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Kodocha is a shojo anime series that aired in Japan in 1996-1998 as the name Kodomo no Omocha. It is based on Miho Obana's manga series which, in the US is titled Kodocha: Sana's Stage. Kodocha is directed by Akitaroh Daichi, who also directed Fruits Basket. In the US, the English dub was covered by Funimation, and stars Laura Bailey as Sana, and Jerry Jewell as Akito, and many of the familiar voices from Fruits Basket and other Funimation shows. With the American voice acting and sound, the show takes on a fresh appeal despite being a series from the 1990s. Sana Kurata, 11 years old, is living a superb childhood. She is the star of a popular TV-series (Kodomo no Omocha / Child's Toy). Her mom is an award-winning novelist, and she calls her manager Rei her driver, boyfriend, and pimp, even though she has no idea what that last word means. Sana is enjoying life to the fullest, except for the hassle in her cIass. A gang of boys have turned the cIassroom into chaos, preventing the teacher from doing anything but cry. Sana is very irritated about this problem, and confronts the rash but smooth talking boss monkey, Akito Hayama, doing everything she can to stop the ruckus that upsets her life and studies. But as she becomes more involved in Akito's life, she realizes that everything isn't as black and white. Akito's family isn't perfect, and it turns out her family has some secrets as well. Sana and Akito encounter new incidents and people that mix up their lives even further, growing their friendship, and possibly a relationship? Show Information Number of Episodes in Japanese broadcast: 102 episodes plus a pilot OAV. Originally aired: 1996-1998 in Japan Number of Episodes in the US Release: 51 episodes, designated as Season One. Originally aired: 2006-2008 on Funimation Channel / Colours TV License status: Funimation has licensed the first 51 of the 102 episodes. It is unknown whether they have freed up the second half of the series although they reported they are not producing them. The story arcs generally follow this format: ep 1-20: Promised Summer Episodes ep 21-39: Anime Original Episodes ep 40-51: Take-chan Episodes ep 52-65: Junior High Episodes ep 66-81: New York Episodes ep 82-102: Return to Japan Episodes Opening Theme "7 O'Clock News" by Tokio (eps 1-51 JP) "Ultra Relax" by Tomoe Shinohara (eps 52-102 JP, ep 1-51 US) Ending Theme "Panic" by Still Small Voice (eps 1-51 JP,US) "All Right!" by Tomoko Hikita and Babbit (eps 52-102, JP) US DVD Titles (release date) Vol. 1: School Girl Super Star (August 2, 2005) Vol. 2: Hayama Hijinks (October 4, 2005) Vol. 3: Crush of Truth (November 15, 2005) Vol. 4: Moving and Shaking (January 10, 2006) Vol. 5: Spilled Beans (March 7, 2006) Vol. 6: Sana's Bombshell (May 2, 2006) Vol. 7: Adult-sized secrets (August 22, 2006) Vol. 8: Sana's Duty (August 22, 2006) Vol. 9: Fixing Friends (October 17, 2006) Vol. 10: Birthday Kisses and Misses, Oh My! (December 12, 2006) Vol. 11: Down the Drain (February 6, 2007) Vol. 12: Akito's Rival (April 3, 2007) Vol. 13: That's a Wrap! (June 5, 2007) Boxset #1 Vol 1-6: February 27, 2007 / August 5, 2008 Boxset #2 Vol 7-13: August 5, 2008 Character Profiles Main Characters Sana Kurata - She is an 11 year old child actress and member of the Komawari Theater acting group. She's the star of a popular series called Child's Toy. She's very energetic and talks extremely quickly. Akito Hayama - He is a laid back boy who commands fear and respect as a bully or boss monkey in Sana's sixth grade cIass. After being confronted by Sana in the early part of the series, he tones some of his behavior down, but adopts a different agenda. Rei Sagami - He is a twenty-something year old guy who always wears sunglasses. He lives at the Kurata residence, and serves as Sana's chauffeur, manager/agent, boyfriend, and "pimp". Tsuyoshi - He is Akito's best friend. He wears glasses and is normally a very mellow and shy guy, but when provoked or angered, he goes into these emotional rages like the Incredible Hulk. Aya Sugita - She is Sana's school buddy with the straight, shoulder length hair. She gets a crush on Tsuyoshi early in the series. Misako Kurata - Sana's mom is an award-winning novelist who has a fancy for funny hats and hairpieces since she has a chipmunk named Maro who resides in her hair. Babbit - He's the mascot in the series, a rabbit with bat wings. While he doesn't interact directly with the characters, he appears frequently and chimes in some remarks. Zenjiro - He is the buck-toothed actor host of Sana's TV school sitcom, Child's Toy. Naozumi Kamura - He is a child actor with the grey hair. He and Sana were both from the same orphanage when they were very young, so they can really relate on many levels. Fuka Matsui - She joins Sana's cIass during Junior High and becomes one of Sana's dearest friends. She happened to be Akito's first kiss way back in kindergarten, and that has some affect on her outlook. Supporting Characters Asako Kurumi - Asako is a relatively famous actress who gets involved in Sana's life both professionally and personally. Natsumi Hayama - She is Akito's older sister, who does not have a positive impression of Akito. Mr. Hayama - Akito's dad is a fairly busy business executive, and doesn't have much time for the family. Takeshi Gojo - An actor who takes a liking to Sana, and with very good reason as they both eventually learn of his relation to Sana's past. Andoh - One of the elementary school teachers who gets annoyed by teachers not being able to control their students. Gomi - Akito's school friend who likes wearing camouflage vests. Hiroshi - A boy in Sana's Child's Toy show. Hisae - Sana's school friend. She has her hair braided in buns. Mami - Sana's school friend with the purple hair and yellow hair band. Ms. Mitsuya - Sana and Akito's teacher. She cries a lot because of her out of control cIass. Naru Naru - The bouncy, carefree school principal. Onda - Misako's editor who's always bugging Misako to submit her manuscripts. Sanekichi - Zenjiro's agent. Shimura - The Kurata's housekeeper. Suji - Sana's hairdresser Mr. Tanaka - A schoolteacher who helps out Ms. Mitsuya. And finally Miho Obana - The manga artist who created Kodocha makes a few cameo appearances.


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