Season 1 Episode 8

A Fruit Juice Soaked First Kiss

Aired Unknown Jun 28, 2006 on ColoursTV

Episode Recap

Story so far- Asako has confronted Rei in the alley and demands he take off his sunglasses. Rei refuses, but Asako pulls them off anyway as Sana arrives just in time.

Rei reveals his face to the viewers, and he's not ugly or anything. Sana gets really upset, and on top of that Rei reveals that Asako was his high school girlfriend! Asako's agent arrives and says Asako should leave before she draws attention, and a crowd notices them in the alley and starts to gather, but Sana is prepared and gives them all goofy glasses so they can make their escape. Asako asks Rei to call her.

Sana and Rei are in Rei's room. Sana asks Rei why he kept it a secret, but Rei responds, it was ancient history and not to worry; Sana is the most important person to him right now. Rei has to go help Shimura. Sana is happy and starts twirling around, knocking over some boxes. The boxes contain a whole mess of photos all of Asako! What is going on?

Tsuyoshi asks Sana what Rei is like, but Sana responds it's some complicated love triangle. Akito steps in and says Rei is just pretending and using Sana. Sana asks Akito how would he know, and leaves. Tsuyoshi tells Akito, you won't get closer to her (as a friend) if you chase her away.

Sana thinks more about Asako and Rei's relationship. Maybe she should put a curse on Asako, or hmm she doesn't know. Akito looks at her from afar.

Rei is waiting for Sana but she isn't around. Tsuyoshi says Sana left through the back gate. Rei gets back in the car and ponders briefly if Sana is angry. Then he notices Akito and Tsuyoshi are sitting inside with him!

Sana arrives at home, to Mama's surprise. Mama suspects a lover's quarrel.

At the coffee shop, Tsuyoshi and Akito talk with Rei about his specific relationship with Sana. Akito has him take off his sunglasses and talk straight with him, because otherwise he'd be considered a child molester. Rei reveals the truth. Sana is also thinking about when she first met Rei. There's a flashback a few years ago, of when she saw a group of homeless people. Sana gave Rei some food and brought her home to stay. Rei remarks he owes her everything for giving him a life again, and if Sana felt strongly about it, he'll continue to play along with the whole agent idea as long as it makes her happy. Akito has heard enough and expresses his disgust; telling Rei to stop playing head games with her.

Afterwards, Akito asks Tsuyoshi if he's still interested in Sana. Akito concludes as he walks away, "That makes us rivals." Rivals?! Tsuyoshi asks Akito if he heard him right, and Akito lets Tsuyoshi speculate on what Tsuyoshi heard. Uh oh, Babbit says two more boys have entered the romantic picture!

At the Child's Toy show, Zenjiro remarks that Sana is late. Sana is indeed late; she took the train instead of getting a ride from Rei. She makes a few remarks about Zenjiro's buckteeth and distancing herself from the situation. At home, Sana walks right by Rei without speaking. Rei buzzes her and offers an apology, but Sana is still upset, and says tomorrow she'll get a ride from her friend for a school trip. At night, Rei thinks about Asako and calling her but doesn't have her phone number.

Sana is up late as well, but it's depressing to be alone in bed. Maybe she can sing a song? She starts a ballad but the lyrics get really sad and she cries. No, that won't do. How about a happy, cheery song? She raps a cheery song and that puts her in a better mood.

It's the day of the field trip, and the class is visiting City Hall, which is a tall office building. Akito asks Sana if she talked with Rei yet. Tsuyoshi seems sad, so Sana takes an opportunity to tickle him crazily. She also hears from Aya that she has a boy she likes, and it's suggested she should give him a kiss.

The City Hall has an observation deck that overlooks the city. Sana checks if Akito's still afraid of heights and nudges him about that. At the top of the deck, the kids look out and marvel at how small things are. Sana looks out and agrees, and thinks, in the big scheme of things, all these problems are just small. Aya and Hisae arrive with a drink, and Sana gets inspired!

She gets Akito a drink and walks towards him, but she trips, and the drink lands straight on top of Akito's head! Whoops! Sana gets him a towel and starts wiping the juice out of his hair. While she continues wiping, she apologizes gravely for the accident

But then out of nowhere, Akito plants a kiss on Sana, on the lips!

Everyone's stunned. Sana gives a scream that is so earth rumbling, that Rei, who has been following her, but was waiting in his car downstairs, gets out and nearly gets hit by a series of other cars in a big traffic logjam. It must be the End of the World!!

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