk and throws Val's possessions out the window. He taunts Gary and Val as they gather her things off the lawn.moreless
  • Devil on My Shoulder
    Linda sucks up to Mrs. Richfield, the biggest account at Sumner group. Anne arranges to have Paula invited to an environmental conference, but Paula leaves early and finds Greg and Anne having a romantic dinner. Pat quits her job at the bank and longs to be a doctor again. Frank argues that would put them back in danger, so if she does he will take Julie and leave her. Val and the twins stay with Gary. Danny and Val go to court over the stabbing incident. Danny lies through his teeth. Val takes the twins home and explains that Danny won't be living with them anymore, and they're happy about it. Then Danny walks in and says, "I'm home!"moreless
  • Good News, Bad News
    Good News, Bad News
    Episode 21
    Dianne tries to force Karen to quit. Linda is assigned to work with Michael. Paula tries to get Greg to follow doctors orders about changing his diet. Anne shows up and they ignore Paula. The twins tell Gary that Danny said Gary didn't love them. Danny tells Val she spoils the twins, and she's upset at him punishing them. Val discovers Danny was married before Amanda to Christine Ahern. She calls her father who says Danny beat and raped his daughter. Since Gary has the twins, Val goes to Mac's office. He's not there, so she waits and leaves a message for Gary to call her there. Danny comes in and hears Gary leave a message for Val. Danny explodes and calls Val names. He forces her onto the desk and tries to choke her. Val stabs him with a letter opener to get away. He screams that she's a bitch.moreless
  • Wrong For Each Other
    Tom tells Paige he will always love her, and meeting her changed him, and he is going straight. Linda comes onto Michael, and gets nasty when he rejects her. Associate producer Jeff is having an affair with Dianne. He tells both Karen and Dianne that the other is difficult, so he'll run interference. Anne unexpectedly shows up at Paige's. Paula tells Karen she loves Greg, and constantly stays at his side. Anne stops by to visit, and he says "Anne!" Danny takes the twins out when he knows Gary is going to spend the day with them. Danny tells Gary he is adopting the twins. Gary wants Val to tell the twins he is their father. Val tells Danny that he can't adopt them, and Danny goes off. He yells, throws things at her, smashes a lamp and says she's crazy. Val is shocked.moreless
  • The Grim Reaper
    The Grim Reaper
    Episode 19
    Paige and Tom make up, and she won't believe he is crooked until Mac gives her proof. Mac find out the Oakman chemicals are used in agriculture, but banned in the US because they cause liver cancer. When the chemicals were banned, Oakman used the pension funds to start a new company in Africa. Oakman is found dead. Eric visits and he and Michael make up. Linda is hired at Sumner Group. Karen and her "Open Mike" producer Dianne don't get along. Paige and Paula keep vigil over Greg, who is paralyzed and needs an operation. Police guard Greg's hospital room. Mary Francis's boyfriend Robert goes to the hospital and climbs in Greg's window. Robert tells Greg he is going to inject him with the chemicals Greg made, so he will suffer like his victims. Robert says Mary Francis was dying of this, so he killed her to publicize the plight, and then killed Oakman. Robert injects the chemicals into Greg, then gives himself up to the police.moreless
  • The Ripple Effect
    The Ripple Effect
    Episode 18
    Greg discovers that Mary Francis had been part of a subversive group, and used his computer to look up shipments from Oakman Industries to "Monbasa" over the past two years. Val brings Danny to meet the neighbors. He charms them all except for Karen, who "knows" that Gary is right about him. Gary and Amanda sleep together and she moves to Phoenix to start her life over. Paige breaks up with Tom when he lies to her. Mac figures out that Tom is a "dirty" cop who works for Oakman. Oakman tells Tom he has one last job for him. Harold empties Olivia's bank account to pay his bookie and goes to Florida. He leaves a note telling her to apologize to Michael and for her to have a nice life. Greg is shot.moreless
  • My Bullet
    My Bullet
    Episode 17
    Both Michael and a bookie pressure Harold for money. Harold asks Mac to loan him $13,000, but when Mac hears how much money Gary has already given him, he says no. Harold calls Tom and says he knows who he works for, but will keep it a secret if he helps him out financially. Greg gets drunk, and the ghosts of Mary Francis and Galveston follow him around. Worried, Carlos calls Paige, but then Paula shows up. Jealous, Tom follows Paige to Greg's. Paige is angry, but Tom says he's never been in love before, and they make up. Carlos gives Greg floppy discs that Mary Francis had in Greg's computer. Police discover where the sniper shot from and due to garbage on the site, think he was there a long time, so Greg wasn't his target, Mary Francis was.moreless
  • Out of Control
    Out of Control
    Episode 16
    The Sumner Group is in Chaos. Tom and police question everyone. Jane comes for Mary Francis' funeral. Tom discovers Paige had a relationship with Greg, and is angry she didn't tell him. Val and Danny move up their wedding date, and Gary implores her minister not to marry them. Danny tells Val that Gary attacked him with a bat. Val confronts Gary who tells her that when she gets married and the minister gets to the part about any objections, he's going to stand up and yell "Rapist, rapist, rapist!" Gary asks the William's to keep on eye on Danny so he won't hurt the twins. Gary asks Mac if he has any legal recourse, but Mac says no. Val and Danny elope with only Ginny and the twins at the service.moreless
  • My First Born
    My First Born
    Episode 15
    The D.A. says he'll look into the pension fund. Mack discovers that Greg owns Oakman Industries. Greg gives a press conference saying he fired Oakman and will restore the pension fund. Olivia makes a profit. Karen talks to her and explains that Harold is under a lot of pressure to provide for her and she decides to give him another chance. Harold loses even more of Michael's money in a poker game. Michael asks for the money back because he needs it for a condo he's buying. Greg's daughter, Mary-Frances comes to see Greg. She was working in a third world country, but came back to the States to research bio-genetics. Greg is really happy to see her and they spend time together. Mary-Frances goes to Greg's office. He steps out to speak to his secretary when they hear a shot. Mary-Frances has been shot in the head!moreless
  • Road Trip
    Road Trip
    Episode 14
    Mike loans Harold a lot of money, which he loses gambling. Olivia tells Gary she needs money for tuition, but instead invests it. Mac finds out that Pomerantz is living in Canada as Neil Strauss. He asks Tom to accompany him to Canada. Tom pretends to call Paige, but really alerts Oakman. Oakman sends Joe to Canada to kill Mac, since Tom won't. Pomerantz tells Mac that he'll trade his books of illegal loans for his freedom. They go to the airport and exchange books. Joe is about to shoot Mac when the police arrest Joe and thank Tom for the tip. Tom calls Oakman and says Joe screwed up. He says Mac has the books and is going to the DA. Oakman tells Greg that his pension fund scam is going to be exposed.moreless
  • Oh, Brother
    Oh, Brother
    Episode 13
    Mack discovers that Pomerantz is dead. He finds the doctor who signed his death certificate works for Oakman and is Pomerantz's uncle. Mack presses the doctor, who finally admits that Pomerantz is alive and living in Canada. Val tells Amanda she won't get away with her false accusations. Using psychometry, Ginny has a "psychic" feeling that Danny did rape Amanda and agrees with Gary to never leave him alone with the twins. Eric tries to work things out with Linda, who says she no longer loves him. Mack and Karen confront Michael about his involvement with Linda. Eric overhears and punches Michael. Eric packs and leaves. Linda moves out to her apartment and Michael decides to move in with Harold.moreless
  • What a Swell Party This Is
    Paula tells Greg that she's tired of him only calling her as a diversion, so if he wants her he'll have to prove it. Michael helps Linda find an apartment. Eric comes to visit and tells Mike that Linda wants the divorce, but he wants to win her back. Michael tells Linda to work things out with Eric. At Michael's birthday party, Olivia and Harold fight and flirt with other's. Harold tells Olivia it was nice to talk with a woman who doesn't look down her nose at him. Olivia takes off her ring and leaves. Linda's upset and Karen tells her not to worry, she and Eric will work things out. Linda says she doesn't want Eric. She loves Michael. Val tells Karen she won't let another one of Gary's demented lovers ruin her life.moreless
  • Twice Victim
    Twice Victim
    Episode 11
    Gary convinces Amanda to go to the police and report that Danny raped her. She does, but because she went to Danny's of her own free will and took a shower, there's no evidence. Danny calls Val and says Amanda is accusing him of outlandish things, but his lawyer said this is common in a divorce. Amanda and Gary try to convince Val that Danny is a rapist, but she thinks Amanda is being vengeful, and won't believe it. Gary calls Danny and says Amanda is making up horrible things about him, and they should get her psychiatric help. Danny agrees, so Gary invites him to the ranch. Gary locks Danny in the stable and goes after him with a baseball bat. Danny is cowering and whimpering in a fetal position, and then Gary unlocks the door and asks Danny if he enjoyed it.moreless
  • Never Judge a Book By Its Cover
    Paige and Tom get back together. Joe, who works for Oakman, punches Paige and steals her purse in front of Tom. Tom calls Oakman and says he's dating her because Mac's back on the case. Tom tells Mac he overheard that a man named Pomerantz has evidence against Oakman. Amanda, who is a wreck, quits her job and avoids Gary. Danny doesn't understand why Amanda's so upset, and he brings Chester back. Linda announces that she and Eric are divorcing, and kisses Michael, which freaks him out. Karen becomes the permanent host of "Open Mike". Her first show, on rape, makes Danny uncomfortable. Gary recognizes Amanda's voice as a call-in-viewer who was recently raped. Danny gives Val an engagement ring, and she tells Karen she loves Danny more than she ever loved anyone, even Gary.moreless
  • Perfect Couples
    Perfect Couples
    Episode 9
    Paige goes to see Tom at the police station, and he tells her they wouldn't work out. Oakman again tells Tom to break it off, or something could happen to Paige. Mark asks Karen to convince Mac not to investigate Oakman, because Mac could get hurt. Mark pleads guilty and gets 3 years. Danny is upset when he is served with divorce papers. Amanda tells Danny that all she wants is her grandmother's dishes, so he breaks them. Danny brings Val to hear Amanda sing. In front of Val and Gary, Amanda and Danny have a huge argument and scream at each other because Danny wants Chester in the divorce. When Amanda gets home, Chester is gone so she goes to Danny's. Danny locks Chester in the bathroom and rapes Amanda.moreless
  • The Good Guys
    The Good Guys
    Episode 8
    Karen fills in on "Open Mike" again. Harold and Olivia continue to argue about money. Karen worries that Michael's spending has gotten out of control. Mac and Karen really like Tom. Mac and Mark Baylor go to the courthouse to turn in the money that Ginny found. After seeing Tom in the bathroom, Mark tells Mac he is guilty, and fires him. Mac tries to turn in the money, but the DA won't accept it. Mac contacts Arnold Zimmer, who also worked at Oakman, and he agrees to be part of a class action suit. Mac tells Tom, and then Mr. Zimmer breaks his arm and refuses to be part of the suit. An executive at Oakman pays Tom, and tell him he's off the case, and no longer needs to keep tabs on Mac. They tell Tom to stop seeing Paige. He argues with them, but stands her up for a date.moreless
  • Mixed Messages
    Mixed Messages
    Episode 7
    Ginny's off the hook when the money is found in Baylor's apartment. Baylor asks Mac to defend him, and says Oakman is setting him up because they don't want their books made public. Going through Jeri's jewelry, Ginny finds the money. Greg gives Paige his biggest client - the Richfield account. Paige meets Tom Ryan. Greg brings Paula to a company party, but Paula accuses him of using her to make Paige jealous. Paige sees Tom at the party, and they flirt and make love in the elevator. Michael doesn't have a date, so Linda offers to go with him, and they pretend she is "Theresa". Later they realize they are very attracted to one another. Danny's upset as Amanda gets ready for a date with Gary. Gary asks Amanda to go away for a weekend, but not to tell Danny.moreless
  • When Push Comes to Shove
    Danny cries to Amanda that he loves her and doesn't want a divorce. Later he makes up with Val. Karen's friend asks her to sub for her on the TV show "Open Mike". Karen's surprised to find that Greg is the guest. Paula comes down to support Karen, and they make up. Paula and Greg argue and verbally spar, and decide to have lunch. Ginny was at Jeri's when she was killed. Mac and Frank don't think it was a suicide and find out Mark Baylor was in her building at the time. Mac thinks Mark killed Jeri. The coroner says she died from a blow to her head before the fall. Ginny is arrested for the murder.moreless
  • Best Interests
    Best Interests
    Episode 5
    Gary goes to Val's and asks Danny for Amanda's number. Danny says Amanda is his wife, which upsets Val. Danny says they've been separated for 9 months. Val tells him she wants nothing more to do with him. Amanda goes to see Gary. Paige won't go out with Greg, and he's really frustrated. Ginny takes the twins to see her friend Jeri at her office at Oakman Industries. While there, Jeri steals $17,000, and Ginny is arrested as an accessory. Oakman's attorney, Mark Baylor tells Mac they won't prosecute Jeri if she returns the money. Jeri refuses because they dissolved her pension, and says she'll only return the money if all pensions are restored. Mac thinks it's fishy that Oakman doesn't want to prosecute. Then Jeri is found splattered on the sidewalk below her apartment window.moreless
  • Close Call
    Close Call
    Episode 4
    Paige tells Greg she wants Abby's office, a car, and $120,000 a year. Greg agrees. Greg also pays Michael $100,000 for his computer program and gives him a job. Karen's angry that Michael accepted and quit college. Linda tells Karen she's being unsupportive. The twins ask Gary if they can live with him because they hate Danny. Paula tries to apologize to Karen for her crush on Mac, but Karen is cool towards her. Gary goes to hear Frank sing. He doesn't realize that the first singer is Amanda. He sees Amanda go to sit with Danny, and is shocked to see Danny kissing her. He follows them out to the parking lot. He hears Amanda call her dog Chester, and realizes that she is Sally's Friend.moreless
  • Prince Charming
    Prince Charming
    Episode 3
    Karen is upset that Mac and Paula shared a hotel room, but he assures her nothing happened. Eric takes a job in Saudi Arabia, and asks if Linda can live with Karen. Sally's friend turns out to be Amanda, the twins' nursery school teacher. Danny and Val sleep together, and then Danny goes to Amanda's, whom he also has a relationship with. Harold and Olivia fight over their finances. Greg tells Paige he misses her and wants her to come back to work. Paige is furious that Greg sends Ted to Japan instead of having him arrested. Riding down in the elevator, Paige and Ted slap each other. Ted tells Paige she's Greg's weakness because he loves her, and she should take advantage of that.moreless
  • Poetic Justice
    Poetic Justice
    Episode 2
    Gary has no luck finding Sally's friend. Val tells Karen she's falling in love with Danny, but doesn't take him seriously when he proposes. Paige, Greg and Ted are in Spring Lake. Paige finds the post office box, and takes the envelope which contains Abby's original Morikame documents and negatives of Ted with Nagata. Ted hot wires a truck and follows her. Paige gets a flat tire, so she pulls into a garage to have it fixed. She hides the documents in the towel holder and jumps out the window as Ted breaks in. Greg is there too, so Paige throws the empty envelope at Ted. He takes off in the truck. Paige retrieves the real papers after Greg leaves. They stop in the road where tow trucks are pulling Ted's truck out of a lake. They think Ted drowned, but he hasn't. He flags down a car to drive him back to town.moreless
  • Up the Spout Again
    Up the Spout Again
    Episode 1
    Not knowing whether to trust Greg or Ted, Paige finally chooses Ted and has him bring her home. He wants her to give him the key, but she gives him a fake one. She finds out Rick had a cabin in Spring Lake, so she drives up there. The post office is closed, so she gets a hotel room. Ted also drives up to Spring Lake and waits in a bar for the post office to open. Greg shows up with a big goon, and demands Ted give him the key. Val doesn't believe Danny is sick when he cancels a date with her, so she brings him chicken soup. She's relieved to find out he really is sick. Gary continues to talk to Sally's friend. They agree to meet. While on the phone, Gary hears a man come in and Sally's friend yelling at him to leave, and then screaming "NO!" and a lot of noises. Then the phone goes dead.moreless
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