Season 1 Episode 8

A Fruit Juice Soaked First Kiss

Aired Unknown Jun 28, 2006 on ColoursTV

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    OMG! This episode rocked the house!!!!! At first I was like O_O WHOA!, and then I was like ^_^ AW!, and then I was like O_O WHOA! again! Well, I guess I should tell you what I got all worked up about. Sana's class took a trip up to the observation deck in city hall, and Akito got dizzy. Sana brought him some juice, but accidently spilled it all over him! So she got a towel and started wiping him off, and he kisses her smack on the lips!!!!! Of course Sana is all freaked by this, because she still thinks that she and Rei are an "item." And to make things even better, Akito practically spilled his feelings for Sana for Tsuyoshi earlier! He asked if he still was in lover with her, and Tsuyoshi said he was. Akito turned and said that that meant they were rivals. I just realized, this is just like that episode of Naruto, only this is two boys fighting over a girl instead of vice versa.
  • If you every wanted to know how Sana and Rei met, this is the ep for you. IT goes more into the depth of Sana's and Rei relationshihp.

    Rei tells Sana that he doen't feel anything for Asako Kurumi. When Rei left the room Sana gets so happy that she breaks out into a dance and knocks over a box in Rei's room. Then Sana discoveres that the box is fulled of pics of Asako Kurumi. Sana is sad. Later at school she is depressed and Akito tells Sana that she has never and will never go out with Rei. That really hit Sana hard she is so depressed that the walks away from school while Rei is waiting out front of the school for her. Akito and Tsuyoshi confront Rei want want to know the truth about Sana and Rei. Rei tells the boys about how they met . . . Sana (really young) was walking on day with Mama when she sees a group of homeless. Sana befriends one of them (Rei) and takes him home as if he was a stray puppy. Rei knows Sana loves him and if playing as her boyfriend makes her happy he will do it. Meanwhile Sana goes home. When Mama sees her walk into the house alone she askes her where is Rei and asks is there trouble in Paradise. Mama shad one of her silly looks on her face. Back at the cafe, Akito tells Rei he is sick and he a Tsuyoshi leave. While walking Akito askes Tsuyoshi if he stills has fillings for Sana. Tsuyoshi says yes and then Aktio says . . . . . "THEN WE ARE RIVIALS."

    Sana had been teing her best to hide her feeling about Rei and trying to stay away from him.

    Sana's class goes on a field trip. Sana can't wait so she can play with Akito because that were going up really high. Tsuyoshi get mad beuse he sees Sana and Akito talking a lot to each other. Aya amits to the girls of the classroom that she has a crush on someone in the class.

    As the class goes high up the Observation Deck, Sana keeps picking on Akito. She sees Akito is getting sick. Sana tries to give Akito some juice to make him feel better, when she spills it all over his hair. Sana tries to wipe it up and says she is sprry over and over. Than Akito reaches over a kisses Sana in front of everyone. ON THE LIPS. This a really sad ep at first but than as it gets to the end it gets really funny. Sana is just as surprised as the rest of the class to feel that Akito is kissing her. I think this is may favorite ep so far. This ep is just the beginning of how Akito and Sana's realtionship changes.
  • I Love this episode. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Me like Because it hase a kiss in it and it is so exiting Love series too. Everyone must like this series it is so good.
    Ok this episode is so GREAT! I love this
    episode and the good thing about it is is
    about a kiss. well this is my review. I
    am so lucky. (But i don\\\\\\\'t like that a
    review has to be 100 words long). well
    back to the review. well as i was saying
    this episode has a kiss in it. You must
    watch this episode it is so great. I love
    this episode even though i haven\\\\\\\'t seen it.
    But when i read the summary i said i must
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    well this review is allready 114 word right
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