Knowing Me, Knowing You with Alan Partridge

BBC Two (ended 1995)


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Knowing Me, Knowing You with Alan Partridge

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Knowing Me, Knowing You with Alan Partridge was a parody of a chat show in which the character of Alan Partridge got his first TV show. It was originally aired as a radio show along the same lines. Most of the guest appearances were parodies of people in real life (obvious references to people and places).
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  • The cheesemeister is the king of chat

    Knowing Me, Knowing You with Alan Partridge is a classic satire of cheesy late night chat shows with gimmicky stunts and lame guests and Steve Coogan captures it brilliantly with this show.

    The character of Alan Partridge came from the TV show The Day Today where he was a sports commentator and now he has his own chat show.

    What i love about Knowing Me, Knowing You with Alan Partridge is the lame and cheesy way he tries to be important and interesting as he tries to chat with a brilliant selection of spoof and parodied guests.

    I love the way he tries to be professional when there is disaster all around him.

    I think alan partridge is a classic character played brilliantly by Steve Coogan and Knowing Me, Knowing You shows Alan at his cheesiest best.

  • AHA!!!!!!!

    This is a Classic. Although i was too young to watch it when it first aired, i became a Fan of the I'm Alan Partridge series in 2002. My First time Watching KMKYWAP was soon afterwards on UKTV:Gold and it had me in tears. Alan doesnt know anything about the world of broadcasting. He doesnt know how to treat his Guests, often being rude and obnoxious to them. He try's to be funny but fails miserably everytime. He likes being the center of attention, often interupting guest so that the camera points at him. In every episode Alan falls flat on his face and end's up looking a fool.

    But Alan isnt the only cog in this rusty old machine. The Guest are also brilliant all of them are as weird and as wacky as each other.

    KMKYWAP is easily Coogan's best work IMHO, and on that bombshell its goodbye.moreless
  • Knowing me TomPepper, knowing you Alan Partridge. AHA! Lol! Alan would be furious if i did that to him on the show. I can just hear him now. "I say that. Not you.."moreless

    The great thing about Alan Partridge and his Chat show, Knowing me knowing you, was this. You just knew that all over the country (and later the world) there were people who were settling down to watch what they thought was a real talk show, with some guy who them vaguely recognized as"that guy off the telly"

    It was no wonder they recognized alan Partridge as a guy off the telly. He was supposed to be a composite character anyway. There are many theories as to who steve coogan based alan Partridge on. Richard Madely (Uk morning TV star sort of like a younger Regis Philbin) Nick Owen. Mike Morris, Alan Titchmarsh, etc etc. Too many to count. Though scarily, all earily similar. In other words Partridge was a generic cut out. If you saw him in the street, with his trademark jumper and blazer. You would instantly look around for the film crew.

    This coupled with the band on stage (Glen Ponder)a seemingly live studio audience and a recognisible format of guests and chat, lulled the unsuspecting into a false sense of security. Before it all glouriously fell apart, in sometimes spectacular fashion. The funnist pribably being where alan accidentally shot and killed a guest whilst handling a set of antique duelling pistols.

    When we started to hear that people had actually started to write and phone in and complain about "that terrible chat show", it was just too much. The thought of some chap or old biddy from the home counties thinking they were seeing a real chat show descend into chaos, week after week, was just too much. Of course this was enabled by the fact that many people already thought alan Partrdge was a real sports repoter made it all the more believable (people may have caught him on 'The Day today' where 'Alan' was first wheeled into public view)

    The later shows of Alan Partrdge, when he was seperated from his wife and living at the Linto Travel Tavern, in norwich, were even better. Seeing 'Alan' unhappily back on local radio, still dreaming of getting back to Tv, "where i belong" were sheer classics. But thats another story, and for another review :)moreless
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