Knots Landing - Season 6

CBS (ended 1993)




Episode Guide

  • The Long and Winding Road
    Greg keeps trying to call Laura, who hangs up on him. He follows her and explains that it was a stunt Ruth set up, so he kicked her out. Greg asks Laura to marry him, but she says she's already married. The police question Karen about Ackerman, while Mac goes to his office and finds Val's file. He sets the alarm off, and is arrested. After Mac is out, they find a list in the file that has the name couples who illegally adopted babies, but there are no addresses on the list. One name on the list - Harry Fisher - rings a bell. The next day at work Karen tells Gary the babies are alive. Mac remembers that he and Ben were at the Fisher's house, and they had twins. Mac calls Karen and tells her to meet him there. Gary goes with her. Harry Fisher rushes home and tells his wife Sheila to pack, that they have to leave on a vacation now. Sheila says she won't leave because she hasn't picked up the prescription for the twin's ear infections. Frustrated, Harry takes one of the twins and goes to pick it up while she packs. Abby receives the notebook pages via messenger. She picks up Val and tells her that she received a mysterious phone call meant for Val. She said they told her that the babies were alive and where to find them. Mac, Karen, Ben and Gary arrive at the Fishers. Karen and Mac tell Sheila that the babies were adopted illegally and taken from their mother. Sheila says that's not true. Abby drives up with Val, and Val is surprised to see everybody there. Val hears the baby cry and starts to walk up to the door. Sheila is very distraught. Harry drives up and sees all the people outside of his house. Sheila yells at him, "Haaarrrrry, they want to take the babies!" Harry speeds off.moreless
  • Vulnerable
    Episode 29
    Ruth tells Abby that she'll only give her the notebook papers if Abby will help her get rid of Laura. Laura goes to Greg's one morning, and Abby is there in her robe, so Laura leaves. Abby and Ruth congratulate themselves. Greg tells Coblentz he wants Gary out of Empire Valley. Coblentz also tries to placate Gary, who says he refuses to spy anymore. Karen, Mac and Ben are working on the case so much that Val feels neglected. Joshua tells her that she scares her friends away because she makes them feel uncomfortable. Ben comes over with flowers for Val, and she apologizes to him and tells him about her conversation with Joshua. Ben storms up to Josh's room, tells him off and punches him. Nurse Wilson finally comes forward and tells Mac that Ackerman had something on her and blackmailed her into doing it. Mac, Karen and Wilson go to the bridge tournament where Ackerman is. Ackerman runs out and gets into his car. Karen hits him with her truck. Mac tells Ackerman that it's over. Ackerman pulls a gun out of his glove compartment and shoots himself in the head.moreless
  • One Day in a Row
    One Day in a Row
    Episode 28
    Ruth tells Abby that she will get her the notebook pages, and to keep her TV station. She tells Abby that she is like the daughter she never had. At dinner, Ruth constantly puts Laura down, so Laura tells her off. Later, Laura wants Greg to tell her he loves her, but Greg says everything except that. Greg tells Ruth it's time for her to go back to Africa. Joshua tells Cathy he doesn't want to move out because he can't abandon Val. Val says not to blame it on her. Ben has a reporter check out Ackerman. He finds that Ackerman has gambling debts, and they think that was his motive for agreeing to steal the babies. The reporter gives Ben a list of unethical adoption agencies. Ben and Karen go to one, posing as a couple who wants to adopt, and say they were recommended by Ackerman. When they leave, the lawyer calls Ackerman and tells him Karen came to see him, and she was just as Ackerman described her.moreless
  • A Price to Pay
    A Price to Pay
    Episode 27
    Abby calls Greg for the notebook pages, but he says he'll only give them to her if she gets Gary out of Empire Valley. She can't, so then Greg says he'll exchange them for her broadcasting license and Empire Valley TV station. Jill Bennett goes to Mack's office and says the Governor would like to appoint him to Greg's vacant senate seat. Mac thinks Greg is behind it. Home from their honeymoon, Cathy's alarmed that Joshua wants to live at Val's and she wants to get their own place. Ben proposes to Val, but she tells him she can feel her babies cry at night, and can't marry him with that going on. Ben thinks that Val is losing it, so Mac and Karen tell him about their investigationmoreless
  • Four, No Trump
    Four, No Trump
    Episode 26
    Gary tells Greg he will be part of Empire Valley, and then lies to Mac, telling him it's a legitimate business. Dr. Ackerman won't talk to Karen, so Mac tells her he'll help her to get evidence. Val sneaks out of Ben's, and then cancels dates with him. Ben's frustrated, and Val tells Karen she's trying to act normal, but feels like she's going crazy because she knows the babies are alive. Karen hires Eric to be the Assistant General Manager at Lotus Point. Abby tells Greg about Scott Easton and the babies, and tells Greg she needs the missing notebook pages. He gives her some pages, but they don't have the information on them. Greg goes to the Fishers and watches them from his car. Ruth makes snide comments to Laura about Greg spending so much time with Abby, and tells Greg that she likes Abby much better.moreless
  • For Better, For Worse
    Gary tells Abby that because he bought the notes when his investors backed out, they now own all of Empire Valley. Coblentz doesn't want Gary as their landlord. Greg takes Gary to meet some of Galveston's men, and they tell him that something big is taking place, and they ask him to join them. Gary tells them to go to hell. Coblentz implies to Gary that he is a government agent and asks Gary to infiltrate the group. Gary agrees to this. Joshua breaks Ben's Wesphall story on his show, and says that Ben is trying to make a conspiracy that isn't there. Ben is livid. Abby tells Joshua he's losing ratings. Cathy tells Joshua she's not sure if she wants to get married, and they need to decide things together, but decides to marry him. Joshua asks Ben to be his best man because despite of what he thinks of him, he considers him family. Joshua and Cathy get married.moreless
  • A Man of Good Will
    A Man of Good Will
    Episode 24
    Joshua bullies Cathy over wedding plans, and Cathy doesn't show up for the rehearsal. Ben tells Karen to stop feeding Val's fantasy that the twins could be alive, and Mac takes Karen's side and says that maybe they are alive. Nurse Wilson calls Ackerman and tells him to keep Karen away from her. Greg and Gary argue over environmental concerns for Empire Valley. Greg changes Gary's credit report, and a lot of Gary's investors back out. Greg offers to buy Gary out. Laura finds out what Greg did and threatens to tell Gary. A lawyer calls Gary and says that Galveston left him all the land in Empire Valley. The boys want to sell Knots Landing Motors, but Karen won't as it was Sid's dream for them. They tell her it's Sid's dream but not theirs, and they don't like working there. Karen and Eric go to Sid's grave, and Karen says Sid just wanted him to be happy, so she'll hire a new manager.moreless
  • The Forest for the Trees
    Joshua apologizes to Cathy and proposes. She accepts and Abby decides to throw them a party. Karen finds out who the nurse on duty was the night Val gave birth. Karen finds Nurse Wilson, and questions her, but she doesn't say anything. Karen tells Lilimae that Wilson is scared, and brings Lilimae to talk with her too. Gary decides to go ahead with Empire Valley, but asks Mac and Ben for their reports as he doesn't trust Greg. At the engagement party, Greg warns Coblentz about Abby. Josh announces to everyone that as soon as they're married, Cathy is going to stop singing. Cathy's angry, and he tells her she doesn't need to make scenes to get his attention. Val comforts Cathy and tells her to stand up to Joshua. Abby meets with Coblentz and pretends to know what's really going on, and Coblentz, thinking she already knows, tells her all. Greg tells Coblentz that Abby faked him out, and Coblentz tells Greg to undue the damage.moreless
  • A Piece of the Pie
    A Piece of the Pie
    Episode 22
    Karen meets with Val's original obstetrician, who tells her that she and her partner were called away to a conference when the babies were born, and that Dr. Ackerman plays in a lot of bridge tournaments. Cathy sings on Joshua's show, and he announces on air that they are getting married. Cathy's upset with him for assuming things and not asking her first. .Mac finds an address in some of Galveston's papers. He and Ben go there. Mrs. Fisher invites them in, but says she has no idea who he is or why he'd have their address. Then she has to go check on her twins who are crying. While there, they see a press conference that Greg has called on TV. Greg announces that Galveston was his father, had died, and he's resigning from the Senate and taking over his company. Laura is furious because Greg didn't tell her any of this. Abby tells Greg that she wants a piece of Empire Valley, the "real" Empire Valley.moreless
  • The Deluge
    The Deluge
    Episode 21
    Joshua asks to open Reverend Kathryn's show, but then takes up the whole 30 minutes. Rev. Kathryn is starting to become disgusted with Josh's ego. Abby tells Joshua to come up with sermons, and if she thinks he can sustain the show, she'll fire Rev. Kathryn. Joshua replies he doesn't need Abby to check his sermons or he'll go elsewhere. Joshua also announces that Cathy will sing on his show, even though she doesn't want to. Karen questions people about the evening Val gave birth, and tells Gary she thinks the twins are alive. Abby overhears. Galveston dies. The mystery woman comes in, and she is Greg's mother Ruth. She tells Greg that she married Galveston and she wants him to take over the company. An old friend comes to see Greg and tells him that Empire Valley is the cover for an international communications center, and that they will monitor and influence all government communications in every country in the world. Greg's still resistant.moreless
  • The Emperor's Clothes
    Gary wants to shut down construction on Empire Valley until he can talk to Galveston. Galveston men try to placate Gary. A Minister marries a mystery woman and Galveston, who is on life support. Val cuts her hand at Empire Valley, so Ben takes her to the clinic in the town of Wesphall. Ben talks to the doctor and patients, who tell him that industrial chemicals from Galveston Industries got into the ground water and caused an epidemic, but that Galveston bought everybody out and paid medical bills. They say that one woman came to town and claimed that Galveston did it deliberately to drive them off of their property. Ben and Mac show them a picture of Lila Maxwell, and they identify her as the woman. Mac finds Jamison, who said that Galveston ordered the murder of Lila Maxwell. Val remembers going in to labor, and tells Karen that she "knows" the babies are alive. Karen asks Mac to consider the possibility of Val's babies being alive.moreless
  • Rough Edges
    Rough Edges
    Episode 19
    Joshua apologizes to Cathy and say's he's making a lot of mistakes as he's never had a girlfriend before but he's unhappy without her. Galveston's men contact Greg and want to transfer power to him, but he refuses. Meanwhile, Gary's frustrated he can't get in to see Galveston and is told he's away on business. Abby finds Scott Easton's notebook, but the pertinent pages about Val's babies are ripped out. Val starts therapy with Dr. Michael's, but misses a lot of sessions and Karen tries to convince her to go. She hears Lilimae and Ben talking about having her committed, so she yells at Lilimae for abandoning her and calls her a tramp. She hears Lilimae crying, but is unconcerned. Finally Val opens up to her Dr., and then feels bad about attacking Lilimae. Ben gives Val a ride home, and she suddenly remembers his beach house and orchids. He is overjoyed.moreless
  • Fly Away Home
    Fly Away Home
    Episode 18
    Ben has a flat tire on the road to Empire Valley. A truck with radio receivers stops to help him. Ben takes one of the receivers and tells Mac that he thinks that Empire Valley is only a cover for something bigger. Mac's men go to pick up Jamison and Woodside, but they're gone. Gary and Parker fight. Val realizes that Parker lied to her, and knows that she is Valene Ewing. She starts to remember Gary, and agrees to go home with him, but thinks that they are still married. At home, she doesn't recognize anyone. Abby tells Gary that Ben needs to take care of Val, and that he has to make a break from her, or they're through. Gary takes Val to the beach and tells her they're not married. She's upset. Abby asks Galveston if Mac will find out about the babies, and Galveston says no, that he will personally tell Gary about his heirs. Later, Abby sneaks into his house and goes through his desk. Galveston comes in and then suddenly has an attack. He asks for his pills, but Abby doesn't help him.moreless
  • Lead Me to the Altar
    Joshua's ego is getting really big. Joshua tells Cathy she needs to mend her ways and sing in church, not in a bar, and he breaks up with her. Abby's worried that Mac will find out her connection with the babies. Galveston has Jamison and Whiteside sign a confession for Lila Maxwell's murder. A man gets into Mac's car and tells him that he's not aiming high enough in his investigation of Galveston. Gary continues to try and convince Val that she is not Verna. Val makes plans for her wedding, and imagines dancing with Gary in her wedding dress. Gary shows Val her picture on the back of "Nashville Junction". Parker's worried when Val is late for the wedding. She's in her room, staring at her picture on the book cover. Val finally goes to the church. Gary barges in and interrupts the ceremony. Parker wants the Minister to continue, but Gary insists he is going to bring Val home to California.moreless
  • Out of the Past
    Out of the Past
    Episode 16
    Abby decides to lengthen Joshua's segment. She threatens Cathy not to date Josh anymore, or she will tell him about her affair with Gary and that she murdered someone. Mac can't get a Judge to grant him a warrant for Galveston Industries, so Greg gets Mac the warrant he needs. Karen unwittingly gives Galveston information on the investigation. Gary goes to Val's diner, and recalls how he met her in a diner by helping her out when it was really busy. He tries to talk to Val, who doesn't recognize him and thinks he's crazy. Parker and his friends beat Gary up and tell him to get out of town. Val's confused as to why 2 people have thought she was Val Ewing. Gary goes back to the diner and helps Val like he did when they first met. For just an instant she recognizes him and says "Gary", but then confused, runs out, and Gary follows. She insists she's Verna and has never seen him before. She tells Parker she wants to get married right away.moreless
  • Inside Information
    Inside Information
    Episode 15
    Mac shows a tape of the Tidal Basin murders to Lila Maxwell's roommate who recognizes Scott Easton and tells Mac he worked for Galveston Ind. Then Karen recognizes one of the men as John Woodside, one of Galveston's aides. Greg tells Laura that his father, Sumner, died as a pilot in the Korean war. Then Galveston showed up at his house, and Greg discovered that his mother and Galveston had been having an affair for years. Then Galveston told Greg that he was really his father. Abby flies to Shula and asks Val to level with her about if she is going to come home. Val doesn't recognize her and thinks that Abby is crazy. Parker overhears and researches Val in the library, and knows that she is really Valene Ewing. Parker asks Val to marry him, and she says yes. Gary tells Abby that Galveston called and said he needed to tell him something about her so Abby tells him that she found Val. Gary catches the first flight to Tennessee.moreless
  • #14 with a Bullet
    #14 with a Bullet
    Episode 14
    Karen's surgery goes well. Galveston tells Greg to tell Mack to stop investigating the Tidal Basin murders, but instead Greg tells Mack to look for a connection between the murders and Galveston Industries. Gary's private detective tells Abby that Val has become Verna Ellers from her book "Nashville Junction", and that she seems happy. He says he'll do a fake report, in exchange for sex with Abby. He tells Gary he has no leads and is dropping the case. Galveston has his men bring him Abby's detective. Galveston threatens him, so the detective tells him where Val is. Then another man brings him all of Scott Easton's papers. Abby waits for the detective, but instead Galveston shows up and tells her that he knows where Val is and all about the babies and unless she comes up with a damn good explanation, he's going to tell Gary.moreless
  • Weighing of Evils
    Weighing of Evils
    Episode 13
    Karen finally agrees to have the operation and checks into the hospital. Abby wants in on Empire Valley, but Galveston tells her to go home and raise babies. Greg wakes up and Galveston is in his room and says that he is dying and it's time for him to forgive and forget. Galveston says his money has more power than being a senator, and Greg craves power. Greg tells Laura his divorce is final. People mob the station wanting to see Joshua, so Abby gives him a regular segment on Reverend Kathryn's show. The detective reports to Abby on Val, but Abby tells everyone he has no leads since Nevada. In Shula, Val goes to a "social" with Parker, but walks out when people tell her he has a girlfriend. Parker tells Val that they broke up, and he kisses her.moreless
  • Uncharted Territory
    Uncharted Territory
    Episode 12
    Galveston asks Gary to go in with him on a planned community in Empire Valley. Galveston tells some men that he's using Gary because he's stupid and won't know what's going on, but he will be help in getting the community built. Gary asks Greg to go in on Empire Valley, but Greg wants no part of it. While driving with Michael, Karen's hands go out again and they almost crash. Mac insists she see a doctor. Karen finally tells Mac what is going on and he says he won't let her die. Joshua gets a lot of fan mail after being on TV, so Abby asks him to make another plea to Val. Kelly asks Ben to give her a chance, but he says he can't. In Shula, Val rents a room and hears a report on the radio about her disappearance, but doesn't respond to it in any way. She meets Parker Winslow, the local dry cleaner, who asks her out to a pancake breakfast.moreless
  • Distant Locations
    Distant Locations
    Episode 11
    Karen finds out that Val went to the bus station, but when she was seen there, 4 busses left. Abby and Gary have lunch with Galveston, and Galveston notices that Abby's not happy with Gary's preoccupation with Val. Galveston asks Gary to go into business with him putting up communication satellites. Abby hires a detective who finds Val, and Abby tells him to follow her, but to keep the information only between them. Joshua gives a plea for Val to come home on Reverend Kathryn's show. Val goes to Enoch, Nevada and checks into a motel. She berates herself in the mirror. Then she dresses up like a tramp, and goes to a bar where she flirts with several men. The next day Val gets on another bus, and tells the girl she sits with that her name is Verna Ellers, she has no family and is going home to Tennessee. Abby's detective follows her. Val gets off the bus in the small town of Shula, Tennessee, and gets a job as a waitress in a diner.moreless
  • Message in a Bottle
    Message in a Bottle
    Episode 10
    Abby continues to search for Easton. Abby goes to see Dr. Ackerman to ask where the babies are. Ackerman tells her she is sick. She tells him that Easton is dead. Cathy and Joshua make love again. Gary has lunch with Paul Galveston. He and Galveston hit it off and Galveston gives Gary his prize horse. Tom Jessick tells Mac that Gary Loader was a policeman who was framed because he knew too much about the "Tidal Basin" murders. One of the victims was Lila Maxwell, a secretary at Galveston Industries. Mac notices Karen isn't using her right hand, so she tells him it is sprained. Karen decides to get a second opinion, and the doctor tells her she needs the operation or she will die. Ben is concerned about Val's mental health. Joshua finds Val having a conversation with someone about her babies, only no one else is there. Val has a nightmare and wakes up screaming. Val overhears Ben and Lilimae deciding to get help for her, so the next morning she packs and calls a cab.moreless
  • We Come Together
    We Come Together
    Episode 9
    Val insists her babies are alive, but no one believes her. Gary tells Lilimae he had secretly hoped that the babies were his. Joshua asks Rev. Kathryn if the babies were born dead out of retribution for Val conceiving out of wedlock. Abby receives another mysterious phone call requesting Gary's blood type. The caller tells her the babies will be placed in the next 2 days as she requested. Easton is flying in on Galveston's private jet so Abby goes to meet him, but he's not on it. Abby makes about a million calls, but can't find him. Mac moves back in with Karen, and they decide to throw Thanksgiving dinner for everyone. While preparing the dinner, Karen's hands go numb. Karen asks Gary to get Val. Mac apologizes to everyone for hurting them. When Val and Gary walk in to the MacKenzie's, Val apologizes for her and Gary being late as usual.moreless
  • Tomorrow Never Knows
    Karen and Mac talk but she doesn't tell him she's dying. Scott Easton calls Abby and says he has negotiated Lotus Point's water rights with Paul Galveston, and to expect a bonus within the next few days as a "thank you". Ben is away on a story. Val has pains all day, and Dr. Ackerman tells her to take more pills. Home alone, she goes into labor. Michael and Eric take her to the hospital. They call Gary, who immediately leaves, angering Abby. Ackerman tells Val he's going to put her under anesthesia. She protests but he says there are complications. Everything goes fuzzy for Val. She gives birth, sees the babies, and hears them cry. She hears the nurse say that the babies are healthy. Val wakes up, and Ackerman tells her that the babies were stillborn. Val insists that she saw and heard them, but Ackerman says her mind was playing tricks on her because she was under sedation. Gary calls Abby to tell her that the babies are dead. Abby is genuinely concerned. Then Abby receives a call from a man who tells her he will need the blood type of the babies' father, and he'll be in touch with her later.moreless
  • Love to Take You Home
    Mac is served with divorce papers. Karen says she wants to explain but she will need time. Mac finds out that Gary Loader has been killed. Val and Gary feel responsible for the MacKenzies' divorce. Abby and Scott Easton watch them talking from her office. Joshua's father, Jonathan, comes to Knots Landing determined to bring Joshua home with him. Joshua tells Cathy how confused he is and they make love. Afterwards, Joshua feels dirty and disgusted, and is horrified that Cathy doesn't feel ashamed too. Joshua goes to see Reverend Kathryn, who has a religious show on the station, for advice. Joshua decides to stay and talks with his father. Scott Easton has lunch with Mitch Ackerman. Val goes to see her obstetrician, but she has been called away to a conference, and there is a new doctor - Mitch Ackerman. After Val's appointment, Ackerman calls Easton and tells him that he gave Val the pills, and that it will be 2 or 3 days at the most.moreless
  • Truth and Consequences
    Val asks Mack to be her birthing coach and Gary tells her he wishes she would have asked him. Val and Gary try to get Karen and Mack back together, but Abby's worried that Val will tell Gary about the babies. Abby asks Scott Easton if the babies can be Gary's heirs and complains about them, but says there's nothing she can do about it. Easton replies, "You never know..." Abby hires Joshua to work at the cable station. Gary tries to use reverse psychology on Karen and tells her to divorce Mack, but to his surprise, Karen agrees and goes to see a divorce lawyer. Cathy has a romantic dinner with Joshua. Ben gives Mack a tape about Gary Loader, who was in prison with Tom Jezik. Greg wins his election to become Senator. Afterwards, Jane tells him that she wants a divorce.moreless
  • Ipso Facto
    Ipso Facto
    Episode 5
    Gary tells Karen that Mac won't be grateful that she spared him his death, he'll be angry and resentful. Abby hires Scott Easton. Greg tells Abby he knows that one of her employee's broke into Caufield's medical files. Abby threatens to retract her statement if he tells. Lotus Point has their grand opening. Mac and Karen begin to talk at the opening. Joshua tells Cathy that he met Abby and she is really 'nice'. Greg invites Caufield to the opening, and tells the press that his medical history doesn't matter. At the station, Abby sees a floppy disc on Ben's desk that is labeled "Val Notes". She puts it in the computer. It's a love letter to Val that he loves her, but just can't get over the fact that she is having Gary's baby. Abby is shocked.moreless
  • A Little Help
    A Little Help
    Episode 4
    Abby gives a press conference on behalf of Greg. Afterwards Greg tells her he will never work with her again. Mad, Abby asks a reporter at the cable station to dig up the medical history of Greg's opponent, Bob Caufield. He finds out that Caufield had been in a psychiatric hospital. Abby overrides Ben and runs the story, and Ben is livid. Greg tells Abby that he will wring the neck of whoever leaked it. Abby smiles and tells him that HE leaked it. Cathy invites Joshua to hear her sing. Val convinces Lilimae to tell Joshua that she is his mother. Lilimae does, and Joshua, upset and angry, walks out. Val talks to him about how Lilimae abandoned her too but if he's willing to give her a chance, he'll find out she's a beautiful woman. Joshua decides to stay.moreless
  • Hanging Fire
    Hanging Fire
    Episode 3
    Greg tells the police that he shot St. Claire because he had a gun and was about to shoot Abby. Abby concurs. Greg asks Abby to make a public statement on his behalf. Gary buys the cable station Ben works at. Gary takes Abby back, but says he's taking control of the business, and it will now be run honestly and fairly. He says he had Lotus Point redesigned to fit into the environment and that Karen will be an equal partner. Gary tells Cathy he loves Abby, but hopes they can remain friends. Val figures out that Lilimae is Joshua's mother. Lilimae tells her that she was never married to Joshua's father Jonathan. She stayed with him for a year after Joshua was born and tried to be a good mother. She doesn't know how to tell Joshua that she is his mother.moreless
  • Calculated Risks
    Calculated Risks
    Episode 2
    The doctor tells Karen that she'll die within the year unless she has a risky operation with only a 50% survival rate. Mac wants to get back together with her, but Karen lies and says she doesn't love him. Mac moves in with Ben. Diana moves to New York. Joshua Rush shows up at Val's. His mother was Lilimae's sister. She abandoned him and he wants to learn about her from Lilimae. She says her sister was a vicious, wicked tramp and he should be glad that she's dead. Val invites Joshua to stay with them. St. Claire threatens Greg and he comes to the yacht. Abby sees a gun in a drawer and gives it to Greg. Greg shoots Mark St. Claire.moreless
  • Buying Time
    Buying Time
    Episode 1
    Police follow St. Claire's Limousine, but lose them. St. Claire has Abby on a yacht. St. Claire calls for Greg and Laura answers. She tells both Greg and Mac that he called. Cathy comes back to Knots Landing, and Laura invites her to stay with them again. Val admits to Ben she still loves Gary. Karen has surgery. The bullet entered her ribs and shattered. The doctor says there was one fragment lodged in her spine that he couldn't remove. He tells her that at some point, the fragment will shift and she will become paralyzed, and she will die soon after this.moreless